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From Then To Now

Dia 1,943, 12:04 Publicado em United Kingdom EUA por Viktor Lannister

First starting off in eRepublik was a hassle and quite honestly confusing. Many at times, I had absolutely no idea what to do. Throughout the course of the campaigns, I've learnt much, though there's really much more I can learn. Most of my learning came from mistakes and from veterans of eRupublik, that is those with a lot of experience and achievements.

Though I may not be a veteran or a have many achievements, yet, I still feel it necessary that most newcomers should know this piece of information: NEVER SPEND GOLD, especially for buying food to revive your health. Don't do it, its very tempting. Just keep stock piling your gold and upgrade training facilities.

Getting around is also somewhat difficulty, so you gotta be patient and willing in order to get all those achievements like those veterans. I'm far from being a veteran, so I'm just being a veteran and doing some DAILY ORDERS just to build up my strength and level.

It takes up a lot of resources, but you should never hesitate to ask for help. There are many in eRupublik who are most willing to help. I tell you this because I opt to this option when I'm out of resources.

Also, get familiar with many of the players. Acquainting yourself will prove very beneficial. In eRupublik its important to be PATIENT to get what you want.



Strength and Honour

Jamie2721 Dia 1,943, 17:09

You're quite right about not spending gold on health

In the last month, ive had contact with so many new players and the amount thta say they have spent their gold on health packs is quite depressing

If you spend all your gold that way surely it means more players are just going to quit early on. It seems it would be in everyone's (and the company's) best interests to only let that option become available when a player hits level 20

North Scale
North Scale Dia 1,944, 11:33

Agree 100%

North Scale Dia 1,944, 11:33

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Bohemond4 Dia 1,945, 13:32

I spent all my gold on health : (

Totally the biggest mistake of my erep life

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