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[TOAD4CP] Standing in the Sun

Dia 1,931, 16:13 Publicado em Canada Canadá por CptKaydee

Slash- Standing in the Sun (Click to listen)

And still you wonder why you cannot find your peace today
'Cause you were meant to live
So much more than this
Now if only you could see

You could be standing out in the Sun
Still the rain's coming down
Rain's coming down
There ain't a cloud in sight
Still your heart beats cold and grey
Every day

Speech (Not the best at these, but I tried.)

eCanada, tomorrow is a great day, regardless of the outcome in this election (unless Rolo wins miraculously) eCanada will have overcome a month of quiet and ineffective leadership. We will step into a new term with a new leadership, new ideas and a step forward. With the current events (being wiped, having a quiet leadership) anything is a step forward, we need to make goal of being free from Spanish oppression realistic, we need plans. I’ve brought forward the small things that will make a difference in our goal. Better communication, diplomacy with foreign countries and the will to never give up and surrender.

I have showed you my ideas and plans for the next month. So, eCanada, let me administrate these ideas, put them into practice and use them effectively. My cabinet stands ready and so do I.

Tomorrow, I ask you to vote for me, vote for my ideas, vote for goals and vote for the cabinet I have assembled for the next term.

A Re-Look At My Cabinet

The finalised roster of my cabinet.

Vice President: Pat Harper

Minister of Defence: I-Bleed-Blue-93

Ministers of Foreign Affairs: Shoi12 and Dozzer_x

Minister of Communications: VastlyFrozen

Minister of Finance: foxfire

Minister of Information: Auk Rest

Representative to Asgard: Venerable


1. Hold and secure atleast 5 regions. (I want 13, but I don’t see a peace treaty coming soon)
2. Become a full member of Asgard.
3. Be a pain in the ass to Spain.

Please consider shouting my articles up to date.

[TOAD4CP] Candidacy Announcement

[TOAD4CP] Communication Networks

[TOAD4CP] Surrendering is not an option!

[TOAD4CP] Cabinet Announced

[TOAD4CP] Campaign Update

[TOAD4CP] Standing in the Sun

Props to Rory Winterbourne for the banner.

Best regards,
Presidential Candidate



VastlyFrozen Dia 1,931, 16:20

First! TOAD4CP!

CptKaydee Dia 1,931, 16:21

Shout it for Canada:

[TOAD4CP] Standing in the Sun

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Dia 1,931, 16:25

o7 Toad4CP

Michael 23
Michael 23 Dia 1,931, 16:25

Great article. I actually think it's a good thing that Rolo led quietly. He didn't mess anything up or involve us in even worse problems than we actually have and he re-signed a few alliances. While it's not the ideal leadership I'm actually happy with how Rolo has performed.

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Dia 1,932, 04:57

doublecheck the treasury... ;p

MercBaker Dia 1,933, 00:59

He stole from 1300 (whatever eCanada's population) people who trusted in him. Throw away the key. Once a thief always a thief. The CP is held to different standards than the average player, Rolo did not realize this in time.

MercBaker Dia 1,933, 01:04

And obviously I'm referring to Rolo. I hope Toad wins, I really do. As long as the CP doesn't steal, how can they screw it up? Just don't steal from your peers... it isn't like this has anything like the responsibilities a real-life president. Even someone just working at McDonalds have more pressure and responsibility than the CP of this game - yet people still screw it up.

Michael 23
Michael 23 Dia 1,933, 05:19

Yeah I know he did a horrible job before and there's no questioning that Toad is better although Toad hasn't been tested but not many people would steal like Rolo. However, that's why I'm pretty happy with his performance now. We didn't have congress and he could have stolen again and he didn't and plus he didn't anger the eSpanish more or mess up any relations even worse. He actually had a quiet but proper term.

Plugson Dia 1,931, 16:30

5 regions sounds possible. I'd rather be without the other 8 regions if it meant we had to sign a treaty.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,931, 18:45


Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Dia 1,932, 00:36

. Be a pain in the ass to Spain.

Codeyy Dia 1,933, 01:02


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