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Help the young, new proposal for all

Dia 1,945, 10:29 Publicado em United Kingdom Reino Unido por Bob Bloggs

Here I bring to you a new proposal that i challenge you all to consider, as a nation we are aware that we struggle in retaining the new players that we manage to salvage.
As a new player I was excited to join into a new game with lots of activities that I could try out, yet all these things required money to work. So with the tight budget that you are generously provided with by his administrative-ness Plato.
This lets them get around by the skin of their teeth for about 3 days until they have to claw on for any lose cash that they can find.
With only a small level factory at their disposal to produce food: they struggle through economic uncertainty, yet still nobly fighting for our country.
Minimum wage only at 50 pence and at current food at 0.02 pence each so they are only able to get 25 energy working in full employment, this is disgraceful!
So it's only right to assist these hero's in as big as a way as possible, and the way that i'm proposing that we aid them is to provide them with a VAT cut, with it increasing at it's current is crippling to all those who can only afford the basics.

So in return for them spending money as much as possible, which they are bound to be doing, the government should refund them, only a small amount, but refund them none-the-less to help power the economy and increase sales.In turn increasing the popularity of the eUK internationally and retaining those all important newbies in the game until they find themselves on solid ground.

So I plea you to support this suggestion and vote this article- get it to the top 5 and let the government see it! 1000s of voices are better than one.



Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Dia 1,945, 11:46

1) Whilst the minimum wage is only 0.5 GBP, the average wage for a new hire is 12GBP, so they could buy 24 times more food that you say.
2) A VAT cut wouldn't help new players at all. It would help sellers, who would still be selling for the same price, but just pay less tax on it.
3) Not a refund, but we're already helping new players, in the form of the NHS. Any new player can sign up and get 500 energy worth of food free every day. They can sign up here:

Bob Bloggs
Bob Bloggs Dia 1,945, 12:16

1) it's not the average its the highest wage example
2) not suggesting cutting VAT, although that would help make the market more competitive
3) yes the NHS is helping young players, but some may be confused or not sure about it, a refund will help the young in buying weapons as well not just food hence boosting sales and so the economy. This will also make the NHS cheaper to run which is privately financed, the government should be doing more to help

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Dia 1,946, 08:37

1) Why would you only accept a job at the average wage and not the highest on offer??
2) No it wouldn't. Older players are largely self sufficent and are able to make sufficent food for themselves etc. It is largely only the smaller, newer players who use the market.
3) That is an education issue and not an economic one. And successive governments have done their part to promote the schemes. Add to that the way a lot of the MUs have been offer the world etc to get you to join... There are enough people giving free stuff away that simply asking and thou should get.

Bob Bloggs
Bob Bloggs Dia 1,946, 09:04

1) the highest wage is $12 dollars yet blue and evil suggested that it was only the average
2) yet still it won't stop the market becoming more competitive, helping the economy of the youthful players, yet the older players also sell on the market- i do, and i'm self sufficient- so making it even better for younger players as prices will be driven down, yet this doesn't happen on the weapons market as much, so giving a refund will help increase sales and so increase competitiveness
3)Even so, if it is an educational issue, when the food arrives young, keen players use the food up really quickly and so still need to buy more food and it only arrives weekly from the NHS

raise taxes

Bob Bloggs
Bob Bloggs Dia 1,945, 12:11

but that defies the point of helping the younger players and punishes them even futher

it all depends on what you see the role government should have

Bob Bloggs
Bob Bloggs Dia 1,945, 12:17

my view is that the government should be helping the younger players get off their feet, my view is on the side of the inexperienced, where's yours?

Sekula Vasiljevic
Sekula Vasiljevic Dia 1,946, 10:03

Less taxes,higher incomes and that"s how can you gaining new players,and to encourage them to join e-UK and the political party.

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