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India Declares War on Indonesia!

Dia 1,705, 04:19 Publicado em USA EUA por Commius

Dear America!

Despite being a RL ‘Merican, I have never been an eUSA citizen in my two-and-a-half years of playing eRepublik until about a month ago. By far most of my eLife was split between eIreland and eIndia (countries starting with the letter “I” are personal favorites).

eIndia was dying. It once was full of activity back when a Kualkerr led ePakistan attacked eIndia sparked national fervor. We got our asses kicked, but, we had fun in a common struggle. Then, with nation intact because China intervened (thanks btw for that), the eIndian community began to die slowly. There were political battles, and then there were alliance affiliation political battles.

See, eIndia was intensely loyal to maybe a handful of countries; namely, eBulgaria, eChina, eIreland to a lesser extent. When eBulgaria left EDEN it tore eIndia apart and some of our mightiest soldiers left to take eBulgarian cs when eIndia decided to stay aligned with EDEN marginally in GEA. eIndia hasn’t signed a MPP with eTurkey to this day.

Throughout these internally struggles there was one thing we all agreed on: if we had a nice difficult war eIndia would be focused on external matters and not internal.

So, it was decided by the new CP of eIndia RD1234 to go to war not with lame eThailand (serbs and hookers) but eIndonesia and in a few hours eIndia will be attacking eIndonesia. In addition to uniting the country it will help an ally in Australia who is fighting Indonesia on one front and New Zealand on the other!

Why do I write this in the eUSA? Well, America is stuck between battles they don’t want to fight in (Can-Am War) and few mpp battles. So, why not fight for eIndia? What possible excuse can there be to to not help a country that is extending its hand for friendship and cooperation against one that invaded America's Pacific Coast not that long ago? That it is despite being a fraction the size of Indonesia is attacking it head on!

Yes, many will claim it is a pointless battle. That it is a stupid thing to do. But, never again can you call eIndia a nation of cowards! Nor a nation that does not care for its allies because we are putting our nation at risk to help another. That’s what brotherhood is about.

Can we count on our brothers in America to help us out and color eIndonesia pink? 😃

Grand Admiral of the eIndian Imperial Armada

P.S. Bulgaria showed their true colors of what great brothers they are by siding with eIndonesia. They shouted and complained that the EDEN HQ was all about damagehood yet they have chosen damagehood by openly siding with eIndonesia despite hundreds of millions of damage eIndian soldiers have done for eBulgaria. I think eBulgaria has forgotten what the meaning of brotherhood is. I would suggest if eBulgaria is truly our brothers they would not fight for eIndonesia at all and help eIndia like we have for you so many times before.

[These are the opinions of the author and is solely his and not that of the eIndian government.]

**UPDATE** Here's the battle that was promised:



Commius Dia 1,705, 04:20

Bring it on Indonesian devil worshipers!!!

Gaurav12 Dia 1,705, 04:23

Hail eIndia,
Hail Eden

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Dia 1,705, 04:26

Hail eIndia,

orangejuicemmm Dia 1,705, 04:33

Disappointed with Bulgaria.

Valton Rudhani
Valton Rudhani Dia 1,705, 04:44


Soldier for Hire
Soldier for Hire Dia 1,705, 04:52


how much pain this world has

Lonqu Dia 1,705, 04:57


KOSOVA PEYONI Dia 1,705, 05:19

o7 from albania

2.D.G Dia 1,705, 05:20

Hell yes.

ayush121212 Dia 1,705, 05:28

hail india
hail usa

potato134 Dia 1,705, 05:29


iProphet Dia 1,705, 05:31

I would say, Bulgarians are good people, they are brothers, why not,
but Bulgaria is an international problem and danger for all.

o7 from Belarus

oboj Dia 1,705, 05:35

Hail India!
Hail USA!

DimlightHero Dia 1,705, 05:45


Luis Mendez de Haro
Luis Mendez de Haro Dia 1,705, 05:47


Mystela Dia 1,705, 05:47

The Bulgarians are taking their game to the next level by trying new approaches, new ideas, because let's face it, there is a player drain right across the board, no matter which team you're playing for. As a bid for player retention, I find the introduction of an alternative alliance interesting vs the status quo.

Also, not to drag up old history, but after the situation with eTurkey, I think the Bulgarians made a wise choice, in the best interests of their players.

Gligobadavar Dia 1,705, 05:52

Most of Bulgarians will not fight against eIndia. Mighty Indians are our brothers!

Mystela Dia 1,705, 05:55

"lame eThailand (serbs and hookers)"

What? hookers... rly... And here I thought pink was not so bad after all...

All I can say is, you better not trash my beautiful, ocean front beach house in ST when you leave!!

Oh & don't forget to load the fridge with homemade pan & curry!! mmm pan & curry mmmm

Boyan Dia 1,705, 06:15

India made its choice by staying in pro-EDEN and attacking a candidate CoT country - Indonesia. I personally doubt that Bulgaria will prioritise the following battles but yet Indonesia has shown more interest in strengthening the relations with Bulgaria than the Indian government of the past few months. Good luck guys.

Ind1anMartyr Dia 1,705, 06:43

I really do not see what wrong Bulgaria is doing by helping a nation allied to it. I will still consider them our friends as always...because they are doing it out of necessity, not out of choice. No reaosn to begrudge this.

When India decided to stay in GEA, the choice was respected by Bulgaria. We decided to attack Indonesia and Bulgaria still tried to avoid the conflict with a diplomatic plea. It was us who overruled it since we do need war.

Fighter100 Dia 1,705, 15:44

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ +1

I wish one day eIndia will join her friends, not just so called "allies"

Gregor Kerchev
Gregor Kerchev Dia 1,706, 06:56


Breckendorf Dia 1,706, 13:36

hmm, i would fight for india, but whats the chance our current administration will vote yes to an MPP?

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