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Faruk Al Bashir's Presentation.

Dia 1,828, 22:00 Publicado em Egypt Grécia por Faruk Al Bashir

Greeting Comrades

I speak here so that you can have an idea on what i stand for and what are my hope and aspiration for the people of Egypt.
As you may well know, our nation has been occupied by a host of powers, shamefully our leaders have not taken the necessary step to secure our freedom. I dare say our President is ruling by decree, without a congress in the past to vote on law, which is about to change. My hopes is that as the first Congress in a while, i and by extension we, can provided a more constitutional reign over the Country.
I urges all the people of this nation to vote for our party, which aim to re-established full control of our Country, as oppose to those foreign parties which dominated this nations life.

With cordial regards, Faruk Al Bashir



Comte de Reus
Comte de Reus Dia 1,829, 07:14

we, the Països Catalgipcians (Catalan-Egyptian Countries), come from an opressed country, and we want to be free. consequently, we aren't interested into opressing native egyptian players.
serbs and croats i don't know, but it's our politic about RL players

mounir Dia 1,829, 08:45


Ali Gual
Ali Gual Dia 1,830, 01:25

Faruk Rules! Spaniards Go home!

alexbcn88 Dia 1,830, 07:15


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