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Dia 1,925, 09:01 Publicado em USA Sérvia por Hanibal LA

Day 1925

Dear eRepublikans,

I'm sure you all already heared about new stuff Aminds bringing to us in next period. One of them is GUERRILLA FIGHT, an add-on to current war module. Today, on the official FB page Admins announced they are testing this module and calling players to help them in it.

So, for all of you who don't have chance to be involved to this testing, i will show some features this way of fight will bring to us. My friend, Nerazuman Lavirint wrote great article about it, and most of features mentioned here are used from that article.

Like i said, guerrilla fight will be just a part, add-on to current war module, so accessing to it will be on same way like so far. There will be a button with whom you will be able to equip (arm) yourself.

When Defeat 5 enemies, you will get the option to join the guerrilla fight.

When you enter there, you are waiting for an opponent. When an opposing player enters the guerrilla fight, you will get the chance to fight him.

before you do that make sure that you have enough health. Guerrilla fight will not be possible if the battle near the end, or if one side has 1400 or more points.

The guerrilla mode you fight against a real opponent in real time. The fight takes place in strokes. For each move you can choose one of these 5 stocks:

1. Shooting
2. Moving - or closer to distance itself from enemies
3. Shelter - the shelter in order to avoid enemy fire. If you have a grenade, it will be used.
4. Recharging weapons
5. Swithch weapon

To win the in guerrilla fight you should have two things on your mind:
1. the shooting range of your weapon
2. the distance from your enemy

Weapons will have the maximum chance to hit the enemy, if were fired from the ideal range. If you are too far away or too close to the enemy, you will have less chance of hitt the target. For example. Shooting a simple gun with 500 meters or 50 meters with a sniper will likely result in failure.

The screen will be displayed chance to score. Based on it, you can decide to move back or forward, or to change weapon.

So, the most important thing will be predicting the enemy's next move. Of course, as is usually the case in RL, richer players will have an advantage, because they will be able to buy GOLD little things that will give them an advantage in battle.

I hope this will help you in understanding new way of fight. It seems interesting...

For shout:




D E A N M A R T I N Dia 1,925, 09:21


PatriotaBL Dia 1,925, 09:21


D E A N M A R T I N Dia 1,925, 09:28

No, not realy... 😛

Pravoslavac IC XC
Pravoslavac IC XC Dia 1,925, 09:37

good one

Rican Dia 1,925, 09:41


JimmyDolan Dia 1,925, 09:41

Hail all BL local community

everyone on the East

Boznac Dia 1,925, 09:41


The Other One
The Other One Dia 1,925, 09:42

Ima THB, ima vote xD

NueveOcho Dia 1,925, 09:45


Plato, go home, you are drunk

plutorius Dia 1,925, 09:47


bigcdizzle Dia 1,925, 09:49

I love how all you did is take Oblige's article and put it in your paper....

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Dia 1,925, 10:07

jealous, butthurt orsomething third?!

Read from whom i took article. Only thig i took from Oblige's article is two last pics...

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Dia 1,925, 19:36

You're wrong in one sense, bigcdizzle. Oblige's article was written in clear, grammatical, easy to understand English. This article is, however... well, see for yourself.

Nerazuman Lavirint
Nerazuman Lavirint Dia 1,925, 09:56


Norman Asante Dia 1,925, 09:57

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NoOnexRO Dia 1,925, 13:16

Are you a S\spammer now Assante? Or you always were?

Tamas Vlad
Tamas Vlad Dia 1,925, 13:47

he was, he will and he will always be 😁))

Norman Asante Dia 1,925, 13:57

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Tamas Vlad
Tamas Vlad Dia 1,925, 14:10

😁) e si ofticos pe deasupra 😁))

LnL did it
LnL did it Dia 1,925, 09:58

I am very young, but I think this is a very stupid move for this game!!

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Dia 1,925, 10:08

i just saw vidio of it, and i must agree with you 😕

Haniballady Dia 1,925, 10:33

great review TY

Towalf Torre
Towalf Torre Dia 1,925, 10:36

Your add of voters club is a LIE! They give 3.5cc each vote and 5cc each sub not 5cc vote 7cc sub. 😉

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Dia 1,925, 12:11

banner is too old, i'll fix that. TY

Towalf Torre
Towalf Torre Dia 1,925, 12:16


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Dia 1,925, 12:11

I think i'm first who saw video after publishing it 🙂

anyway, it seems so borring, whole PvP process..few click, zero fun..that's all.

Pls, tell us your impressions?

Kortanul Dia 1,926, 23:14

I know *my* impression was not asked for, but... As a new player with no attachments to any of the current systems, the new PvP system looks uninteresting and somehow less engaging than normal fights--and that's just sad.

Peter Lankton
Peter Lankton Dia 1,925, 12:06

plz check your spelling in the headline 😛

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Dia 1,925, 12:10

edited. ty

Peter Lankton
Peter Lankton Dia 1,925, 12:14

De nada.

Peter Lankton Dia 1,925, 12:14

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Al Punk
Al Punk Dia 1,925, 12:20

Yet another way to get cash from the players! This game is worse than a vampire sucking your blood. Nobody likes it, and yet everyone stays hoping the vampire would suck their balls instead and bring some pleasure in the game...

MitsosSougias Dia 1,925, 12:20

well i gotta tell you its no fun to lose....

but they should not let.. people who have 1000str and rank difference fight each other...
its almost i mposible to win


Viarizi Dia 1,925, 12:21

very good article

I enjoyed playing it, they have a few issues that I already submitted but at least its something new to get our minds out of the economic module.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Dia 1,925, 12:27

agree. they put'd economy on last place when they started fixing and changing stuff here. i think we wont see economic improvements for along time 🙂

Thedillpickl Dia 1,925, 13:44

I can give two flips about this. It will most likely cause problems with me fighting the regular way. (I have a slow connection, eRep is harder to load every time they add something.)

I don't want to forget about the suck ass econ mod. It frustrates me and drives away new players. Who gives a crap about adding a few buttons to the war mod when you can't afford food or weapons to fight with?

Oh yeah, I forgot. The whole point of PvP is another way to make you wish to pay real monies for fake gold.

Viarizi Dia 1,925, 15:21

yep I noticed the good guns were all bought only with gold

CPIRRAZ Dia 1,925, 12:58

Can I have one more tip bro , It dosnt matter If you are higher rank or higher strg ? I think this is the best change ever!

MitsosSougias Dia 1,925, 13:09

of course it matters you'd have higher Bonus Dmg...
and that is all it takes...
so if we both make 5 hits you ll have 5 more dmg = win

CPIRRAZ Dia 1,925, 13:15

It would be nicer if you could walk like in Counter-Strike and shoot with maus ! I thought it would be better 🙁

Jack Lantos
Jack Lantos Dia 1,925, 13:40

If this is true then they didn't learn from the V2 pvp, which I think is fair to say was not so much fun as they thought it would be, to say the least.

As for the economy, this will remove weapon sales from players, so overproduction will become even more extreme than it has been. This is the opposite direction for saving the economic module.

Norbengo Dia 1,925, 13:51


LordRahl2 Dia 1,925, 14:03

Thank god they decided to work on fixing the economy first.

Portofoli Humbur
Portofoli Humbur Dia 1,925, 14:04

This game is officially ruined , Cool

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,925, 14:09


Ovo ono hehe
Ovo ono hehe Dia 1,925, 15:18


loftedraptor Dia 1,925, 17:04

Thanks! Voted!


so this is it? this is the mighty PVP mode? this prehistoric counter strike?
fix the economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KOSOVA Batoa Dia 1,926, 01:05

Voted anyways this is sucks if I wanted to play game like eRep is going to be...I play Call of Duty not eRep.

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