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Dia 1,995, 10:44 Publicado em Denmark Dinamarca por Marinko GENERAL4

mine kære medborgere snart vil gøre partiet, så jeg vil gerne have dig til at slutte sig til mig



Pacheeee Dia 1,995, 10:48

Well hello to you!

Marinko GENERAL4
Marinko GENERAL4 Dia 1,995, 10:54

Vil du deltage i min side, når jeg gør

Pacheeee Dia 1,995, 12:34

Please don't start another party, we have so few active people in Denmark that we are trying to delete some of the parties. Better to join another party and try to influence it! 🙂

Kristian Klausen
Kristian Klausen Dia 1,995, 11:16

Well what do you exactly mean when you talk about a party?

Maine Coon Dia 1,995, 12:07

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Lutharus Dia 1,996, 00:11

How is being permabanned due to multi account working out for you? I was thinking about getting a ban medal of my own, but would like to hear pros and cons...

pipopc Dia 1,996, 09:25


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