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Congress Presentation August 2012

Dia 1,736, 20:38 Publicado em Switzerland EUA por Hale Kane

Well i didn’t see the other older and well experienced players in eSwitzerland doing a article like this, so I wanted to be the different person and put a article like this.
It’s been awhile since I last did a article like this, probably a year or so. 😕

I’m not good with speeches or articles if many of you haven’t noticed, i just act and hopefully its for the best 😛

Anyways some accomplishments you’ll be seeing from me if I am elected a congress of eSwitzerland:

- Propose new tax laws in the country and get more money in revenue. Taxs will only affect foreign sellers, none of the eSwitzerland citizens will be affected.
- Propose NE laws as quick as possible against an enemy in the future
- Will bring in people into the country that will increase our population and military army with my Citizenship approval.
- Will make sure congress donates money to Bank so we can use the money for buying tanks and food for you eSwitzerland citizens.
- If President is a bad choice for the people, I will propose a impeachment. This goes for current or future Country President.
- I will vote “Yes” on laws that are good for the people of eSwitzerland and “NO” to laws citizens don’t like.

Well thats my list of things “if” i will be elected as a congressman in Svizzera italiana. So if you stop in Svizzera italiana on election day and you are a switzerland citizen, vote for me.

I hope for the best to those I am running against and I hope for a fair race and hopefully no one will buy vote(but it always happens with someone). There are 12 possible canadates and I wish the best to them all, even though 1 might not make it.

P.S. I did not put in jobs that i have had cause im not a show off like some people **Cough** Monisuer Guilotine **Cough**


Chairmen of eSwitzerland Bank
Bank Governor of CoT Alliance


Hunter4Life123 Dia 1,736, 20:44

gl, patar 😃

sgtchewy Dia 1,736, 22:36

GL, both of us will probably make it. 😛

I never even thought of doing an much work. By now I expect people know what I stand for. Oh, and the thing about the NE true. We need to work on getting faster at that.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dia 1,736, 22:41


Rican Dia 1,737, 06:29

Good Luck !

mungos032 Dia 1,737, 10:27

Vote for patar333, vote for SLP members !o/

trukork Dia 1,737, 12:46

GL !

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