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[USRP] A New Month + Participation Rewards

Dia 1,947, 13:27 Publicado em Canada Turquia por Venerable

Greetings fellow eCanadians,

It took me a while to get this article out, but I primarily blame Uncle Buck. He kept telling me I wasn’t allowed to post it, and since he’s my Supreme Overlord I was held in check. I will NOT wait any longer.


Mission Statement:
To incite activity while improving the positive meta-game of eCanada, both for internal and external affairs.

The Values:
-A sense of Unity as a Nation, while respecting differences in the opinions of others
-Activity both in-game and out
-Swift Communication on every front.
-The maintaining of honesty and Dignity in all situations
-To haveKnowledge about game mechanics and meta game
-Innovative perspective on both new and old topics
-The achievement and retention of the Glory of eCanada


New Month Business:

As the first elected Party President of the Union of Social Reform Party, I present you our Party Staff:
Vice President: Co-creator of the party, Pat Harper
Secretary General Bacon hater and up-and-coming bro-noob, Uncle Buck
Councillor: The one and only, Sm1tty

Furthermore, I am proud to announce the Union of Social Reform Discourse Promoters for this month:
Pat Harper and Uncle Buck

Discourse Promoter, say what?
In my last article, I mentioned that the USRP will be housing in-party discussions on current events that involve eCanada and her allies/enemies. The role of a Discourse promoter is to watch and guide these discussions, while participating, to make sure that they do not go stale or drift off topic.

Types of Discussion:
Group PM-
The more complex discussions that will require a lot of time and space to respond too will be done via Group PM. Discourse Promoters, as well as the Party President, may begin these at any time. There can me more than one Group PM going on at a time.

Here is the prompt of our first attempt:

Further discussions will begin in a similar manner. Providing some background information will make those less informed more able to participate. Participation is KEY! More info on this below.

Feed Discussions-

These are mostly for smaller discussions, and can be started by anyone in the party. If a discussions is started and begins to take off, then a Group PM can be made to allow for more lengthy responses and structure. All members are encouraged to use the feed to ask questions. These can even be about game mechanics.

Some examples:

Examples of non-quality posts:


Above, I mentioned that Participation is key. “Communication” and “Activity” are fundamental values of the USRP, and those who utilize them will be rewarded.

Every Sunday, for the previous week:
-The best post, Group PM/Feed, as voted on by USRP Staff, will receive 100 Q7 tanks.
-At instances of quality participation, up to 5, names will be added to a lotto. There will be 3 winners, and each will receive 100 Q7 tanks. You can only win once per week.

Who doesn't like Q7 tanks?



Party President of the Union of Social Reform Party
The Prophet of Mitos



Venerable Dia 1,947, 13:33

Please consider shouting:

USRP New Month/Rewards

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Dia 1,947, 13:38

USRP throw your hands up!

The.Puppeteer Dia 1,947, 13:39

Secretary General Bacon hater and up-and-coming bro-noob, Uncle Buck

No Juan asked me if I wanted this to be my title.

The.Puppeteer Dia 1,947, 13:53

I'd also like to point out, our "Non-quality posts" have more votes than the "quality" ones.

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Dia 1,947, 13:49

How come no juan informed me of this article??
And Buck, I'm only going to tell you juan more time to stop the juan jokes.
it was funny juance but this is juan time too many.

In all seriousness though,
Join USRP. We have bigger cookies.

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Dia 1,947, 13:54

MDP Clearly has the biggest and best cookies. Get your own references! 😛

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Dia 1,947, 13:58

Just jealous that we are the juan and only sons of Gondor...

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Dia 1,947, 14:01


I-Bleed-Blue-93 Dia 1,947, 13:56

Juan can only juander what Juan thinks of these jokes.

David Eastcorner
David Eastcorner Dia 1,947, 14:09

That was juan heck of a long joke.

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Dia 1,947, 14:16

Meh, not really a juan liner

Venerable Dia 1,947, 16:22

I would like to think Funky for his participation in our feed.

Venerable Dia 1,947, 21:36

... thank*

kwest78 Dia 1,947, 18:32

Two poor quality posts. I fail life.

Venerable Dia 1,947, 21:23

You fail beautifully 😉

Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Dia 1,947, 19:37

voted and sub'd

atta boy

Xvidian Dia 1,948, 02:17

We disagree on the quality and importance of throwing one's hands up in the air.
| /

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