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This newspaper briefly spoke of a weapon known as a Bazooka in the last article. This article will explain what it is and what you have to do to get one.

1. A Bazooka is a high-tech weapon which delivers a damage of 10000 each time it's used. This doesn't last long, though, since they only work three times each.
2. In regular battle combat, you will occasionally see spare parts dropped from defeated enemies. These are bazooka parts, so you should pick them up immediately.
3. Once you have at least one of each part, you can assemble them into a bazooka on your Storage screen (under My Places).
4. Not working for you? Usually, this means that you don't have enough strength points. You need 150 strength points to assemble Bazookas.

We hope this information is beneficial to you.

Written by Topdop, who resides in London.



nathaner Dia 1,846, 04:19

some parts are rarer than others . for example right now i have over 100 barrels triggers and stocks but only a few scopes and rockets

nathaner Dia 1,846, 04:20

voted and subscribed

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