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[NSC] When the predator becomes the prey.

Dia 2,315, 06:10 Publicado em USA EUA por The Mike

Dear readership,

thank you for the interest shown in the previous article of mine. I was astonished by the amount of new subscribers I received! This is a real motivator to continue publishing quality work. Today's article will take a look at the countries occupying regions different than their original ones. Some of them are looking to expand, but others are simply looking to survive. I will introduce to you the Airstrike (AS) feature and the relevant game mechanics that a military strategist has to know when it comes to Airstrikes. I hope you enjoy it!

I am publishing the current article on March 23rd, 2014, and enjoy 931 newspaper subscriptions as of moment of writing. The last article I wrote was guilty for bringing in 55 new subscribers \o/

Did you know that Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) is the country with the most successful airstrikes in eRepublik? Unfortunately, any of them managed to endure for long. Their most recent try was to Australia, not a long ago. And they seem like having a real shot at staying there for the time being. However, it will take some time before they reach Croatia's record! Exactly, Croatia have been the most unpleasant guest a country may have in eRepublik. They have been taking advantage of India's hospitality for 25 months now! A consistency worth admiring 😛 Talking about consistency, what would you say about China who had been occupying North Korea (and other territories) for a thousand days, before the determination bonus was implemented a couple of months ago.

So, enough with the opening. Before moving to the main part of the article, let's talk a bit about Airstrikes. It was always special if a country starts an Airstrike. Why is it so? That's the wrong question. The first question should be: What is an Airstrike? An Airstrike is a special law that allows a country to attack another country without having a border to it. The country could be a couple of regions away, or in the other end of the world. An airstrike could be used to escape from your originals, which you don't have the military might to keep (Macedonia flying around); to join a joint military campaign (Chile and Argentina landing in Europe); or for fun 😛

Everyone remembers the epic Croatian migration to Mexico some years ago!

This is what it was before Airstrikes. A country had to cross the whole world in order to reach distanced parts of the world. So, the likes of South America and Indonesia were pretty much unchallenged. And then .. well, let's say, Plato invented the flying 😛 So, after you already know what an Airstrike is, let's return to the initial question: Why is it always so special that if a country starts an Airstrike this campaign almost automatically gains a higher priority? Well, a couple of reasons: (1) it is extremely expensive, so you don't want to spend so much cash in vain; and (2) if the first attack/campaign fails, the whole war closes, so the enemy has an incentive to go all in in the very first campaign! So, the next question should be, how much does that cost?

The currency depends on the number of non-original regions (R) owned and the amount of food boni (F)
Law fee = (1 Mio. cc + R*100k)*(1+F/4)/15
In eUSA case: 480,000cc = (1m + 22*100k)*(1+5/4)/15

The energy amount depends on the Country Population and the Population of all countries with which the respective country shares MPPs with.
Law fee = (Country Citizenship Population + All Allies Population)*250
eUSA's Population is 5,922, which means that the joint population of our allies is 55,532 (10 times higher, nice job with finding allies, eUSA 😛).


So, let's move to the interesting part of the article. Tutoring is good, but only within certain limits 😁 Now we will look at the countries occupying foreign regions and the reasons behind that. I'll start and finish with the Far East.

(1) Republic of China (Taiwan)

Taiwan occupies 4 original regions and the whole of eJapan and eSK (South Korea). Their original regions are rich on fish and rubber only, so via this occupation they are enjoying 80% weapon and 60% food boni. They collect less than 20k a day in taxes (two thirds from originals, ~3k from eSK and minor amounts from eJP).

eRoc is vulnarable to two simultaneous RWs from comparatively weak countries, which makes their boni quite secure in the long term.

(2) China

The big beast in eRepublik, being unchallenged since the epic Liaoning (also famous as Lionking) campaign back in summer 2010. In this very moment due to a Training War with Russia, China has lost its fortress of 10/10 boni, which they are most probably using in order to reset determination in the conquered regions.

China occupies full North Korea and parts of India and Pakistan and enjoys daily tax income of 40k (98% from original regions). They are vulnerable to a maximum of three RWs at the same time, which they usually manage to deal with quite easily.

China, RoC, Croatia and Thailand share the biggest continent in the world.

(3) Croatia

Croatia landed in Asia on 20.August 2012. They first paid a visit to Malaysia and then to Thailand, whose hospitality they couldn't enjoy. Since September 2012, India has proven itself as a 5-star host, having accommodated the Balkan country for almost 20 months now!

Despite all, Croatia barely enjoys any tax income (2-3k a day..), so the only point of owning India is having congress, independently on the happenings on the Balkan peninsula.

(4) Thailand

Thailand is the other power in the region. As their population mainly consists of eSerbian expatriates, their main role is to make Croatia's life difficult although the two countries share a Pact of Non-Aggression. Despite that, Thailand managed to steal two regions from Croatia from the last time Croatia was resetting the determination bonus.

P.S. Indonesia shall come in the end.


(1) Turkey

Before entering the continent, we must start with Turkey and Greece, which colonies consist of Iran and parts of UAE and Saudi Arabia for Turkey and Egypt and parts of Saudi for Greece.

Turkey is vulnerable to 3 RWs at the same time. Their boni are structured in the following way:
Originals: Fruits, Deer, Cattle and Saltpeter;
Iran: Fruits, Saltpeter, Oil;
UAE: Iron;
Saudi: Saltpeter, Grain and Aluminium;

All in all, Turkey have full food and 80% weapons boni and take in ~30k a day from taxes (20-25k from originals, 2-3k from Iran and few hundred bucks from UAE&Saudi).

(2) Greece

Turkey and Greece have been successfully sharing the region for years now with the only exception being the Bulgarian and Macedonian intervention in 2012-13 winter. Although Greece has less boni (80% for both industries), they manage to collect more taxes - 50k a day roughly, where 40k would come from their originals and 10-15k from the conquered Macedonian three regions.

Unlike Turkey, Greece is more vulnerable to RWs as the Macedonians do manage to win one or two per month.

(3) Bulgaria

I'm really surprised to see them on the list. Until recently they would have been lucky to have congress (2-3 times over the past 9 months). Currently, Bulgaria holds regions in Ukraine, Russia and Moldova. They take in 15k daily from the original regions and less than 500cc from the colonies.

Despite the low tax income from the colonies, they now manage to enjoy 80% boni for both the food and weapon industries.

Bulgaria's resources. Map above.

(4) Serbia

Such an article cannot go without the strongest country in the New World. Serbia have been known for their successful stretching out to have 10/10, that is no longer the case however. Although not having the final 10th resource, rubber, (which is located on the Atlantic coast of France, both rubber regions occupated by USA and Spain atm) Serbia is currently the only Empire and a country managing to collect $100,000 a day in taxes.

Italy brings them Oil and Saltpeter.
Croatia and BiH bring them some food boni and, more importantly, a bridge to Italy and France.

Serbia and Chile are in war, but Serbia's focus is still on Croatia!

P.S. Although both Chile and Peru are in Europe, they will be reviewed later in the article. Keep reading!

(5) Poland

The other European beast was bitten quite badly when the new alliance structure was announced. The long Serbian-Polish joint venture ONE/TWO was abandoned and each country founded their own alliance, the two of which are now in war. We are still to see a direct Polish-Serbian conflict though. In order to achieve this, Chile ASed into Europe and Poland targeted Hungary, which were used as a meat shield from Asteria (both Romania and Serbia hide behind Hungary, which is no longer an Empire and you won't see it in the current article).

Currently, Poland holds mainly on its original and German (oil and aluminium) regions. In addition, it gets Oil from the Netherlands and holds on the Czech Republican, Hungarian and Slovakian regions.

Poland takes in the astonishing 65-60k cc a day in taxes.

P.S. I won't be looking into Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. They are in war and are exchanging regions on a daily basis. Currently Sweden is conquering Germany, UK is marching in Norway, Belarus has attacked Latvia and Estonia are trying to get rid of Argentina).

P.S.S. Portugal are in a war with Mexico and have gained a stronghold there in the past few days, time will show for how long.


(1) USA

Starting from the top, the eUSA are on the way to deny Canada a congress. However, if Canada manage to have a region on Tuesday at day change and on Wednesday at 6am ET, they shall have a congress of 20 people.
Except Canada, USA holds a significant number of regions in France. This will allow us to have quite the big congress, consisting of 73 members!
A region in Mexico, Baja, for which we pay a monthly rent, brings us the 2nd most rare weapon bonus, saltpeter, and the French rubber entitles us to the historical 10/10. As of moment of writing, the USA, Chile and Argentina are the only countries to enjoy 10/10.

The eUSA is vulnerable to three simultaneous RWs, which we usually manage to hold on to.

(2) Argentina

Talking about the beast... here it is 🙂 Argentina have conquests in Spain, Latvia, Estonia, Peru, South Africa and Brazil. The last time Brazil had congress was back in August 2013 (interesting that Bulgaria for the same time managed to collect several millions and Brazil don't even have half a million..).

Argentina may be taking more than 70k in taxes, but they are extremely vulnerable to 6 RWs at the same time. This is a real weakness in the New World.

South America is boring..

(3) Chile

Chile are no better than Argentina, although their strongholds aren't as challenging as those of the Argies - Peru, Bolivia, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland and Austria. Chile are also in a war with Serbia, the first two campaigns of which they won quite decisively! As said above, Chile, Argentina and the USA are the only countries at the moment to enjoy 10/10 with China on its way to rejoin the club after their resetting determination process is over!

Chile collect 40-50k in taxes per day, almost all of which come from the original regions. Just as Argentina, they are extremely vulnerable to RWs.


Australia is divided between Chile, Indeonesia and Macedonia. Unlike Australia, New Zealand has managed to achieve a deal with Chile and quietly enjoys its two regions.

This is also the region where authorities irl are searching for debries of the disappeared Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airways two weeks ago. The radio beacon of the black box will be active for only two weeks more, so I hope they'll manage to find the lost aircraft soon!

(😉 Indonesia

Indonesia is a strong country in the Asia-Pacific region. They have 10 regions (7 originals and 3 conquered - one from each Australia, Malaysia and Philippines), 80% wep bonus and ~20k daily tax income.

All in all, there are quite a few countries occupying foreign regions. Most of them don't stretch over more than 3 countries, but looking at Chile and Argentina, it seems like this is the successful formulae 😛 The question is - when will the predator turn into prey?

Thank you for reading! It was a real joy to write 😛

Yours faithfully,

NSC Director: Deepchill
Deputy of the NSC Director: The Mike
Deputy of the NSC Director: n0s3
Deputy of the NSC Director: ilphen
Deputy of the NSC Director: dmjohnston
Deputy of the NSC Director: emdoublegee
Deputy of the NSC Director: SavageWatson

P.S. If you are new to eUSA, make sure to read Gnilraps' 10-step guide in
HOW TO SUCCEED IN USA: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
You can find more guides on the DoE's website and in DoE's newspaper.

type @whitehouse in any IRC room running Sovereign for links to the latest Gov't news.



The Mike
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eChile and eArgentina are emerging powers in the eWorld, so they don't have much problems with RW's.

Good article, bro 😉

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Nice article!

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This article was an airstrike for awesome media! May I link it in Federalist Press for additional reading?

The Mike
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If referenced properly, of course! I'll be honoured : )

Wooky  Jack
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Usually I put past Fed media towards the bottom of each publication with the author's name. If you have another idea I am open to how I can feature this article. I'm not a copy/paste sort of guy, fyi 😉

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If airstrikes work 2 regions away, then why does it not work one region away?

The Mike
The Mike Dia 2,315, 15:58

It's a phrase. And one region away would be a normal NE-attack : )

Archfeldspar Dia 2,315, 19:30

I understood it to mean 'next door neighbor'; which wound mean one could not attack eBukarest (home of ePlato) directly by "jumping" their other worthless (no resources to speak of) regions. This should be a common goal.

Cthulhu.. Dia 2,315, 16:53


I expected an article about Serbia getting their butts kicked by Chile.

The Mike
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i like the idea of "when predator becomes the prey". it looks like watching nat geo channel. "lion is killed by zebra" .

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hard voted!

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