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day 3

Dia 1,897, 03:05 Publicado em Australia Austrália por Sir Voldemort

Sup other aussies,

so this is day 3 here.
my findings so far,
- get messaged by the prime minister, thought that was cool, till i realised it was just a mass message.
- followed all those instructions, cant get on the forums but.
- got on irc, cool that you can chat with others, still no luck on the forums though.
- did some fighting, leveled up
- there is alot to this game though
- messaged back Xavier (as i noticed he's the dude for the forums anyways).
- found parties, thats a whole nother level to this game, i'm liking so far.
- found this news paper, pretty cool that I can jot down my thoughts each day.

anyways, we'll see what happens tomorrow.




scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Dia 1,897, 03:17


Brennan Shields
Brennan Shields Dia 1,897, 04:10

Welcome. ps join the KnightHawks and the Australian Defense Force is praticly useless.

Sir_c0nstant Dia 1,897, 05:07


Sir Voldemort
Sir Voldemort Dia 1,897, 11:33

hey man, I copied the Prime Minister and joined the aussie diggers, figured i can't go too wrong following the big man, he's helped me out so far with what i've needed.

Thanks scottty and sir constant.

roboz Dia 1,897, 16:33

Welcome mate

Arfman Dia 1,898, 23:54

Let me know if you're still having problems with the forums.

Sir Voldemort
Sir Voldemort Dia 1,898, 23:58

All sorted by mr griffith!
Thanks tho arfman.

Mickskitz Dia 1,898, 05:35

Welcome on board! I see that you have joined the ARP, I will arrange access for you to that section of the forum. Feel free to ask any of us if you have any questions along the way.

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