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Hallo Leute!

Dia 1,818, 18:31 Publicado em Austria Áustria por Jeanlouis

Hallo eÖsterreich!

Ich weiß. Ich bin hier wieder! Ich spreche nicht gut Deutsch aber kan ich ein bisschien.

Wow, enough of those horrid language skills of mine!

Did anyone miss me? Do you even remember? I hope so! I'm still here and I'm trying to make a come back.

I will try to regain my activity but I'm not sure how I'll adjust to this new climate. Hopefully I'll be able to do it but alot has changed!

This was meant to be short, but just a hey everyone I'm still here kinda article.

Hope to see you all soon-ish!

Rot-weiß-rot bis in den tot! (We still say that right?)



Rangeley Dia 1,818, 18:36

Welcome back! \o/

Jeanlouis Dia 1,818, 18:41

Thanks! By the way, the profile picture is changing because Clovis La Britannia has so few pictures online.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Dia 1,818, 19:00

Hail Austria, let's rob Lolland from it's resources! 😉 All together!

Turanian Crusader
Turanian Crusader Dia 1,819, 23:21

Did you just written that you are white? (Ich weiß) : D

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Dia 1,819, 00:54

welcome back jeanlouis 🙂

Schwrzwolf Dia 1,819, 02:12

van Spijck - We have no interest in a conflict with Poland.
Turanian - "Ich weiß" means "I know".

Jeanlouis - If you're unsure about some new features or anything else, feel free to contact me for information. As it happens, it's even my job as MoE to educate our fellow eAustrians : )

Rayffer Dia 1,819, 08:39

Welcome back!

Tarsolytestver Dia 1,819, 08:58


Harzakc Dia 1,819, 12:21

whale cum.

Turanian Crusader
Turanian Crusader Dia 1,819, 22:56

Thanks for the help. im now learning deutsch : )

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