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Canadian Resistance to Win Canada Back

Dia 1,818, 18:19 Publicado em Canada Polônia por Cowkiller2

With the occupation of most of Canada's provinces and territories by the Irish and Polish forces, Canadians who are occupied are looking for as much opportunities as possible to help fight the polish off their homeland.

November 11th was a bright day for Canada as many Canadians across the country felt the need to persevere the war by fighting in a liberation attempt in Nova Scotia. It was instantly a success for the Canadians as they fought nation wide, buying arms and using every bit of energy they could get their hands on to wage this war. Neio119, a man who fought among division 1 in Captains of Industry said "We fought hard, and many of us devoted all of our energy to pushing the Poles out of Nova Scotia. With effort like that, it was no surprised that Nova Scotia was liberated." This truly did show in statistics as division won their battles past the median, but we have yet to see what Poland will due in response due to this victory.

Canadians it's time to keep fighting this threat. Saskatchewan needs you now to liberate them from Polish and New Brunswick needs you defending their lines. Fight onward and don't look back!

~Cowkiller2 signing out~



Kelly Mahoney
Kelly Mahoney Dia 1,818, 18:29

I actually didn't fight today, deliberately. Because I feel this should be a day of peace. Yes, even virtually!

Cowkiller2 Dia 1,818, 18:52

Yes it is sad that one should have to fight on a day like today.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Dia 1,818, 19:02


TheSmoke Dia 1,818, 19:43

Good article, good enthusiasm. Keep it up!


crisfire Dia 1,818, 22:24

clicking isnt fighting

Lord Beorn
Lord Beorn Dia 1,819, 07:10

to many wars at once, 3 at one time in Canada, spread out to much

Lord Beorn
Lord Beorn Dia 1,819, 07:11

crisfire, what about those PD guys who click and end up firing a hell-fire missile that kills people?

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