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Break out the Shackles

Dia 1,898, 18:11 Publicado em Canada Canadá por Rylde

Well friends the Mayans had it wrong as the end of the world as we kow it comes on saturday Febuary 2nd at 530 Mtn time.

Lets break out the Shackles but for whom?

The catalyst being after 3 years of friendship Mary chan has agreed to throw it all away and eMarry me. Yeah whats she thinkin hey. shack up with one of the most unpredictable players ever.

A perfect uniion of one of the biggest jerks in eCanada to one of the Nicest. Who's will shall win out in the battle of personalities. Will I become nicer as a result or will she come with more rough edges.

Her guest list is probably big as a result of her personality. My ban list just as big. Should be a couple people left kickin around after all is said and done.

Friday night will be my in game bachelor party so I'll be drunk and shootin Spainurds in honor of lost freedom. Some are welcome to join me.

lets all wish her luck she's going to need it

Your wedding present/outfit is in the mail Mary


George Beeman
George Beeman Dia 1,898, 18:13

So when do the invitations get sent out?

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Dia 1,898, 18:13

The cake is being prepared o/

Venerable Dia 1,898, 18:15


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,898, 18:19


I love you too, Rylde. (;

Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Dia 1,898, 18:23


Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Dia 1,898, 18:55


Venerable Dia 1,898, 19:32

Beeman, it's show up and if you're not banned you're invited.

TheBurningMan Dia 1,898, 19:53

Marriage is a three ringed circus: Engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Dia 1,898, 20:14

^ wise.

Cozza Dia 1,899, 07:50

I never got invited

me sad now

Zianni Vaatez
Zianni Vaatez Dia 1,899, 12:14

Which IRC channel?

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Dia 1,899, 15:47

Are there edivorce lawyers? If not, I charge 5 tanks an hour.

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Dia 1,899, 16:40

Will there be ebabies, oh how I love those cute wee buggers.

Mike Littoris
Mike Littoris Dia 1,900, 23:31

You want strippers? I know a few.

chewytaz Dia 1,900, 04:44

Dat elbow...

Technician Dia 1,900, 05:21

deviant art ..... for some reason the company says that is inappropriate use of company resources.

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