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Dia 1,920, 15:38 Publicado em USA Suíça por pop George

The game has gotten so freaking childish at least those of us who can embrace our inner-child can now properly troll those that need it (though; when the whim whips around looking for whimpers from the wimps)



Waruda Dia 1,920, 16:23

You know what trolls me?

When the entire game population or community I'm involved in become nihilistic bean counters

pop George
pop George Dia 1,920, 16:38

maybe suggest beans for gold instead, some players could send coffee beans others cocoa,,,,,

Waruda Dia 1,920, 16:54

Well I have received gold on occasion for my work. I have a contact for discount tobacco that I haven't really tapped. What I mean is when things get slow, things get really slow. 🙂

pop George
pop George Dia 1,920, 16:36

This is what I find stimulating (ok, so it is that boring...), do bait or attack in a new comment of reply directly?

Every aspect of the game has been effectively co-opt by a gang of behind the scenes players...congratulations on taking over a game you had to destroy first!

Candor Dia 1,920, 17:06

The nations Troll Czar speaks! V!

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Dia 1,921, 03:46

When e-life gives you beans, make butt cannons!

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Dia 1,922, 14:21


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