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[MoFA] Valkyrie Pact

Dia 1,932, 15:35 Publicado em Canada Canadá por Dozzer_x

In the last few weeks our Cabinet has worked to reach an agreement between us and Croatia. At the suggestion of the Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs, ElvenCRO, the Canadian Cabinet has been kind to the idea of taking part in a declaration of mutual cooperation between the nations of Asgard and Croatia. We consider this to be in the interest of our nation, because with each close friend we gain, Canada will become more prominent on the international stage, and there will be more friends to look for in times of happiness, but in times of problems as well.

Therefore, the last weeks of negotiations have brought certain common points that Asgard and Croatia have, in areas of military, economic and educational cooperation. Nevertheless, our nations have always shared a common friendship, and at a certain point in history a common membership in the same alliance EDEN. While the interests of our nations may have changed, and the directions as well, the friendship with Croatia has never ceased to exist.

Because of these obvious facts, the nations of Asgard and Croatia have agreed and have signed a declaration of friendship, mutual cooperation and honour between them, with the ideal of pursuing a strong and unbreakable friendship that is to last as long as possible.

The content of the declaration may be seen below.

Declaration of friendship, honor and cooperation between Asgard and Croatia


Due to remarkable cooperation, friendship, and alliance through the past years, the members of Asgard (Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden) and Croatia agree to improve their relationship with this agreement, which opens doors to a bigger level of cooperation on battlefield, maintenance of friendly relationships and support on economic growth and citizenship-change in the future.

Pact principles

1. The possibility of cooperation on battlefield operations, defense of core regions against common enemies by possible acts of:
- sharing of battle priorities
- possibly of making joint IRC channels of cooperation
- possibly done by placing friend countries article link to own priority article;
- group PM with all the MoDs;
- group PM with all the mainstream officials in a Cabinet: PM, MoD, MoFA.

2. Possibilities of sharing common informations in education and maintenance of close relationships between all 5 countries by acts of:
- sharing common article informations and cooperation between Ministry of Education teams in joint education programs for new players; which will consist basic informations about allies, their position and history of alliances among them.
- maintenance of close contacts between MoFA teams for news updates

3. Economic, receptive immigration policies and supply-in-need magnanimity between all 5 countries by possibilities of:
- opening and facilitating immigration policies by sharing data between Immigration Offices and giving priorities to players from all 5 countries.
- opening borders and accepting players in possible occupied members to member with bigger bonuses; by that helping suppliers of Military Units from all member countries
- joint blacklisting of cheaters and fraudsters, and taking responsibilities for acts of immigrants in other member countries

These 5 countries, Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Croatia, are signing this document willingly to preserve great and old friendly relationships and alliance between each other as well to recall old players and to teach new ones about great deeds we accomplished and acts of commitment in the name of brotherhood in the past.
This document is guidance of foreign politics to next governments of all 5 countries in the future, and also a reminder to all players in all 5 countries that they have allies and friends on their side.

In that commitment we sign this pact:

Representatives of eCanada:
Dozzer_x and Shoi12, MoFAs of eCanada

Representatives of eCroatia:
BorKan, Preisdent of eCroatia & ElvenCRO, MoFA of eCroatia

Representatives of eFinland:
Temskih, President of eFinland & TheJuliusCaesar, MoFA of eFinland

Representatives of eNorway:
Vileskont, President of eNorway

Representatives of eSweden:
intyala, President of eSweden

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia, ElvenCRO

This present declaration shall become valid and shall apply to the aforementioned nations starting on eRepublik day 1932.
Valkyrie Pact in foreign media:
- Croatia
- Finland
- Sweden
Best regards,
Dozzer X
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada



ElvenCRO Dia 1,932, 15:38


Stamkoze Dia 1,932, 15:39


Plugson Dia 1,932, 15:42

Sounds promising. Add in Romania and we're back to old times of EDEN, for sure.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Dia 1,932, 15:44


Funky 24
Funky 24 Dia 1,932, 15:46


Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Dia 1,932, 16:10

What? No vote for your own comment? Ladies and gentlemen, mark this day in your diaries. You are witnessing history 😛

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,933, 21:34

I've seen it happen before. Is Funky getting tired of clicking?!

Or... IMPOSTOR! =o

klop123 Dia 1,932, 16:02


alimilano Dia 1,932, 16:34


VastlyFrozen Dia 1,932, 18:03


Cozza Dia 1,932, 18:13

So we are going to blow up Hitler?



Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Dia 1,932, 18:33

Adolph was just a battler down on his luck 😛

El Marin
El Marin Dia 1,932, 20:18


Anotherlamedrunk Dia 1,932, 21:57

So what will actually change from the current situation?

gbr_blue Dia 1,932, 22:39


Mihai ML
Mihai ML Dia 1,933, 02:57

so croatia is preparing to leave eden ?

Dozzer_x Dia 1,933, 03:00


Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Dia 1,933, 04:24


Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Dia 1,933, 06:04


PretenderHT Dia 1,933, 09:49

Good luck from ePortugal dear friends!

SamLeVil Dia 1,933, 10:20

Very good plan!
I'm eager to see how it goes.

Belo Horizontee
Belo Horizontee Dia 1,933, 11:52


Julio de Matos
Julio de Matos Dia 1,933, 13:13


Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Dia 1,933, 14:15


SaraDroz Dia 1,933, 19:20

Asgard...where? Gotta love eCroatia though.

Dozzer_x Dia 1,934, 10:17

Asgard will always be there to help us 🙂

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,933, 21:33



John Greywolf
John Greywolf Dia 1,934, 10:35


love you Croatia

MCMXCIlI Dia 1,948, 21:10

So Is Croatia helping us with Quebec and Ontario? I don't see any of them...

TomislavRexCroatorum Dia 2,593, 16:58


Romper Dia 2,593, 17:03

Lol pogledaj datum 😛

TomislavRexCroatorum Dia 2,593, 17:38

LoL 😃

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