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A hello to eCanada :)

Dia 1,899, 20:12 Publicado em Canada Austrália por Blood Hearon

Hello to those of you who do not know me I am new to eCanada.

I came here for the honor and dignity that eCanada has for itself and will not turn its back on its Allys even if it is the easy way out!

Let me say a few things about myself that you can easily see for yourself and some that you cannot. I'm a level 26 with almost 9,000 experience points. My erepublik birthday is September 28,2010. National rank is 668. I have 3 Hard worker medals, 5 Battle Hero, 5 Super Solider, and 3 True Patriot. My strength is currently at 1,431 and I have just recently (within the past hour) gotten my General rank. I have done over 200,000 damage within my few days in eCanada. And my highest battle damage was over 2 million. I'm a member of MDP and CTO while I also have 230 friends and would love to have you also. And lastly I am located in Manitoba.

Now to the serious matter at hand!

The war with Spain! We are down to 6 Regions with only 2 having direct routes to the capital that is until we take back our land! Our Allys are also in wars but right now I say fudge them we need to worry about us then we go aid them! If you do agree I'm sorry call me a selfish lunatic. The current war started on January 19 and the score is 9-1 with us only winning one battle in Manitoba! We are putting up a good fight but are being demolished quickly! Yes I understand that they are a top 5 nations but this is no excuse for use to lose so badly! O and just so you know they are about to attack once again! BUT GUESS WHAT WE ARE CANADA AND WE WILL FIGHT UNTIL WE CANNOT FIGHT ANYMORE!!!!!! WE ARE NOT PORTUGAL WE WILL NOT SURRENDER!

Vote & Sub thanks let me know what u think.


Edmond.D Dia 1,899, 20:28

You look a bit like JRC 😮


Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon Dia 1,899, 20:33

haha yes I noticed I plan to change it as soon as I fine me a new avatar 🙂

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Dia 1,899, 21:23


Auk Rest
Auk Rest Dia 1,900, 05:53

Hello and welcome

TheBurningMan Dia 1,900, 06:12


Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon Dia 1,900, 06:13

Thank you homer.

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