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I Can't Find My Spiked, Steel Girdle!!

Dia 2,032, 19:17 Publicado em Serbia Tailândia por WIN ALL IN

As eTajlanda's MoFA, I am aware that there are some concerns about the failed NAPs, between eMalaysia & eThailand. For those who are interested, I've decided to use the log published by mhifzan, eMalaysian CP in May & current MoFA, as the best way in which to clarify the state of the relations between these two teams.

I now present to you the relevant excerpts from that log, together with animations, highlights, lowlights, commentary, interpretation & ending with? You guessed it! An Epilog! [sic] 😛

Prior to the FIRST NAP negotiation process, Thailand was in military possession of two of Malaysia's regions, Peninsular Malaysia & Sarawak. During the peace negotiations, in a highly suspicious contravention of the NAP process, Malaysia launched a cheeky RW probe into one of Thailand's nether regions. O.o

In response to the subsequent Tajlandan nuclear fallout, TheJakal, together with TheCaliph, both of whom had acted as mediators during the first process, at the renewed request of NaN HQ, began a SECOND NAP negotiation process.

TheJakal confirmed, that the rogue RW effectively ended the first NAP negotiations between Malaysia & Thailand, resulting in the heretofore unheard of tactic of DELAYED NE, used on Malaysia by Thailand's then CP, the indestructible, four time impeachment in one term survivor, dete iz mesovitog braka, developer of said tactic. 😎

Tentative NAP, rendered NULL & VOID, due to rogue actions in & about Thailand's nether regions!

Isthay APNAY isway ownay ullnay & oidvay! or Xnay ona NAPAY! 😐

The Log
TheJakal advised what he felt Malaysia's team should have done, with respect to the rogue RW:
14: 36:01: TheJakal> so you could have easily put up shouts and press releases and get your MoD to apologize

Thailand's chief negotiator, dedaSRB set a condition; mhifzan misidentified, not to mention, libeled dedaSRB:
14: 36:15: DeDa> TheJakal, if they pay
14: 36:16: DeDa> we can make new deal
14: 36:18: DeDa> until then
14: 36:18: mhifzan> see, do u want to keep being retard Deda ? or u want to talk in peace ?
14: 36:19: DeDa> noup
14: 36:19: DeDa> 🙂 
14: 36:20: DeDa> sryy

The Jakal generously offered to pay on Malaysia's behalf; delayed reactions from dedaSRB & mhifzan:
14: 36:22: TheJakal> deda they have no money
14: 36:23: DeDa> retard
14: 36:25: mhifzan> pay ?
14: 36:25: TheJakal> but i will pay
14: 36:26: DeDa> 40k
14: 36:27: DeDa> now:)

NOTE: During the negotiations for the first NAP, the return of Sarawak prior to a payment from Malaysia, was agreed to by Thailand, in good faith. After the appearance of the rogue RW support queue, both the DELAYED NE proposal & the restricted Congress vote on that proposal, were carried out, in good faith.

When Malaysia allowed the RW queue to continue, without any explanation for the breeze in Thailand's nether region, or without even trying to shut the windows & when the queue was joined by Malaysia's MoD, who turned the fans on High, good faith in Malaysia ended & everyone put their underwear on. 😉

TheJakal explained what Malaysia needed to do, in order to continue with the second NAP negotiations:
14:41: 39: TheJakal> mhifzan issue a government clarification that the RW was not govt. sponsored and apologize to thai
14:41:43: TheJakal> and resume to the orginal deal
14:41:50: TheJakal> its as easy as that

Malaysia's CP responded with a demand:
14:42:18: mhifzan> i will do it AFTER eThai stop the NE

TheCaliph quickly took over the session, armed with game mechanics, as TheJakal inexplicably fell silent:
14:46:13: TheCaliph> you cant stop NE because its wholesole congress decision
14:46: 38: TheCaliph> now come to solution and appology
14:46:58: TheCaliph> let this NE done
14:47:14: TheCaliph> maximum, eTHAI will conquer eMY region
14:47:21: TheCaliph> as soon its done
14:47: 36: TheCaliph> from eMY will publish the article of whatever messed up
14:47:43: TheCaliph> and non-supported RW
14:47:48: mhifzan> it have better solution then wipe out dude
14:47:49: TheCaliph> after this
14:47:57: TheCaliph> dude make it peace
14:47:59: TheCaliph>listen
14:48:01: mhifzan> isnce after NE u can make new LAW to end it
14:48:03: TheCaliph> we will start RW
14:48:09: TheCaliph> and eThai will return you the region

NOTE: TheCaliph confirmed that Pakistan would take responsibility for the necessary RW & Malaysia's CP made a suggestion.

But shortly after, the suggestion became a demand:
14:49:07: mhifzan> unless it end with that LAW not wipe out, i will apology
14:49:18: mhifzan> but other then that, i wont

Ten minutes later, Malaysia's CP repeated his demand:
14:59: 34: mhifzan> and smae, i will apology after CP make "Peace Proposal
14:59:43: TheCaliph> mhifzan: why not you write an appology and close this chapter for once and all
15:00:04: TheCaliph> if I did a mistake, I will appologies first, simple.

Thailand's chief negotiator agreed to the Malaysian CP's demand & repeated the cc condition:
15:00:18: DeDa> oke but first pay
15:00:19: DeDa> 🙂
15:00:24: DeDa> u first pay
15:00:27: DeDa> then we peace proposal
15:00: 30: TheCaliph> ok
15:00: 32: DeDa> then u appologize?
15:00: 32: DeDa> oke:D
15:00: 39: TheCaliph> right
15:00:45: TheCaliph> mhifzan: what you say now?

Malaysia's CP refused:
15:00:46: mhifzan> TheCaliph: at first i am, but after i see Deda the one make a call, i change my mind 😉
15:00:54: TheCaliph> bro
15:00:57: TheCaliph> my dear bro
15:01:03: mhifzan> that why i will apology after CP make "Peace Proposal
15:01:08: TheCaliph> now we are doing a proper discussion
15:01:13: mhifzan> nothinh more, nothing less

Malaysia's CP either missed the fact that Thailand's chief negotiator had agreed to his demand, or he really meant that he was changing his mind, but thought better of it, when he saw TheCaliph's reaction.

TheCaliph repeated the offer from Thailand's chief negotiator, to clarify it for the benefit of Malaysia's CP:
15:01:18: TheCaliph> mhifzan: he said
15:01:28: TheCaliph> 1. You will pay
15:01: 34: TheCaliph> 2. eThai will propose peace
15:01:40: TheCaliph> 3. Then you appologise
15:01:48: TheCaliph> like this, isnt that acceptable?
15:02:08: TheCaliph> peace law first then appologise
15:02:14: TheCaliph> this is what you asking
15:02:15: mhifzan> im okay with no2. and no 3
15:02:17: mhifzan> but no ,1 ???

TheJakal returned nearly half an hour later:
15:29:24: TheJakal> so
15:29:27: TheJakal> whats the proposal
15: 32:51: TheCaliph> only 1 thing bother. rest done

TheJakal wanted to continue negotiations in 1 week & was a bit more blunt with his advice:
15:44: 30: TheJakal> i just got briefed by TheCaliph
15:45: 30: TheJakal> lets talk again in 2 weeks
15:45: 35: TheJakal> er next week
15:45:40: TheJakal> as NE has been proposed and accepted
15:46: 30: TheJakal> mhifzan
15:46: 37: TheJakal> your entire country damage output
15:46:41: TheJakal> is what i can do in 15 minutes
15:46:59: TheJakal> write the apology on behalf of your MoD
15:47:02: TheJakal> and make peace
15:47:06: TheJakal> if you dont want to make peace
15:47:07: TheJakal> than dont write
15:47:11: TheJakal> and thai can do whatever they want

Malaysia's CP agreed & set a new condition:
15:49:07: mhifzan> sure i will write apology
15:49:10: DeDa> i`m easy to made a deal 😃 but like u see emalayu don`t wanna edal xD
15:49:17: mhifzan> only after i get Sarawak back 😉 
15:49:22: TheCaliph> ok
15:50:02: TheJakal> no
15:50:05: mhifzan> Deda: this time i agree not coz u , but on behalf of NaN and ePK who work hard to make the deal come thru

TheJakal was finished:
15:50:13: TheJakal> well ePK gives up
15:50:28: mhifzan> what no TheJakal ?
15:50: 32: mhifzan> u not ePK ? 😮
15:50: 36: TheJakal> your MoD messed up
15:50: 38: TheJakal> its his fault
15:50:55: TheJakal> i put my own money as gaurantee
15:51:02: TheJakal> and i used my relationship
15:51:03: TheJakal> with thailand
15:51:10: TheJakal> to help you get a region
15:51:15: TheJakal> and in return you act like a king
15:51:20: TheJakal> so continue acting like a king
15:51:24: TheJakal> and deal with thailand yourself

Thailand's chief negotiator explained, why Thailand had agreed to negotiate a NAP:
15:52:15: DeDa> BECOUSE OF TheJakal in the first
15:52:22: DeDa> he ask uS
15:52:25: DeDa> we are old friends
15:52:29: DeDa> and we are GLAD to help
15:52: 37: TheJakal> thank you deda
15:52:40: TheJakal> and i am sorry

TheJakal gave his final advice to Malaysia's CP:
15:56: 31: TheJakal> you should be happy they give you one region
15:56:51: TheJakal> apologize on behalf of your government and your MoD who was noob enough to support RW
15:56:57: TheJakal> and stick to the peace process
15:57:01: TheJakal> its your only solution
15:57:05: TheJakal> im out rest you guys can handle

Thailand's chief negotiator summarized, what had been agreed to up until then:
15:59:59: DeDa> oke can we now
16:00:00: DeDa> finish this?
16:00:03: DeDa> first u donate 20k CC
16:00:04: DeDa> to eThai
16:00:10: mhifzan> now ?
16:00:13: DeDa> we will give u region tru rw
16:00:16: DeDa> true*
16:00:17: mhifzan> or u can wait ?
16:00:23: mhifzan> np 😉 
16:00:24: DeDa> then u will write appologize
16:00: 33: DeDa> and donate 30k cC to ePaky
16:00: 36: DeDa> or to TheJakal ]
16:00: 39: mhifzan> yup that what we agree on right Deda ?
16:00:40: DeDa> if u brake again
16:00:52: DeDa> 🙂 
16:00:52: DeDa> is that ok?

Malaysia's CP asked for a clarification:
16:00:55: mhifzan> 20k or 30k or both ? 😮 
16:01:05: TheCaliph> 20K to eThai
16:01:12: TheCaliph> and 30K as security
16:01:15: TheCaliph> to ePK
16:01: 30: DeDa> 30k for 30 days
16:01: 33: DeDa> if u didn`t start any rw
16:01: 34: DeDa> entc
16:01: 36: DeDa> epaky
16:01: 37: DeDa> will give u
16:01: 38: DeDa> back
16:01: 39: DeDa> 30k
16:01:40: DeDa> 🙂

Malaysia's CP asked for a condition:
16:01:54: mhifzan> can u make the temp agreement about the money first ?
16:02:17: mhifzan> coz not like i have 20k in my pocket 😛 
16:02:28: DeDa> when we can except
16:02:29: DeDa> to find them
16:02: 30: DeDa> 🙂 ?
16:03:48: DeDa> how many days?
16:03:49: DeDa> 🙂 
16:04:12: mhifzan> with in a week i guess
16:04:18: DeDa> oh
16:04:20: DeDa> then we give u region
16:04:22: DeDa> in a week
16:04:23: DeDa> i gues
16:04:25: DeDa> i guess:D
16:04:28: mhifzan> no 😉
16:04:29: DeDa> first money then reigon
16:04:29: DeDa> :0
16:04:42: mhifzan> coz i only need region for congress seat onlt 😉
16:04:57: mhifzan> np 😉
16:06:11: DeDa> then when u find money contact me
16:06:12: DeDa> 🙂

Malaysia's CP agreed with Thailand's chief negotiator; TheJakal went afk; Malaysia's CP set a new condition:
16:07:03: mhifzan> yeah i will
16:07:14: TheJakal> im off
16:07:17: TheJakal> byeee
16:07:19: mhifzan> but first u have to help me
16:07:21: mhifzan> Deda:
16:07:26: DeDa> what?
16:07:26: DeDa> with?
16:07:43: mhifzan> about
16:07:56: mhifzan> it not eMY buto nly our MoD
16:08:06: mhifzan> and i alreaddy take acttion
16:08:10: mhifzan> by remove him
16:08:16: DeDa> lol
16:08:20: DeDa> we don`t care what is he
16:08:21: mhifzan> so i hope u understand about it
16:08:21: DeDa> 🙂
16:08:22: DeDa> he was
16:08:23: DeDa> 😨
16:08:28: DeDa> in gov
16:08:28: DeDa> :0
16:08: 32: DeDa> and he break
16:08: 32: DeDa> btw
16:08: 32: DeDa> our deal
16:08: 33: DeDa> 😉
16:08: 34: mhifzan> u dont but i do 😒
16:08: 38: DeDa> please.
16:08: 38: DeDa> don`t made new reguest
16:08:45: mhifzan> so plz atleast help me with that. k ?
16:08:53: DeDa> how to help u?!
16:09:15: mhifzan> clear the air
16:09:24: DeDa> to dell
16:09:25: DeDa> article? 😃
16:09: 33: mhifzan> it NOT eMY GOV, it only 1 was Gov officer
16:09: 36: mhifzan> nope
16:09:41: mhifzan> not delete
16:09:53: mhifzan> just clear the name of eMY gov 😃

Thailand's chief negotiator spoke of lessons learned, reset the agreed to, contact condition re: cc & went afk:
16:10:27: DeDa> lol
16:10:29: DeDa> that is clue
16:10: 31: DeDa> for next time:D
16:10: 32: DeDa> 🙂
16:10: 35: DeDa> now
16:10: 35: DeDa> i go afk
16:10: 36: DeDa> cya
16:10: 36: DeDa> 🙂
16:10: 39: DeDa> and find the money
16:10:40: DeDa> o/

Malaysia's CP backed off of the agreement, while addressing the now absent, Thailand chief negotiator:
16:11:27: mhifzan> up to u Deda
16:11: 35: mhifzan> i want the agreement work
16:11:44: mhifzan> but if all u care is money
16:11:51: mhifzan> im speechless
16:11:55: mhifzan> up to u to deside

TheCaliph was joyful:
16:12:10: TheCaliph> I am hitting in RW for eThai side because that region is for eThai
16:12:12: TheCaliph> right
16:12:18: TheCaliph> and Iwill complete my mission 😃 
16:12:23: TheCaliph> 😉

Malaysia's CP morphed into a killjoy & chose his first victim; TheCaliph took a new demand to the knee:
16:12:29: mhifzan> TheCaliph:
16:12:43: mhifzan> until the agreement be sign
16:12:59: mhifzan> still no go
16:13:23: mhifzan> but up to u to deside too
16:15:53: TheCaliph> yes its all clear with you both
16:16:00: TheCaliph> I want to complete the missions
16:16:08: mhifzan> nope
16:16:29: mhifzan> the mission only end when the sign being made TheCaliph 😉 
16:16:54: mhifzan> now u have to make the raw draft frist
16:16:57: TheCaliph> this is not Sawarak 😃 

TheCaliph gracefully limped away, into the healing sands of an ePakistan sunset:
16:17:22: mhifzan> so say im say about Sarawak?
16:17:25: TheCaliph> I love you guys
16:17: 30: mhifzan> im say anout the agreement LOL 😛
16:17: 35: TheCaliph> so I came here to solve your problems
16:17:40: TheCaliph> 😉
16:17:43: mhifzan> hihi
16:17:43: TheCaliph> have peace
16:17:45: TheCaliph> tc bro
16:17:46: mhifzan> thanks
16:17:51: TheCaliph> tc Deda and mhifzan
16:17:53: TheCaliph> bye

NOTE: Left alone with TheCaliph, mhifzan made his final demand, that TheCaliph write the “raw draft” of the agreement first & that until it was signed, it was “still no go”. Understandably, TheCaliph left without agreeing to mhifzan's demand, but not before he patiently wished him peace & to take care.

Next Step
For the benefit of the new government in eMalaysia, for NaN Alliance members & for all those who are interested in knowing, how the NAP negotiations could have successfully ended, I have put together the following based on the first NAP tentative agreement, together with the modifications agreed to, during the second NAP negotiations.

Talks between eMalaysia & eThailand, mediated by ePakistan were to have resumed on Day 2029, at which point the NE would have ended & hopefully, eMalaysia would have had the necessary funds, to meet the requirements of the proposed agreement, as outlined below.

1 – eMalaysia was required to pay 20,000 cc to eThailand.
2 – eThailand (or ePakistan) would have sponsored a RW in Sarawak, releasing it to eMalaysia, to remain in the possession of eMalaysia.
3 – eMalaysia was required to publish an apology to eThailand.
4 – eMalaysia was required to deposit 30,000 cc with ePakistan as security, to be returned to eMalaysia at the end of 30 days, if no RW's had been proposed by them, in any regions held by eThailand.
5 – Had these conditions been met, with Sarawak secured by eMalaysia & Peninsular Malaysia secured by eThailand, if required, eThailand would have issued a Peace Proposal to eMalaysia.
6 – No rent would have been paid for Peninsular Malaysia or Sarawak by either party.
7 – If any third party had started a RW in Peninsular Malaysia, eThailand would have taken it back by NE.
8 – eMalaysia was required not to fight in any WAR or RW against eThailand.
9 – eMalaysia could have started RW's in any regions not held by eThailand.

NOTE: At the time, despite the generous offers of the ePakistan players, to cover the costs incurred by eMalaysia, eMalaysia had & still has, more than enough funds in one org alone, the Reserve Bank of Malaysia, to have met the requirements.

Anyone who wishes to, may read the full log as linked to in the first paragraph of this article. Please be assured, that despite my attempts at some light-hearted humour, the excerpts that I've included here are in fact, those relevant to the negotiations & are exact, right down to the emoticons used by the players.

I realize that mhifzan felt that by publishing the logs, he would be shown in a positive light, but in my personal opinion, the logs show the opposite. The conditions, changes, demands, insulting Thailand's negotiator & then asking him for help to clear his government, setting conditions after 2 of the other 3 negotiators had left, the attitude...

I sincerely believe that the TheJakal was right, when he said that mhifzan wasn't being serious, despite the efforts given by everyone in both sessions & by private message. The publication of the logs seemed to me, to be the final misstep in a series of missteps, designed to deliberately have the NAP process fail.

With some interest, I read the article in which eMalaysia introduced a new Ministry of Internal Affairs. This Ministry, together with its Observers & VIPs includes many of those, who not only were involved in the rogue RW, but who were the most vocal in their opposition to & total disregard for, the NAP with eThailand.

This should serve as further confirmation of the intentions of eMalaysia & any doubts that anyone had, should be fully removed now.

Last Step
As a result of the many failed diplomatic attempts at fair negotiation, including these last two, together with the philosophy represented by the players in eMalaysia's new MoIA, I feel confident that the greater eRepublik community will understand eThailand's difficult position.

eMalaysia's seeming lack of consideration or understanding for any team, friend or foe, as previously indicated by the total disregard of ePakistan's efforts on their behalf, together with the cooperative efforts of eThailand, is perhaps best illustrated by the publication of this article, by eMalaysia's current CP, FarhanIzzuddinIV.

It's evident from his forum post, that the Australian player, Xavier, acting in good will on his own, never meant for this proposal to be published in this way, yet here it is. I wonder if anyone from eMalaysia informed him, that in addition to ePakistan, another team was also involved on their behalf? I wonder if those who reviewed the generous proposal from eThailand's CP, Tezej informed anyone else of that generosity?

For the moment, the eThailand team is waiting for the response, to the proposal by eThailand's CP, Tezej, given to eMalaysia. However, in view of the eMalaysian CP's article, we imagine that the proposal was refused & that the notification to our CP, has been judged to be unnecessary.

This lack of response, together with the eMalaysian CP's article & the comments to that article, many of which have been made by senior Malaysian players, is a testament to the eMalaysian team attitude & goals, when dealing with others, both of which I believe are completely transparent, to anyone honestly appraising the situation.

Once again, eThailand is hoping for the best but so far, despite the efforts of everyone concerned, no NAP exists between eMalaysia & eThailand, at this time.

eThailand's team is sincerely grateful to TheJakal, TheCaliph & NaN HQ for their interest, their participation & their personal generosity, in what was undoubtedly a time consuming & somewhat frustrating process.

eThailand would also like to acknowledge eIndonesia, for their recent interest in & appreciation of the situation.

eThailand salutes eAustralia's citizen, Xavier Griffith, for his good will.

Now! I'm off to search for my spiked, steel girdle, because if I'm going to take a punch to the stomach again, then bloomers can't cut it! 😉

Epilog [sic]
Never post them at all, not even one log,
When in the machine, you're only a cog,
Or you could end up like a green, pregnant frog,
In a dreary & dark, yes a stinking, dank bog,
Where you'll hear the squeals, of the wild, horned hog,
Hot on your scent, like a rabid, flea bitten dog,
Forcing you into a shattering, shin splint hop jog,
Eyes blinded by sweat, leaving you all agog,
To be eaten alive, by eRep's chemical smog.
© Mystela



WIN ALL IN Dia 2,032, 19:43

I promise that I'll try my best never to publish logs again!
This grass isn't sweet at all! 🙁

War3hous313 Dia 2,032, 21:25

i cant believe that i read whole article, nice gifs thou. ; )
deda was very patient with eMy cp.
got to give him medal for that.
ps. Mystelas` song is great. xD
Hail Thai!

Mystela Dia 2,032, 22:23

Thank you Svako! I'm so sorry it's so long. I have to practice more... 😘*

War3hous313 Dia 2,032, 22:44

i cant wait to read some more of your "practicing" ; )

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Great job ! Nice work ! Big vote!

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too short article, but still vote and sub::😁)

Mystela power o7

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Votes, will written and explains everything.

TheJakal Dia 2,033, 00:03

Pakistan is however out, we are not interested to play middle man.

Mystela Dia 2,033, 00:54

Yeah, I don't blame you. You guys were great! Thanks again for everything & I'm really sorry that apparently, it was all for nothing.

theoria8606 Dia 2,033, 00:09

I`m amazed as always... Mystela you deserve only the best things that this game can give you and I wish the same thing for you in RL.

Mystela Dia 2,033, 00:56

ubod! Thank you! All the best to you as well, always here & everywhere! : )

Georgian woolf
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Mystela POWER o7

p.s. Prepare for next step : P

Mystela Dia 2,033, 05:24

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Thank you. : )

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Don't mess with Mys(tela) ^^

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Ahsan Dia 2,033, 06:41

Thanks for explaining everything, we did our best to sort out things but now ePakistan is not involve in this.

Mystela Dia 2,033, 10:31

Thank you TheCaliph! You have an incredible amount of patience! o7

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Dia 2,033, 07:37

phew that was a strenuous negotiation. Good luck Thailand o7

Mystela Dia 2,033, 10:32


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