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[MoHA] Guide To... Guide To...'s!

Dia 1,841, 13:22 Publicado em United Kingdom Reino Unido por eUK Home Office

Hello and welcome to the eUK library! Below, you can see a list of the entire Guide To…’s done so far and a link to the articles so that you can take a read for yourself and maybe learn something you didn’t know before. You’ll also be able to find current and future Guides by clicking here as well as questions asked by people answered. But don’t worry if you’re anti-forums, while it is located there, you don’t need an account to see or read them, though you will need one to pose your own question. Simply put, I needed a way to catalogue all the guides for forum users and non-users alike. Any suggestions for other ways to store it for people are happily accepted!

A Guide To… Alliances of eRepublik

A Guide To… Presidents of the UK

A Guide To… The Political Module

A Guide To… The Military Module

A Guide To… Picking an IRC Client and the Forums

A Guide To… The Census

A Guide To… Military’s of the eUK

A Guide To… Military Units of the eUK

A Guide To… eIreland

A Guide To… the Referendum Results

A Guide To… Writing Your Newspaper

Thanks for reading!


eUK Home Office
eUK Home Office Dia 1,841, 13:23

Thanks for a successful term! Dia 1,841, 13:28

all hail the vote Cold War xD

voted btw : )

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Dia 1,841, 13:30


Niemand Dia 1,841, 14:03

Well done. I used to think you were not doing a good job (long time ago). I am glad I was wrong.

WayneKerr Dia 1,841, 15:26

didn't we used to have a library, im sure I remember a place full of links to stuff all contained in a single article?

Prince Andrei
Prince Andrei Dia 1,841, 16:26


WayneKerr Dia 1,841, 16:59

I was right, why not use and update this.

Nice little project for the new MoHA and his team to get there teeth into.

lancer450 Dia 1,841, 18:34


Betafoxtrot Dia 1,842, 23:34

@Wayne, yes I made the Library too 😛 Problem with it is that it only works if any new MoHAs do to it what I did and update one article as opposed to continually making a new "Library" one.

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Dia 1,842, 06:22

"As a form of protest, in a way, and to get something not politically polarised in the top 5 I will be buying votes for this article out of my own pocket. A lot of votes. "

phew .. I was about to question if eUK funds had been squandered on them

WayneKerr Dia 1,842, 11:04

@beta, hence the 'why not use and update this'. Surely anyone with half a brain would rather update something then start from scratch. 99% of the content is already available, would just need the links updating to the relevant articles.

Betafoxtrot Dia 1,842, 11:54

You'd think so, but people started from scratch and re-posted the Library article, as well as do their own ideas (see AC's compendium of guides and Kravenn's) and this was left gathering dust. As much as I want to point out my own came first, it's not relevent if people want to use their own stuff instead of someone elses and it's only me updating it during my terms. Ideally I would continue it and keep everything in-game as I originally intended but I can only guarentee so much during my time.

iBurton Dia 1,843, 06:16

i noticed you didnt include anything on the economic module. You shoulod probably try to get an article out about that this term

danisltu Dia 1,843, 06:31

Why you`re not using site ? it`s a great site for new players !

Fill Werrell
Fill Werrell Dia 1,846, 06:19


David Norman
David Norman Dia 1,858, 22:33

real work, thanks and voted with love

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