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Around the World #29; Back with Shiny Maps!

Dia 1,905, 01:11 Publicado em Canada Canadá por Shoi12

So, how has the week passed in the New World? Who has made progress? Who has been dealt the scent of defeat? Find out in this week's edition of Around the World!

Welcome to the triumphant return of Around the World! How long has it been? 😃

Finally, I got these damn pictures working 🙂

Let’s go shall we?


The Chilean Crisis

The War for South South America

Belligerents: Argentina, Bolivia vs. Chile, Paraguay
Results: Party in South South America! Ay carumba what a headache eh? Argentina managed to reclaim all of its lost territory and even make a little bit of progress into Chile, taking advantage of Canada’s TWO drain to conquer regions post haste. However, the downside of this situation is that now that Canada is no longer draining as much damage, the support is back online for Chile. And that means loss after loss for Argentina, as their mighty revival doesn’t seem to have a happy ending. At this point, Argentina will have to fight just to stay on the map.

Winner (this week): Chile, Paraguay
Winner (campaign): Chile, Paraguay (devastating)

The Australian Conundrum

Belligerents: Australia vs. Chile, Indonesia
Results: My Aussie friends aren’t really happy, and for good reason. After all the hard work to improve their relations with Chile and eventually find their way into CoT (they had already managed to attain trial status), it all went down the drain, as Aussies and Chileans failed to prevent Aussie regions from revolting back to Australian control. Chile cried traitor, and attacked the Aussies as Australia cried fowl, while the Indos snuck into the ordeal for selfish alliance reasons. Australia has already been wiped by their two so-called fellow alliance members, and with no place to go, is in no position for negotiation. Go Australia! *facepalms*

Winner (this week): Chile, Indonesia (devastating)
Winner (campaign): Chile, Indonesia (devastating)

The Balkan Suppression

The Greek Rebirth
Belligerents: Greece vs. Macedonia
Results: Greece is back, baby! Greece charged up from the coast into mainland Greek territory, coming by storm to take their whole nation back, and started marching up into FYROMian land. But Macedonia was not so easily beat. The Macedonian army lost Povardarie, but lost nothing afterward, reconnecting their lands by conquering the region of Macedonia, recapturing Povardarie, then moving southwards and absolutely wrecking Greek troops in every region, almost pushing Greece off the shores and back to merely Crete. Greece, however, has put up quality fights in many of the battles. Don’t count the phoenix out just yet.

Winner (this week): Macedonia (devastating)
Winner (campaign): Macedonia

The Turkish Tango
Belligerents: Turkey vs. Bulgaria
Results: Isn’t fighting a long time enemy fun? Bulgaria and Turkey drew their weapons at one another once more, as if they had nothing better to do. Turkey was able to take the first few battles rather handily, capturing Sofia and Plovdiv rather handedly, and gaining advantage. However, Bulgaria struck back, as the Turks failed to capture more land, and Bulgaria made its way not to recapture their own regions, but rather make their way into Turkey itself. Turkey has put a lot of support into its RWs, and it’s paid off, as it has considerably slowed the Bulgarian invasion. But at the end of the day, it’s Bulgaria on top.

Winner (this week): Bulgaria
Winner (campaign): Bulgaria

The Battle for Scandinavia

Polish Party in Stockholm
Belligerents: Sweden vs. Poland, Latvia
Results: Poor Sweden. They’ve wiped Latvia before, and in the current war they had their rivals in the Baltics down to a lone region. However, Latvia mustered up the strength to kick the Swedes out of all of Latvian territory, and even managed to invade chunks of Sweden themselves. However, everything changed when the Fire Nation Polish attacked. Sweden immediately started using Latvian regions to shield themselves from their impending doom. However, it didn’t work out so well, as Latvia was able to get their troops out of Swedish territory in time for Poland to eat it all up. The Swedes will now have to fight from the shadows...

Winner (campaign): Poland, Latvia (devastating)

The Finnish Retreat North
Belligerents: Finland vs. Poland, Estonia
Results: Finland can beat Estonia 1v1 on most days, sure. But with Poland suddenly taking a great interest in the war, the chances for the Asgard nation are much slimmer, to say the least. The Finnish were already falling back even before direct intervention by the Poles started. Estonia was down to its final region, but managed to hold on, and fight back, freeing all of their mainland and even making its way into Southern Finland. Now, with Sweden wiped and Poland refitting their tanks for the Finnish terrain, Sweden will have to find some way to give support quick, or else their brothers to the east will soon fall as well.

Winner (this week): Poland, Estonia (devastating)
Winner (campaign): Poland, Estonia (minor)

Other Wars

The Spanish Influence

Belligerents: Canada vs. Spain
Results: Don’t you just love Canada’s audacity? 😃 In the earlier battles with Canada holding its own against UK despite 4 or 5 of TWO’s nations setting the Canadian battle as DO, there’s not a doubt that Canada is a force to be reckoned with despite its meager size. However, even Canada will have trouble fighting 1v1 against a nation far larger than it. Canada simply couldn’t fight toe to toe against the Spaniards, as Spain won battle after battle, managing their RWs exceptionally well. Canada’s lone trick card, which would be to liberate Portugal and create a 2v1, has not been successful, despite many close calls. Canada’s guts are to be admired, but they’ll need a lot of firepower to avoid a wipe at the hands of the Spaniards.

Winner (this week): Spain (devastating)
Winner (campaign): Spain (devastating)

Operation Gangnam Style (Attempt #2)

Belligerents: Republic of China (Taiwan) vs. USA
Results: We all remember what happened in attempt #1. Big bad USA marched across to the island of Taiwan, seized possession, and made their way into South Korea, with the hope of liberating them and, finally, the Japanese, all from the hands of the Taiwanese. With the might of the American army and EDEN falling apart, it wasn’t gonna be an easy task, but it would’ve been done. But the Americans underestimated Taiwan, and badly, as the combined Taiwanese-EDEN army pushed America off their colonies and sealed the gate shut with, ironically, a South Korean blockade. Now that America has gone through the South Korean wall again, will things be different? Or will Taiwan show once again that EDEN is still kicking? Find out next time, on eRepublik Z! CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA *sings as the curtains fade*

Winner (campaign): To be continued...

It’s Always Better With China

Belligerents: China, Philippines vs. Indonesia
Results: You bastards don’t get the reference, do you? 🙁 Oh well... Anyway, with the Indos charging up the Philippines, managing to wipe the small nation, China decided to take initiative and, well, get the initiative. While the Indos control two Filipino regions, China has borrowed one themselves, giving themselves a position on their enemies to the south. While no blood has been shed by the two sides over the Philippines’ independence just yet, with Indonesia potentially being another country interested in eliminating China and China desiring to keep their wars as a 1v1, blood will be spilled aplenty on both sides. But who will emerge victorious?

Winner (campaign): To be continued...

Six-Day Wars

Uruguay conquered by Brazil (didn’t see that one coming)
Germark parties with its Danish separatists

Japanese Music
Mainstream Music
Video Game Music

Super Mario Bros Theme...?

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Until next time, take care!

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Luis Mendez de Haro
Luis Mendez de Haro Dia 1,905, 01:15


Mike Littoris
Mike Littoris Dia 1,905, 01:17

New maps look good in your articles.

Finway Dia 1,905, 01:19

This new map sucks : (
Use border layout
and without countries names it's hard to understand on a report : (

Good Job Shoi < 3

GameChanger Dia 1,905, 04:05

I like the new map, keep it like you have it

Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Dia 1,905, 04:16


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dia 1,905, 04:22


klop123 Dia 1,905, 04:49

Awesome work, as always!

GameChanger Dia 1,905, 05:17




Bucephalus92 Dia 1,905, 13:03


Also the avatar reference was beast.

Dozzer_x Dia 1,905, 16:31

Hi there master.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dia 1,905, 22:02

You should include that in your gamg bang of the eUK (where we were fighting three battles at the same time at some stages) we also had France, a more powerful nation than the eUK, making us their priority for damage. So allies helping wasn't just a one sided thing and Canada had influence as well.

I said it right from the start as well that Canada should have been focusing on their allies Portugal instead of trying to score a cheap temporary victory against the eUK and claiming it was to help be honest if I were Portuguese I would be looking for answers to that question.

: )

pIR33 Dia 1,906, 23:14


John Greywolf
John Greywolf Dia 1,906, 18:35

Hail Canada ..

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Dia 1,907, 23:49


rommelTaiwan Dia 1,907, 02:53

Hail eCanada
Hail eROC

new old wang
new old wang Dia 1,907, 03:15


SORA Chung
SORA Chung Dia 1,907, 03:28

Good article!! 🙂

  ( ⌒)  ∩__
  / ,ノ   i E)
  / /    / /""
 / /_、_ /ノ
`/ /,_ノ`)//
(   /
ヽ  |good job!!
 \   \

Oldwang Dia 1,908, 00:31


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