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Interview with John Killah

Dia 1,846, 23:19 Publicado em USA Países Baixos por jmurrib21

John Killah born in eUSA on July 16, 2010; his beginnings include the creation of Killah Industries Ltd and The Killah Times newspaper. He does help governments and political parties with his ideas and interactions. He contributed to the formation of the AMP – American Military Party and his participation on politics had made him obtain influence and voice on government positions like: Six terms congressman; AMP Party President twice June and July 2012; National Security Council deputy; Secretary of the Media: Member of the media team for the WHPR and eNPR; Secretary of State deputy. Currently he is USNG Division Commanding Officer.

Interview begins:

How did you start playing eRepublik?

<John_Killah> A friend of mine: Haliman got me into when we used to play another game together. One day he posted about our group branched out into different games and he mentioned this one. I thought why the hell not and haven't left since 🙂

How do you describe your activities on the National Guard?

<John_Killah> mostly my activities are two: First: I keep the PCO's in line and active since they direct our troops. They probably think I’m a bit relaxed sometimes and since I have my underling: Eric, who does Roll Calls quite a bit, but it's also learning experience for the guy. Secondly I run the Guard's personal fund for helping its members advance by enabling them to buy companies, storage, etc.

What do you like about being in the National Guard?

<John_Killah>I'd say it has to be the community ... it's the main thing that keeps me in the Guard. Most of the people here I’ve been with since I first joined the unit over a year ago. If they weren't here ... I'd be CO 🙂, Nah just joking, I’d probably be looking for a home elsewhere.

Thinking about eRepublik difficult times, can you describe why do you consider them difficult?

<John_Killah>The only truly difficult time I can think of is the times we're going through right now. We've never been this close to a PTO and it's scaring a lot of people and making deep divisions within some of our communities as differences of opinions on matters and more, combined with anxiety on the part of some is causing some reactions. Sometimes we unite, sometimes we don't, and that’s why it's so difficult now.

What made you run for CP candidate during this elections term?

<John_Killah> I was planning it for months, because I felt that by December time, I’d have the time needed to devote to the position, and I felt I had something to give to the country outside of the boundaries of my current positions. I just wanted to try and take the country in the direction it deserves.

How influenced are you by Henry "Pfeiffer" Arundel? To me there is no doubt that he is a player with lots experience in the game.

<John_Killah>His influence on me is negligible ... I appreciate his experience and bluntness, but he takes it too far and is a prick more often than not.

what can be improved in the USNG at the moment? Do you have a plan for the USNG or is pretty much as daily situations require attention?

<John_Killah> The main thing the USNG can work on is its recruitment, other than that, we're pretty good as a unit despite outside perceptions.

Let me understand something. At times the USNG or eUS Militia doesn't follow government orders. Why is that?

<John_Killah> because we don't take government money, we're under no obligation to fight as the President orders, unlike others such as USAF. Also, it's well known that most of the eUS Military leadership dislikes the Foreign Policy direction of the nation and would rather fight constantly alongside EDEN nations instead of anywhere else.

What would be your advice or word of experience for new players about the game?

<John_Killah>There are a lot of trolls out there, try not to feed them too much. Listen carefully to the ones that are genuinely trying to help you and advise you ... Not people like RGR

With regard to the Foreign Affairs, Have you been ambassador in the past or are you still ambassador to a foreign country?

<John_Killah>No, closest I’ve been to that is a Deputy Secretary of State.

Thanks John Killah for your time and great answers.

The National Guard is a private militia that defends the eUSA at home and abroad and is one of the six military branches in the eUS Military.

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Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,846, 23:41

You are not even an American

Jason Darby
Jason Darby Dia 1,846, 00:17

That seems a bit prejudiced, RGR.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dia 1,846, 00:38

Voted! And it is eUS Military.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dia 1,846, 00:54

oh and I thought your formatting was great, made it very easy to read : )

jadiv Dia 1,846, 06:38

Well jm, you are getting the attention of the master troll himself. You've made it onto the media scene.

jmurrib21 Dia 1,846, 08:57

Thanks Bia 🙂 I edited that.

Gessho Dia 1,851, 03:49

@--&---- this is a flower i made for JK

Infinite One
Infinite One Dia 1,851, 05:48


John Largo
John Largo Dia 1,851, 17:21


USNG 4 daWin!

jmurrib21 Dia 1,853, 23:21

Thanks ^^

kitmen Dia 1,853, 12:49

New article, yay~

jmurrib21 Dia 1,981, 10:52

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