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day 4

Dia 1,898, 01:58 Publicado em Australia Austrália por Sir Voldemort

wow, so 16 people read my article yesterday, 1 of you subscribed (I guess that means you will be notified that I have written again).
Thank you my biggest fan!

Thanks to all those welcoming me to this nation.
so far i've been a bit overwhealmed, but I think i'm finally getting to understand whats going on.

Finally got on the forums forums thanks to our leader mr griffith!
So here's a shout out to him 🙂

also figured out that we have a problem with our fingers here, we point them the wrong directions, inwards instead of outwards at our enemies!

Whats the go with this?
Any of you guys been to a international sports match or like an australia day parade?
We all get in there, mexacan waves, chants, cheers, unification!

Why can't we do that here instead of accusing and blaming each other for stuff?
like i kno that we will all have slightly different ways of going about things, and how to get stuff done, but surely there are bigger fish to fry, like if we all make 1 big frypan imagine how big a fish we could cook up instead of having like 3 little ones and only being able to cook 3 little fish.

sorry if i'm a bit abstrakt, but thats how my mind works.
anyways, I think I can get into this game, so i'm here with my strange views, but hey, fresh veiws may just shake things up for yous.

Maters 🙂



kerna96 Dia 1,898, 02:29

methinks i like this guy

Sir_c0nstant Dia 1,898, 02:36

me too.

But on a serious note, an article every other day or two will suffice, people will get bored very quickly and don't want you to get put down or anything whilst you are still keen 🙂

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Dia 1,898, 02:47

Sir C... you released how many articles yesterday? 😛

Maybe HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED was just bored?

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Dia 1,898, 02:48

Gonna cook me a big MARLIN \o/

Sir_c0nstant Dia 1,898, 12:21

teehee maybe, but come on they were good 😛 .

I just don't want the guy to churn out something that people will NOT WANT to read,because of excessive posting, He looks like he could have some good things to say and it would be good if he saved some and did some cool material.

My advice is to do an article trying out all the things you can do, or sit with someone and show him what can be done.
Probably get education to release an article explaining some of this stuff.

Arfman Dia 1,898, 12:34

Ah... How I envy the young.

Nicky3Fingers Dia 1,898, 20:41

Stop the internal bickering? HA I've been saying that since I got here

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