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"Religion for Atheists" ten virtues of the new world

Dia 1,904, 13:29 Publicado em USA EUA por Steffy2014

After the appearance of his new book, "Religion for Atheists" writer Alain de Botton has published an article that talks about the virtues of modern life, challenging the term rarely used and cherished in the XXI century.

Virtue, he says, has become a strange and depressing notion, while cunning is surrounded by a bright halo. Nowadays, people are reluctant to be considered good, because the idea is associated with several negative attributes, he explains, citing among other sexual abstinence. Thus, virtue has become the way that people are when other options have been exhausted.

However, throughout history, man has cherished virtue, unlike today's generation. "If you announce you're trying to be more virtuous, people will look like you're crazy. Sounds strange, even frightening "to suggest that a man working in this direction.

Alain de Botton offers such an indicative list for those who think that virtue has a place in the modern world.

1. Tenacity

To continue when it seems that things are headed in the right direction, to accept that normal twists, to remember that man is by nature resistant.

2. Empathy

Alain de Botton defines empathy as "the ability to connect with sufferings and unique experiences of another person. Courage to become someone else and to look back with honesty ".

3. Patience

The writer says that we lose our patience because we want everything goes perfectly. However, he recommends everyone to cultivate calm, to be more forgiving and more realistic.

4. Sacrifice

Sacrifice is essential for those who want to "have a family to love someone else or to save the planet".

5. Politeness

Politeness has a bad reputation, says Alain de Botton, because it is associated with a hypocritical attitude. On the other hand, "we should learn manners, not bad - are necessary rules of civilization".

6. Humor

[img][/img]Humor is essential, says Alain de Botton, to face situations where expectations are not met. "Like anger, humor springs from disappointment, but a disappointment channeled positively. It is one of the best things you can do with sadness ".

7. Self-knowledge involves "not to blame others for our troubles and moods."

8. Forgiveness is also essential as part of life. Living with other people "would not be possible without you excuse mistakes."

9. Hope

Alain de Botton believes that today's world "is only a pale copy of what might be someday. We are only at the beginning of history. As you get older, simpler despair becomes almost a reflex, "he explains.

10. Trust is the most important virtues of one, the writer believes, noting that not to be confused with arrogance.



Russian Citizen
Russian Citizen Dia 1,904, 14:20


Grand Master of Warfire
Grand Master of Warfire Dia 1,905, 06:25

v+s well written

i am an atheist too:)

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