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[POTeUS] Day Eleven: ATO, SCI, Moving Cost Program

Dia 2,065, 20:08 Publicado em USA EUA por Paul Proteus

Comes with mood musik

Good Evening eAmerica, checking in again on Day 11,

American Freedom Party yet again Freed

America, as everypony knows, yesterday was the 15th, and yesterday we successfully ATOed another party from RGR and the foreign PTO. Derphoof, utilizing his boyish Pony charm and piercing neighs of justice successfully won the AFA with 319 votes, 54.53% of the total.

Absolutely Glorious

Currently, the top 5 is again in our control. Last month, the AFA quickly regained their position, this month it's likely they will again succeed, but already they are moving members slower. Many have questioned the effectiveness of our current strategy, but it is working. Every time we take their party they grow weaker. The PTO threat cannot last forever, and taking the AFA again is just another step towards beating them for good.

SCI Issues

First, SCI is a committee in Congress made up of experienced Congress members selected by Presidents. They pretty much control emergency spending requests by the executive.

I know that the top 5 has been filled with articles regarding controversy in the SCI and something about Oblige calling for charges of treason.

As the President, there are a few comments I'd like to make. First, this issue primarily is one between two people which has already been handled below the mature level I'd expect from our elected government officials. DMV should never have leaked SCI information regardless of the politics involved, even though what he leaked was not of a sensitive nature, SCI comes with the expectation of privacy, and no member should be publicly judged for their posts. DMV has been stripped of his SCI Access by me, and is subject to whatever other measures Congress wishes to impose.

There is another side, DMV has not been fired, DMV will continue to act as NSC chair. No angry article will cause me to change my mind on this, even if it's title is in all caps.

Enjoy this generic clipart \o/

What happened happened, personally I'm more interested in moving forward, and working to make the SCI a more transparent, or at least understood committee than dwelling on this. I would also like to note, that while only reading what is available in the media, one may be lead to believe the administration is unable to procure funding, this is simply untrue. Even since the events of DMV's leak, I have successfully utilized SCI to aid funding our RWs. Even in light of more public disagreements, we continue to work together to win back regions for the eUS.

Moving Costs Program

We all need to help out with the war effort, and starting now, the eUS Department of Interior will be offering a program aiding in paying the moving costs of newer players. If you're level 29 or under definitely check out this fantastic program.

I feel bad spamming so much interior, but my DoI is just so damn awesome it's hard not to.

That's it for now, remember to keep an eye out for the next White House Press Report.

Until next time,

Paul Proteus



Sky Ben
Sky Ben Dia 2,065, 20:15

First for liberated parties!

irule777 Dia 2,065, 20:16

Voted for having such a damn awesome DoI :3

GaiusGuy Dia 2,065, 20:19

I for one am glad the SCI matter has been resolved and our country is moving forward. Voted.

Derphoof Dia 2,065, 20:26

Friendship is Magic!

AleKoCraZy Dia 2,065, 20:34

Nice Article, GG and voted

KOSOVA Batoa Dia 2,065, 22:14

Good Job ATO o/

Rican Dia 2,065, 22:22

ofc voted
subscribed 3.5 years ago and still reading !

Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Dia 2,065, 22:27

Wow.that's a lot of days Rican, + V, Let's Keep Moving Forward eAmerica!!

theirina Dia 2,065, 22:34

RGR Fail Again

Nice Shot

sgtchewy Dia 2,065, 23:05

3.5 years of reading and I still haven't subscribed. Good Article, or whatever. Congrats on your damn good DoI.

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Dia 2,066, 00:05

Free DMV, free America!

ligtreb Dia 2,066, 00:08


Couldn't resist typing in all caps.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 2,066, 00:15

In reality you are just a bunch of bullies. Sad for you really.

Rhombus McGeometry
Rhombus McGeometry Dia 2,066, 00:47

Pro-Serb detected! Quick, ready the cleansing wash!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 2,066, 01:04

yeah. I love Serbs., nice folks

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dia 2,067, 06:00

^^^says the MoFA of Serbia, do us all a favor and go home Serb...!

Bia Pandora Dia 2,066, 00:53

Comentário apagado

Maxmillian VonWillebrand
Maxmillian VonWillebrand Dia 2,066, 00:58

No joke, right?

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dia 2,066, 15:36 they keep deleting the truth about who is and is not a bully. I'll keep reposting.

Dr. Strangeclock
Dr. Strangeclock Dia 2,066, 00:18


Norbengo Dia 2,066, 01:10

""As the President, there are a few comments I'd like to make""

Well, if you have to mention being president, it means you're not one 😉

JetonGreenMan Dia 2,066, 01:37

Behold! An honest Shoe Person on the horizon...!!! Dia 2,066, 02:05

dislike, even "older" players should be provided with movings costs since they are at a minimum of 40 a day.

irule777 Dia 2,066, 05:46

Interior doesn't sadly have the kind of money to do that, we run off player donations. Dia 2,066, 08:17

its a pitty 😃

Dczip Dia 2,066, 02:11

So now that you have "fixed" the Ajay situation for a few about maybe doing something that means something and win back some regions.

oroosoo Dia 2,066, 02:27

Vota e ricevi 10 food q5!
(10 food per vote)

Article 1 -

Be patient, your vote will be checked and supplied. Esté paciente, su voto será comprobado y lo reaprovisionamos.
If you already voted the article before just write - Si usted ya votara el artículo antes de que solamente escriban -

Viarizi Dia 2,066, 02:29

So Paul, clear something for me here, exactly what are you president of?

- You were elected through a rigged system that only exists to perpetuate the will of a few players that you must obey during your term, you have no regions and you don't even control your own treasury because you have to ask authorization to your overlords who, might I had, refuse!

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Dia 2,066, 15:10

Butthurt is butthurt...

Viarizi Dia 2,066, 15:48


Quintus Modius
Quintus Modius Dia 2,066, 02:58

>We continue to work together to win back regions

All those regions you've won back sure are awesome Paul!!! GREAT JOB!
Just a few more and we'll be 100% liberated.

Rex Ormunde
Rex Ormunde Dia 2,066, 03:05

So bored of the drama...

Magnanimous Dia 2,066, 03:49

So no sanction against Oblige?

corazonmillonario Dia 2,066, 04:08


Nicolas Vivas
Nicolas Vivas Dia 2,066, 04:41


Fitisin Dia 2,066, 05:30

"So bored of the drama..."


Ilies Daniel
Ilies Daniel Dia 2,066, 05:51

nice update, voted

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Dia 2,066, 06:38

> "DMV should never have leaked SCI information regardless of the politics involved, even though what he leaked was not of a sensitive nature, SCI comes with the expectation of privacy, and no member should be publicly judged for their posts."


Even though the President of the Month admitted what DMV said was harmless, how dare you let eAmericans know what their government is doing.

The next thing you know, DMV will be reporting that Oblige pees sitting down! Outrageous! (even though I'm told it's true).



DMV must be punished in the most severe way possible.

He should be made to read every Oblige speech ever written, and translate them into Klingon!

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dia 2,066, 09:39

He should not have. Being said, yes it was harmless, actions taken were in my opinion appropriate and not exactly harsh..It was not treason 😑

HeapSeppo Dia 2,066, 10:48

Did Oblige get any punishment for making the strategy of our allies public?

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Dia 2,067, 03:49

Yeah, we allowed the Japanese to hunt in our territorial waters.

dmjohnston Dia 2,066, 06:54

I believe in Paul Proteus.

Pompous Dia 2,066, 08:25

Talk about a bunch of juvenile responses. GOOD GRIEF! A handful of the responses were immature at best. Some were obviously tongue in cheek. A couple were actually written with at least one active brain cell.

We've won back New York. Let's use that victory to move forward in the process of recovering the rest of our country.

Oblige Dia 2,066, 08:38


samdoo Dia 2,066, 08:52

Voted...Now if we could get present orders that would be awesome..

Give me orders dont give me politics.

Your amazing interior gets no funding and it limits who we can help. Kongress may need to draw up a new budget.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Dia 2,066, 10:21

The last several Directors of Interior have directly declined requesting any budget funding. I'm confident if there becomes a large shortfall in the department or a new exec-approved interior project, need for interior budget would be included in the discussion.

Ilies Daniel
Ilies Daniel Dia 2,066, 11:23

If we could rename it "The Dept of Monkey Love" I could prob provide a weekly budget. 😛

bigcdizzle Dia 2,066, 08:56

Paul Proteus is the best president we've had in over a year.

Ilies Daniel
Ilies Daniel Dia 2,066, 11:19

May turn out that way.. but Im not sure what you are basing it on right now.

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