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[Wavve] Watz up

Dia 1,826, 14:31 Publicado em India Austrália por ShockWavve

Infos Article | #9 | Day # 1826 | Nov The 19th | Contents- India United -Ghadar party

Hello guys , howz it going?

I here to share some inside stuff about India United Party. As you guys know that I have successfully PTOed India united Party ( huurrrrrrraaayyy .....hi5 All around for all ......drink as much you like .....dont worry .....Deadley will pay .....he is the richest fella here)

Hmmmmmm ......So what I was talking about?......oh yeah I have PTOed India United Party ( Hi5 again to all again ) .....but I came to know that its the oldest party which hosted all the legendary eIndians .....Like Maverick10 dogde Knight , RD1234 , UgoRaffaele etc . So I was threatened by our Spiritual leader Maharani Asmita ( she can be really scary ) ......and told me to not to mess with it.

ShockWavve is sad ......ShockWavve wanted to rename party to something funny. My name changing proposal was voted down in the party meet ( damm India United got more democracy then eIndian politics )

I have selected following members to help me in the functioning of the party :-

Maharani Asmita-Secretary General
Chief Khurram. -Spokesman
South Indian Movie Star Dinesh - Councilor
Addy Pakke Kanneda wale- Grand old wise man of the party

And In the last .........President HemanathanKumar is now "GOD OF WAR ".......Mr.President we want party.

Party President,
House of Lords , IU



ShockWavve Dia 1,826, 14:33

ShockWavve was here

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Dia 1,826, 14:51

Really good one, and it's Chief Khurram not agent 🙂 best is Addy's name, let him know the meaning Pakka Kaneda wala.

ShockWavve Dia 1,826, 15:36


shreyash_wadiwala Dia 1,826, 19:36

\0/.....o7 o7......

R u Zombbi ??? Raat ke 3-4 baje uthke war me participate karata hai......aur subah ke 5 baje Article Likhata hai !!!!!

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Dia 1,826, 20:29

burrrrrrrraaaaaaaaahhhhhh meri beer m daru kisne milayi?? buuuuurrrrrraahhh

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Dia 1,826, 20:46

buuuahahahahah... beer mein ice milao...

SykoFk Dia 1,826, 22:28

SykoFk was here

BrknSword Dia 1,827, 04:55

" Pakke Kanneda wale" ? 😮

What's that ? 🙂


Rohan AnanthaKrishna
Rohan AnanthaKrishna Dia 1,827, 05:56

waa wat an idea sirji

Treian Dia 1,827, 07:18


This party looks like fun!

ShockWavve Dia 1,827, 10:47

@Brknsword ......only Punjabis know greatness and high value of that title

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Dia 1,827, 11:06

IU all the way...

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