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[MDP] Yesterday and Tomorrow

Dia 1,907, 12:06 Publicado em Canada Reino Unido por Leo Balzac

What Went Down

Well, it's been an exciting few days, hasn't it? In order to keep my fellow MDPers informed, and to keep a record for posterity, I am going to try and recap what went down the last couple days.

This business all started with vanity. Rylde wished to see what other parties were saying about him, particularly since he hadn't been endorsed by a single other party in eCan. To do that, he had to leave MDP and join another party. Well, due to ancient and archaic rules, this meant he lost the MDP endorsement for CP and thus was dropped from the ballot all together, since we were the only party endorsing him.

Homer, when he found out what Rylde had done

This left only 1 serious contender for CP (in my eyes) a man hated by many, Rolo Tahmasee. Unfortunately, CW had decided in their primary, to back an unknown player, one who had set out to woo the CW masses with a flip-flop platform full of holes and unworkable ideas; Colonel Sanders. With CW supporting the Colonel, IPC decided to jump on board as well, since their hatred for MDP is well known (the party is comprised of those who couldn't make it in MDP and so had to go to a new party to achieve the 'power' they crave).

A day or two before the election, it was revealed to me that the Colonel was in fact a multi of Venoms III, by Venoms himself. I warned both Oinyo and Panzer (IPC PP) about this, and denied any involvement of the MDP but they refused to believe me. Why? I'm not completely sure. I guess these two parties are still stuck in a mindset that was shed from our own party in November.

CW/IPC official headgear

During the election, they cry of 'anyone but Rolo' was heard loud and clear, despite the fact that Rolo was the ONLY one with enough experience and knowledge for the job. I asked the Military Council about throwing our support behind Rolo, I even went so far as to tell Rolo MDP would support him, as I thought the choice to obvious. I miscalculated. My Council wanted nothing to do with Rolo, feeling that we were not far removed enough from the stench of The Coalition, and that it would only end up hurting us. I can see their point, but sometimes sacrifices must be made in the interest of the Nation.

As you all know, Colonel Sanders won. He was doing a good job for the few days he was in power, I will admit that. He had assembled a solid team to buttress his weaknesses. Sadly, Plato does not care for the secret herbs and spices and perma-banned the Colonel, an event which did not surprise me in the least. Venoms has since rage-quit, even though he had to know this was going to happen (he wrote a damned article admitting it for Ford's sake!).

Next came the debate as to whether we should impeach the Colonel or not. I was excluded from this meeting, so I can't really say what was said, but finally the proper decision was reached. Rolo is our CP, as it should have been from the beginning. Those who distrust him, I cannot fault you for it, though he has served admirably in the past, before being impeached, illegally once (which directly caused the whole theft business, thanks a ton AMM) and legaly once (in retribution for the Theft, I guess).

Where does this leave us now?

Well, it leaves us with a CP half (I'm being conservative) the country can't stand, most of our regions under Spanish occupation (don't they know we don't make Chorizo here? We eat bacon damnit!) and a congress that can't really agree on much of anything. Interesting times for eCanada indeed.

In response to all of this nonesense, I am protesting the only way I know how, by leaving eRep all together. I will stay until my PP mandate is finished, then I'm gone. I'm way to busy in RL to deal with the children of eRep who let their 'eEmotions' get in the way of reason, and who seem to perceive a threat around every corner.

I'm going to be chastised for this, but eCan had a chance to house a merc MU who would have contributed millions of inf to our CoTD and would likely have helped us withstand the Spanish onslaught. They were denied entry due to the tinfoil hats. There are good people in this nation and they can be worked with, but they must be taught that threats do not lurk around every corner. This ain't Soviet Russia bro.



Funky 24
Funky 24 Dia 1,907, 12:24

Enjoy your irrelevance.

Venerable Dia 1,907, 12:26

You will be missed, Leo. o7

We will always Stand Ready

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Dia 1,907, 12:28

"Well, due to ancient and archaic rules..."

Not that ancient. TemujinBC lost his CP nomination for the exact same reason and that occured almost two years ago exactly.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Dia 1,907, 12:32

"My Council wanted nothing to do with Rolo, feeling that we were not far removed enough from the stench of The Coalition, and that it would only end up hurting us"

It is difficult to be a politician and act with integrity at all times, the proverbial "honest politician". I think the MC made the right choice, and the more difficult one, in maintaining their integrity. MDP MC FTW!!!

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Dia 1,907, 12:36

I will Funky. I will.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Dia 1,907, 12:38

"I am protesting the only way I know how, by leaving eRep all together."

This is the saddest news of all. To bad Balzac, you are a good egg.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Dia 1,907, 12:39

"eCan had a chance to house a merc MU who would have contributed millions of inf to our CoTD and would likely have helped us withstand the Spanish onslaught. They were denied entry due to the tinfoil hats. "

This Fraternity of the Tinfoil Hats has a chapter in eIndia, I've met them up close and personal, insolent bunch.

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Dia 1,907, 12:39

we must have been of the same mind set today leo, i was thinking about quitting earlier but decided to just never buy gold again in my life. plus we have out identical articles lol. sorry to see you go you did a good job of holding the MDP together after it reached the top spot, something that may be underestimated by a lot of ppl. enjoy RL lol o7

Venerable Dia 1,907, 12:39

The problem with this, Addy, is that it goes against the "no bullshit" stance of MDP. Caring about PR and not about what they know is right seems pretty unacceptable to me. I'm not in the MC though. Didn't even know this went down.

panzer1990panzer Dia 1,907, 12:47

First off, the IPC was intent on supporting Rylde, But his reply was basically a spit in my face. I wouldn't be surprised if that happened to others as well.

panzer1990panzer Dia 1,907, 12:51

"IPC decided to jump on board as well, since their hatred for MDP is well known"

That's funny because we had no issue with you guys until recently. You support PTO's, attack other clans relentlessly, and refuse to reign in your party full of trolls. So yes it is well known, after you not only burned the bridges, but nuked them.

Eric Last
Eric Last Dia 1,907, 12:54

Damn it, Leo...

I don't know if we'll run in to each other on IRC before you do leave, so just in case not:
Much love, man. Take care o7

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Dia 1,907, 13:17

I don't understand the problem. Even if the MDP had supported Rolo publicly we would be in the exact same position we are today one way or another.

Venerable Dia 1,907, 13:21

What panzer? None of that happened.

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Dia 1,907, 13:40

Yes Venerable, that is true. You want a screenshot that proves how Rylde declined our support?

As for attacking other parties,you want a screenshot that proves how your dicktator orders his drones to attack CPF?

Check IPC party feed if you think that your party doesn't have trolls.

Armour144 Dia 1,907, 13:44

"since he hadn't been endorsed by a single other party in eCan. "

Forward Canada had endorsed him as well.

Venerable Dia 1,907, 13:47

Okay, so. Funky trolls our feeds all the time. What Leo told them to do back was the same. Honest trolling is different the trolling with bad intent. It's the same eCan/eUS trolling for the most part. It's lulz on both sides.

I wasn't talking about the Rylde thing. I believe that without a doubt.

What I was talking about was the support of PTOs, and the "refusal to reign in trolls." the second one is silly, imo. MDP trolls its own members in the same way. As for the first, there wasn't any PTO support toward CW from MDP MC/PP. It was rogue, from various rogue members still full of negative energy from the Coalition days. Oinyo knows this.

Xvidian Dia 1,907, 13:59

Noooooo Balzaaaaaac!!

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Dia 1,907, 14:00

You're leaving? Who from the MDP isn't

panzer1990panzer Dia 1,907, 14:03

^^ I think it's disbanding? Thats the vibe i'm getting. You guys can have crisfire though 😛

Foxfire Dia 1,907, 14:43

Check IPC party feed if you think that your party doesn't have trolls. x2

Worst in the whole game and do a good job of driving people completely out of the country. Take ownership for once MDP. You have some really good people but you also have some really bad ones.

Plugson Dia 1,907, 15:12

You don't need to look after people, Leo, at least not in the political/community sense. Just stick to helping people in the MU, do your clicks, maybe find a second wind or don't ~ tbh, eCan needs your damage on the battlefield ~ we can't keep what we have (or could have had, from what I gather).

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,907, 15:13

@Auk @panzer: over more eDead bodies.
@Leo: take care, see you for pho' and dim sum (;

panzer1990panzer Dia 1,907, 15:39

We will see. As the rage quits continue.

MaxMaher Dia 1,907, 15:50

I hate everyone here.

MaxMaher Dia 1,907, 15:50

; )

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Dia 1,907, 16:15

rage quit panzer? hardly. More like a sanity quit.

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Dia 1,907, 16:25

I'm not going anywhere 🙂

But Leo! I will miss you so, you were one of my dearest comrades and you shall be greatly missed 🙁

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Dia 1,907, 17:28

🙁 sad news, good luck and hopefully you might return one day.

Muglack Dia 1,907, 19:10

Just for the record I was the one most against the MDP as a whole endorsing Rolo. It isn't personal, it's just politics. It's only been 2 and a half months since the MDP broke with the "Coalition" and for the first month of that time we had to deal with people like Auk Rest saying that we didn't really break ties, and that the "Coalition" was still very much alive only in secret. Then once he either accepted the truth, or decided it wasn't worth talking about the Johnny Come-Lately's like Punisher started up again with the same bullsh!t.

With the amount of time and effort (in the form of articles, comments, and forum posts) it took to separate ourselves from that stigma it simple didn't make sense to throw ourselves back into it.

As for your quitting Leo I guess I'll take solace in the fact that over the years I've played this game one of the things I've learned is that if a player takes the time to write a lengthy article talking about all the reasons he's walking away it means that at the end of the day he probably won't.

Enjoy your period of 2clicking. I hope whatever article you happen to see the title of that pulls you back in will be worth it. 😛

Anotherlamedrunk Dia 1,907, 19:43

God dammit, just as soon as i start enjoying the game again a series of shit keeps happening.

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Dia 1,907, 20:48

I am sorry to hear that you're leaving Leo, you're one of the good ones.

klop123 Dia 1,907, 20:48

Another one leaves.

Best of luck in RL mate! o7

William Steele
William Steele Dia 1,907, 21:24

Have a good RL - best of luck in your future endeavors!

GrapeJuice Dia 1,907, 21:52


crisfire Dia 1,908, 23:34

Hope you reconsider Leo

Rylde Dia 1,908, 04:15

leo we would be fools to leave at the height of our power. I have seen this after days of punching myself in the face over CP elections. You can still stay relevant without leaving altogether. Minions who can be trusted must be placed.

Rylde Dia 1,908, 04:17

FYI Muglack is right.

Although I died twice without a whisper said in the past and I stayed dead for a lenghty time what u say about that Mugs.

Muglack Dia 1,908, 11:14

Dying with an article means you'll be gone for a long time because it means you don't care anymore.

I haven't seen anyone write an article and disappear for a long time with the exception of Sperry who used to be a summer player and would leave every September.

If the person cares enough to write an article, they still care to much to just walk away.

Vrykolaus Drauvik
Vrykolaus Drauvik Dia 1,908, 15:07

I understand why your leaving Leo Balzac.

The political community creates a pile of crap. They discard of this crap realizing it smells bad. A few months later, curiousity strikes 'Hrmmm' they say, 'I wonder if that crap we threw away is like wine and just gets better with age.' They give the steaming pile of turd a little sniff. They find out it does not, throw away the crap for the same reasons as they did before. The vicious cycle continues.

I'm guilty of two-clicking and following up from time to time but that's about it. You know where I live I believe or if not you may remember the name of my business. Come visit me if your ever in the area it would be great to see you.

Regards, and best wishes to your family.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Dia 1,909, 01:44


Take care mate

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