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[MoE] About MoE & Tutorial Homepage

Dia 1,820, 10:31 Publicado em South Korea Indonésia por Ricca Greenwood
Ribuan kilo jalan yang kau tempuh
Lewati rintang untuk aku anakmu
Ibuku sayang masih terus berjalan

First, I want to say thank you for theirina who appointed me as the minister of education and sorry for my delay in publishing this article.

This time i want to tell you 2 things: Tutorial Homepage & Logo contest.

Well, let's to the topic now ! Please enjoy it 😃

About Ministry of Education (MoE)

3 days ago, theirina appointed me as the minister of education. So, i need a few days to search data to create a tutorial. But, But I'm sure,, I can't work alone in this ministry so that is why i need vMoE and deputy to help me.

If you want to help me, you could PM me in-game. Thanks for your support. I hope all of us have a nice day. 😃

Tutorial Homepage

Alright, this is a tutorial about homepage eRepublik.

Click here if the picture didn't load.


1. Homepage
To go to the main page.

2. My Places
To go to the Work, Train, Inventory and Advanced Buildings page.

In here you can work, train, and check your inventory or maybe build advanced buildings like rocket factory and house.

After you finished work and train, you get bonus.

the training costs are the following:

Weights Room: free
Climbing Center: 0.19 Gold
Shooting Range: 0.89 Gold
Special Forces Center: 1.79 Gold

3. Wars
To go to the Campaigns page.

In here you can fight. Just choose a Battlefield (BF) to fight.

4. Market
TO go to the Marketplace, Job Market, Monetary Market, Companies for sale page.

In Marketplace, you can buy food, weapon, ticket, wrm (weapon raw material), frm (food raw material), Hospital, defence system and companies.

5. Community
To go to the World Map, My Party, Elections, Military Unit, Rankings, Invite Friends, and Badges page.

6. Gold and Extras
To go to the Gold and Extras page. In this page you can buy gold, get a loyalty program, Gold Bonus, and special items.

7. Time, Date, Day, Search Citizen
You can check the time, date, and day in this game. eRepublik Time using Pasific Time. You can also search citizen.

8. Your identity
You can check your nicknames in this game, your level, and your current location.

9. Energy
Working, training and fighting consume 10 Energy. Likewise, Food will recover an equal amount of Energy. You will be able to recover 10 Energy every 6 minutes.

The maximum energy for a new citizen is 100 and will increase with 20 at every level up until level 21. At level 21 a citizen will have a maximum energy of at least 500. After level 21, the maximum energy can be increased by purchasing an Energy Center.


At level 1 the citizen has a maximum energy of 100.
At level 2 the citizen has a maximum energy of 120.
At level 11 the citizen has a maximum energy of 300.
At level 12 the citizen has a maximum energy of 320.

10. Money
You can check your Gold and cc (current currency). In this case, my citizenship is South Korea so that means my cc is KRW but, if my citizenship was Indonesia, my cc is IDR.

11. Missions
You can check your mission. If you finished your mission, you get a reward for that. 😃

12. Message, Alerts, Logout
In here you can check your messages, alert, and logout from this game.

13. Daily Order
You can check your Daily Order given by your commander MIlitary Unit (MU. After you finished your Daily Order (DO) you get bonus.

14. Military Campaigns
You can check your Campaign of the Day set by your Country President (CP) and latest events.

15, 16, 17. Top News, Categories, News.
You can read news. There is many categories for that like First steps in erepublik, Battle Orders, Warfare analysis, etc.

18. Promo
There are many promos from admin (plato) to USE OUR MONEY FOR THEM ! I SUGGEST YOU TO NEVER USE YOUR MONEY FOR THEM !!!

19. My Feeds
You can said something to your friend in Military Unit (MU), Friends, Party. (I am sorry, I censored my MU and Party because i want to stay in neutral side and don't want to take any side)

Well, that is tutorial about page homepage. I hope all of you enjoy it and understand that. 😃

I need comments, suggestions, comments and suggestions to beautify our tutorial. 😃

Wait for the next tutorial guys 😉

Ricca Greenwood



Sinarae Dia 1,820, 10:46


von baer
von baer Dia 1,820, 11:06

v+s from me. A little too mutch i think, but everione should understand.

Jeremy Jeong
Jeremy Jeong Dia 1,820, 11:15

v5 s3

Ricca Greenwood
Ricca Greenwood Dia 1,820, 11:30

I need vote so this article shows in Top News.

@von baer yeah i think so > . <
i hope everyone understand

Radigast Dia 1,820, 11:52

vote 9
sub 5


diad Dia 1,820, 12:22


lucky789 Dia 1,820, 13:23

good job.

theirina Dia 1,820, 13:34

Very nice :3

Ricca Greenwood
Ricca Greenwood Dia 1,820, 14:38

@theirina please check my pm 😃

cyver2 Dia 1,820, 14:44


Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Dia 1,820, 14:57

Reborn MAXXXX!

Jcurve Dia 1,820, 15:37


Siberat Dia 1,820, 17:29


Dokabi Dia 1,820, 17:54


SORA Chung
SORA Chung Dia 1,820, 19:50

Nice article!

yhpdoit Dia 1,821, 23:01


ManuR Dia 1,821, 00:48

v 39, s 17
Congrats and Good Luck!

JUDONG Dia 1,821, 01:47

voted subed o/

Elucidator Dia 1,821, 04:05


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