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Economia americana

Dia 1,906, 17:41 Publicado em Brazil Brasil por Tom Marcelo

Publicado no jornal JKELLER 4000 americannos querem salarios elevados leiam a reportagem abaixo;

UPDATE: max salary per day to remain profitable if selling in the market 13.5

Wam is still profitable and always will be!
but why be stupid and pay workers an amount that makes you lose money?
i have made the assumption all the other are less profitable, if u think some might be do a rough calculation and i will figure it out

q7 food 3600 raw materials .03 =-108
15 a day for worker =-15
180 product at .69 =+124.2
Tax / unit: 0.0310 USD =-5.58
total per worker per day =-4.24

food q7 is cheaper to hire worker and produce the amount u need! but do not sell in the market if you are hiring workers!

q7 weapons
3200 at .03 -96
15 a worker -15
16 at 6.84 +109.44
Tax / unit: 0.3238 USD -5.1
total per worker per day -6.66

losing more than just tax! more profitable to buy than to hire workers!

rubber plantation
400 at .03 =+12
15 a worker =-15

no tax on plantation, cheaper to buy than to hire workers!

hunting lodge
450 at .03 =13.5
15 a worker =-15
total =-1.5

no tax on hunting lodges so buy the items from the market instead of paying workers for a loss!!

so if u have a hunting lodge you should be paying
13.5 a work a day to break even!
rubber needs to pay 12 a worker
food q7 should pay worker 10.75
wepaons q7 should pay 8.60

if we paided this prices and paid break even prices and adjusted our workers so they would be at least break even, then the economy might just turn around, but as long as we have enough dumb people to pay workers so much they lose money then the economy will be terrible!

i do not see how it benefits the managment to pay at a loss, though i guess if u take out the tax, better to have someone work for you than to pay tax, so ok, hire workers to produce weapons for u to use,

anyone who is hireing workers to sell on the market is completely idiotic and workers want the hard worker medal! they will work no matter what we pay them! they jsut hit the job market and click the one that is paying the most, to be profitable we must drop the wagge to 13.5!!

everyone if u want ot hire workers put the offer at 13.5 or at least somethign u make money i am tired of seeing it about break even!!



Poderia ter traduzido.....

Tom Marcelo
Tom Marcelo Dia 1,907, 01:18

so abrir com o crhome!!!

Alan Vitor
Alan Vitor Dia 1,907, 13:03

vish, o cara querem que votem no jornal dele com isso... FAIL

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