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EDEN, CoT & Co. - Alliances

Dia 1,925, 09:42 Publicado em Saudi Arabia África do Sul por Farbous

Salam Aleykum brothers and sisters from eKSA,

Today, I want to inform you about the eRepublik alliances. The information I publish in this article are mostly not my own work, I translated the information into english to inform you about the alliances. You can find the original here!

For those who don't know what an alliance is: An alliance is a group of countries that provides mutual protection. The member states have usually a similar foreign policy and work often together. At the moment, there are four alliances: ASGARD, CoT, EDEN and TWO.

ASGARD is the alliance of four nordic nations: Canada, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The alliance was founded on 22th August 2012.

It's an alliance of (mostly) Scandinavian countries, particularly Sweden and Finland, whose goal is to strengthen the Nordic brotherhood and to give the destiny of the nations in their own hands. In January 2013, Canada became a member of the alliance, in February 2013 also Norway.


Weekly damage: 4,503,924,540
Media of fighters: 417
Bonus: Weapons 20%


Weekly damage: 4,608,036,980
Media of fighters: 404
Bonus: Food 20%


Weekly damage: 4,038,473,120
Media of fighters: 247
Bonus: -


Weekly damage: 745,912,000
Media of fighters: 55
Bonus: Weapons 20%

The World is Ours (TWO) is a alliance which was founded by Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and the UK.

The alliance has 10 member states: Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Slovenia, UK, Venezuela, Latvia, Estonia and Thailand.


Weekly damage: 43,773,807,660
Media of fighters: 4882
Bonus: Food and Weapons 100%


Weekly damage: 35,984,313,060
Media of fighters: 3184
Bonus: Food and Weapons 100%


Weekly damage: 22,155,008,750
Media of fighters:2289
Bonus: Food 100% Weapons 60%


Weekly damage: 15,339,755,550
Media of fighters: 2198
Bonus: Food and Weapons 100%


Weekly damage: 9,366,080,760
Media of fighters: 833
Bonus: Food 100% Weapons 60%


Weekly damage: 3,866,995,390
Media of fighters: 537
Bonus: Food 40% Weapons 60%


Weekly damage: 1,790,693,820
Media of fighters: 259
Bonus: Food 60% Weapons 60%


Weekly damage: 2,979,700,710
Media of fighters: 289
Bonus: Food 40% Weapons 20%


Weekly damage: 1,712,856,330
Media of fighters: 156
Bônus: Food 40% Weapons 20%


Weekly damage: 1,465,292,230
Media of fighters:73
Bonus: Food 20% Weapons 40%

CoT (Circle of Trust) consists of 15 countries: USA, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Chile, Indonesia, Moldova, Lithuania, Mexico, Japan, Paraguay, New Zealand, Peru, Belgium, South Korea and Switzerland.

The CoT was founded after Bulgaria and Chile abandon their previous alliances, EDEN and Terra. The alliance is made ​​up mostly of small countries in order to help themselves economically and militarily with the accession of nations greater potential.

United States

Weekly damage: 34,600,244,640
Media of fighters: 2.230
Bonus: Food 80% Weapons 40%


Weekly damage: 26,864,732,310
Media of fighters: 2345
Bonus: Food 60% Weapons 80%


Weekly damage: 23,239,568,070
Media of fighters: 2063
Bonus: Food 60% Weapons 60%


Weekly damage: 10,507,741,740
Media of fighters: 1278
Bonus: Food 80% Weapons 80%


Weekly damage: 9,191,030,160
Media of fighters: 867
Bonus: Food 60% Weapons 60%


Weekly damage: 2,430,466,570
Media of fighters: 188
Bonus: Food 60% Weapons 20%


Weekly damage: 4,678,682,880
Media of fighters: 464
Bonus: Food 40% Weapons 20%


Weekly damage: 3,839,074,250
Media of fighters: 589
Bonus: Food 60% Weapons 60%


Weekly damage: 2,761,325,740
Media of fighters: 202
Bonus: Food 60% Weapons 20%


Weekly damage: 2,343,271,640
Media of fighters: 195
Bonus: Food 60% Weapons 40%

New Zealand

Weekly damage: 1,650,083,430
Media of fighters: 112
Bonus: Food 60% Weapons 20%


Weekly damage: 1,623,890,000
Media of fighters: 209
Bonus: Food 40% Weapons40%


Weekly damage: 758,904,170
Media of fighters: 88
Bonus: Food 40% Weapons 20%

South Korea

Weekly damage: 774,325,780
Media of fighters: 97
Bonus: Weapons 20%


Weekly damage: 608,831,720
Media of fighters: 45
Bonus: Food 40%

Erepublik Defence & Economy Network (EDEN) is a military alliance composed of 12 countries: Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Albania, Ukraine, Colombia, Taiwan, China, Croatia, Romania, Turkey and Greece, popularly accepted as the successor to the ATLANTIS due to its high concentration of ex-members Atlantis and its heritage anti-PEACE.


Weekly damage: 917,570,940
Media of fighters: 98
Bonus: -

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Weekly damage: 2,197,310,170
Media of fighters: 24
Bônus: -


Weekly damage: 2,963,488,190
Media of fighters: 433
Bonus: Food 20%


Weekly damage: 2,375,039,300
Media of fighters: 448
Bonus: -


Weekly damage: 5,183,716,900
Media of fighters: 778
Bonus: Weapons 20%


Weekly damage: 3,243,546,090
Media of fighters: 485
Bonus: -


Weekly damage: 6,188,819,980
Media of fighters: 797
Bonus: Food 40% Weapons 40%


Weekly damage: 14,007,749,390
Media of fighters: 1591
Bonus: Food 40% Weapons 60%


Weekly damage: 14,007,749,390
Media of fighters: 828
Bonus: Food & Weapons 100%


Weekly damage: 22,634,208,450
Media of fighters: 2275
Bonus: Food 60% Weapons 20%


Weekly damage: 20,927,536,940
Media of fighters: 1397
Bonus: Food 60% Weapons 20%


Weekly damage: 28,402,867,470
Media of fighters: 2166
Bonus: Food 60% Weapons 40%

Source: Ministério da Educaçao do Brasil

If you have any question to the alliances, just ask me or the other players. I hope that you have got a good good insight into this topic.


Hassan Salama
Saudi Ambassador in eGermany and eBrazil
Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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