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Gold and Currency: An Informational Guide

Dia 1,846, 10:25 Publicado em United Kingdom Reino Unido por Topdop

When you enter into the realm of ERepublik, you find that you really aren't given that much to start with. However, if you followed the six-step program that our writers provided (Topdop advances to Level Twenty on his first day?), you're probably reaping a whole lot of benefits. However, this may confuse some of you, so treat this as a Guide to Goodies:

Gold: The universal currency in ERepublik. Quite rare, so ERepublik charges real money for gold notwithstanding the gold that you earn from level-ups, mission completions, etc.
GBP: Stands for Great British Pound. The currency of the United Kingdom, it is used for marketplace trading. You earn more of this by working.
Strength: The more strength you have, the more benefits you reap. These are just two:
50 strength = Adult Citizenship
150 strength = able to put together Bazookas
Experience Points: You earn these by fighting. When you earn enough experience points, you level up, which earns you more gold.
Energy: You have to have energy if you want to fight. Food converts into energy, but you can only consume the equivalent of 10 Energy every six minutes. Therefore, the alternative is the Energy Bar, which gives 100 Energy per use. The catch: each non-earned Energy Bar costs 5 gold (overly expensive).

We hope that this basic tutorial helps you get the most out of your ERepublik experience.

Written by Topdop, who resides in London.



Alphabethis Dia 1,846, 11:23

informative, voted and subscribed.

Thedark ace
Thedark ace Dia 1,846, 13:21

Good article

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