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Badgers Quiz Time Question 5

Dia 1,896, 00:35 Publicado em South Africa África do Sul por Badger06

This Quiz contest of Ten questions, the fifth of which of which you will get now and the next tomorrow and so on.

You need to answer the question correctly to get points and the quicker you do it by posting your answer in the comments section the more points you earn.

1st - 10 points
2nd - 9 points
3rd - 8 points
4th - 7 points
5th - 6 points

Anyone there after get 5 points for there correct answer and minus 2 for each incorrect answer

Once all the questions have been answered, the player with the most points will get 10 gold.

This Quiz has a theme : The Honey Badger

Fourth Question Results and Answer

First - AdUnit - 10 points
Second - beerman616 - 9 Points
Third - LiquidIce - 8 Points
Fourth - Abominacija - 7 points
Fifth - svetljo stefanov - 6 points
Everyone else - 5 points
John LArgo - -2 points

When confronted with a male human where will the Honey Badger attack first ?

c) Genitals/testicals/balls/gonads

Overall points so far

AdUnit - 30 points
Abominacija - 28 points
Liquidice - 25 points
Enriche2Ribiero - 21 points
Claudio Kilgannon - 20 points
svetljo stefanov - 20 points
Mikhail Alexander - 20 points
Bia Pandora - 19 points
Uber Kiko - 16 points
Luc Praetor - 15 points
Kaptein Balsak - 14 points
Ryan Schmitz - 13 points
Don Vin - 10 points
Lord Elrond Hubbard - 10 points
Cotarius - 10 points
Kuckuck - 10 points
beerman616 - 9 pionts
Gregor Lucius - 8 points
Wack368 - 8 Points
Vanessa1309 - 7 points
myBad - 5 points
Rexdeus - 5 points
Fhaemita Malodorus - 5 points
Samurai02 - 5 points
Centurion69 - 5 points
RedBirdUSA - 5 points
John Largo - (-2 points)

Fifth Question

Which South African Zoo, has the Honey Badger as its logo ?

a) The Pretoria Zoo
Johannesburg Zoo
c) Bloemfontein Zoo
d) Mitchell Park Zoo

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Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dia 1,896, 00:39

Johannesburg Zoo

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dia 1,896, 00:41

*victory dance*

Enriche2Ribeiro Dia 1,896, 00:44

Johannesburg zoo

Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Dia 1,896, 00:52

Johannesburg Zoo

BataIjun Dia 1,896, 01:05

Johannesburg Zoo

Krimpie Dia 1,896, 01:09

joburg zoo

kuckuck Dia 1,896, 01:09

Johannesburg Zoo

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Dia 1,896, 04:42

Johannesburg Zoo

Excerpt from The God's Must Be Crazy II (1989)
Dr. Marshall: [panting to the honey badger whose had his teeth gnawed to his shoe which he's had to drag all over the desert] Are you going to hang in there forever?
Dr. Marshall: [takes out some cooked Ostrich egg yolk and places it on the ground] There. Lunch.
[the honey badger just continues to gnaw on his shoe]
Dr. Marshall: Go on, try it.
[the badger doesn't]
Dr. Marshall: [opens a can of beer and takes a sip, then pours a little on the ostrich egg yolk he laid out] Okay, try that.
[taking another sip of beer, the honey badger suddenly lets go and goes to the yolk]
[seeing this, Dr. Marshall immediately gasps, drops the can of beer and starts running]
[the honey badger hisses and starts chasing after Dr. Marshall again]

Kaptein Balsak
Kaptein Balsak Dia 1,896, 05:01


AdUnit Dia 1,896, 05:30

😎 Johannesburg Zoo

beerman616 Dia 1,896, 05:50

Johannesburg Zoo

LiquidIce Dia 1,896, 06:25

Better late than never... JHB

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Dia 1,896, 10:16

Johannesburg Zoo

Wow you release this pretty early.

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