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CP Manifesto: January 2012 and Music Video!

Dia 1,505, 20:12 Publicado em Austria Áustria por Jeanlouis

Friends and fellow citizens of eAustria,

Many of you already know me, Jeanlouis. I have been a member of congress both here and abroad as well as server multiple times in cabinets as Director of Embassies. I have decided to run for President of eAustria this month, and I have written a manifesto for eAustria to know why I have decided to run.

Although I may not be the oldest or strongest player, I have something better to offer: love, patriotism and loyalty. Ever since I came to eAustria, I have helped all citizens to the best of my abilities. I have sacrificed countless hours working on plans to help new citizens, reform policies I found unfair or unconstitutional, and implement a multitude of policies I felt would help my fellow eAustrian citizen.

Here is my manifesto...

Foreign Affairs:
Foreign Affairs is something that any government can improve in. Many politicians out there claim to know the answer to this situation. However, I’d like to ask those politicians what they have done about this problem which is negatively affecting other nations views on us. I have not seen a true effort to change this for the better.

eNational Unity
I also have a very strong stance on bringing more unity to eAustria. I see fingers being pointed at the person next door, and no real solutions being drawn up for our problems. It is vital for a President to be the neutral facilitator who will listen to both sides and not be blinded by a certain side. It is time for more unity and less fighting, and I pledge to all of you that I will make this happen!

In order to solve this, here is what I plan to do. I will first ensure that the bonds between political parties are strengthened. For if we have a good sense of unity, we are a stronger eAustria as a whole.

[img] [/img[/img]Defense Policy:
Another one of my plans, if I am elected, is to make sure eAustria remains at peace and keeps her current regions. We are a peaceful nation, and as such need to use our improved foreign affairs under my administration to remain so and to keep our regions. We need to use our improved diplomacy to achieve our goals.

Baby Boom!:
Included in my plan to improve our foreign affairs is to improve our economy. I will have the help of someone who will attempt to achieve a “baby boom” in our country to improve our economy and general productivity. We will start to receive better wages and productivity with a successful “baby boom”.

In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone for reading this. If I am elected CP, I plan to improve our economy, expand our foreign affairs department, improve the general atmosphere and unity of our country, maintain our borders, improve our economy (with the help of a ‘baby boom’), and maintain the peace in eAustria.

Over my year here in eAustria, I have truly been inspired by all of my time spent in the past cabinets and even when I was made to sit on the sidelines (yes even then! It made me love my e-country even more!).

I’ve had this song on my iPod for years, however now I believe (e)Vienna is truly calling me to be the next CP of eAustria!

Thank you again for reading my manifesto, and please vote Jeanlouis as the first CP for eAustria in 2012!

Rot-weiß-rot bis in den tod!


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Rangeley Dia 1,506, 09:05

Good luck!

Yhamilitz Dia 1,506, 10:19


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