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[UKGov]UK Today #17, The Close Shave

Dia 1,828, 13:58 Publicado em United Kingdom Reino Unido por eUK Home Office

Hello and welcome to issue 17 of the Ministry of Education's UK Today, the less popular supplement of the Guide To...'s! Today we reflect upon the goings on, and near full scale war, of yesterday as well as get one of the Youth First team’s view on their first month of playing eRepublik, the current TUP PP, Bohemond4!

Yesterday could have been a disaster. After a proposal went up in Russia, backed by their CP and one of the top 5 parties, it was realised that this wasn’t a rogue proposal as we have so often seen, but a very serious one indeed. As is the norm, a counter proposal was put up in case the Russian NE was real while we tried to find out more about it. Consultation with the Russian government proved that it was proposed with every intent of a proper invasion and so the eUK congress was told to start voting yes. It wasn’t long before the word came in that while the NE had every intent and was backed by the Russian CP and one of the top 5 parties, almost everyone else who wasn’t either of those people was fully against the idea and the Russian NE started being voted down. This left us in a bit of a predicament as we’d already started voting yes. Were we to reach the threshold that a NE required to pass, we’d have been forced to automatically invade Russia due to eRepublik’s game mechanics and at the cost of our Bulgarian MPP, as both Russia and us have the MPP whomever attacks first loses their MPP. As time went on, the Russian NE was set to fail, but our proposal was still gaining yes votes. A few urgent messages was passed around, trying to tell any congress members to vote against it but thankfully it was not in vain. The vote ended 19 for, 18 against and required a 66% majority to pass. Just as in 1980s America, we had avoided war with the Russians by the skin of our teeth. Reagan would be proud.

Next, as promised is a paragraph from Youth First’s Bohemond4 and his insight into eRepublik in his first month!

The last month I have spent in the New World have been intense with good moments, and some not so good.

Probably the worst aspects about this game is the toxic political atmosphere that grips the eUK as well as the awful economy currently in place by the admins which makes earning money in large quantities a difficulty.

On the more positive side, one can find welcoming communities for new players, such as in political parties, military units and, of course, the Forums. One can find pretty much whatever one is looking for within the community aspect of this game – as long as you don’t like the economy!

Politics? Seems to not be a problem with many young and old players alike getting stuck into it and doing a good job, well, for the most part. Indeed, the atmosphere that gripped politics last month seems to have started to dissipate, which to be frank is a good thing as it can be pretty brutal though there are signs that it has not fully ended.

On the military front, fighting for one’s nation adds a real sense of satisfaction to the war module, though it is pretty basic and lacks complex strategy. In this sense, the Training Wars that were undertaken last month were successful for the wider population who are less concerned with the politics that it seems the vocal minority care about.

Overall, my experiences have been more positive than negative and I hope that this trend increases through this month, though; a month of being the most hated eUK citizen will be a test of my capabilities!


As ever, there are various ministries looking for some new help. If you want to join and help the Ministry of Education then you should read this thread and follow what it says. The MoE is all about mentoring new players and writing guides and other things generally to do with education. If Foreign Affairs is more your cup of tea then not to worry, they’re recruiting too! Again, all you need to do it follow what it says in this thread. Foreign Affairs is all about building contacts and getting information from other countries.

We have a brand new mentoring form! Now, if you want to have a mentor, be a mentor or you just have a question you wish to ask then don’t hesitate to take a look at the form here. I’ll be trying to circulate this over the coming month so please pass the link on to people who’ll need it !

As I said a few articles ago, the NHS relies on donations from the public to keep going, so if you have an amount of food clogging up your inventory space, or you’d just like to help support new players, then you can donate to BigAnt, no matter how much or how little we’ll be very grateful for it!

To read the latest updates about the country over the last couple of days, you can read an article from the CP himself by clicking here

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

Minister of Education


eUK Home Office
eUK Home Office Dia 1,828, 13:59

Thanks to ACroc for the snazzy new banners \o/

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Dia 1,828, 14:00


klop123 Dia 1,828, 14:02

Reagan is very proud!


Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Dia 1,828, 14:03

bloody marvellous.

BigAnt Dia 1,828, 14:11

Communication amongst the top of our country was shockingly poor to the extent that congress was told to vote YES at one point.

5 hours later the mistake was corrected, Good job congress members didn't log on and vote yes.

Bullet dodged.

bamber Dia 1,828, 14:15

A generation of commies were sweating in there communal graves.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dia 1,828, 14:18

Talon was at work, and we were lied to by foreign officials : /

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Dia 1,828, 14:27

[22:26] <@BigAnt> i dont read beta articles, no offence beta

Nice to see BA has read what he's arguing about...

Bohemond4 Dia 1,828, 14:40

I blame Russia!

Those commies..

Niemand Dia 1,828, 14:49

Only the commies in Russia were to blame. Luckily they have majority of no commies. 😉

lancer450 Dia 1,828, 15:39


jamesw Dia 1,828, 22:11

Bigant, cabinet as a whole has a responsibility to react to things like this. I wasn't around due to internet issues, others because it was what, the middle of the day there? The fact is, it takes time to assess a threat. Russia is famed for its lack of irc usage in government, eventually it became apparent the threat was not real and the situation avoided.... So what is your beef here?

Snugz Dia 1,829, 05:04


ilya_aLenin Dia 1,829, 08:59

Hail Britain!

Fuck commies o/

IfIWereARichMan Dia 1,829, 18:52

Fun and games all round. Voted.

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