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[Legion] Role of a Legion Captain

Dia 1,902, 09:41 Publicado em United Kingdom Reino Unido por Rodney Mckay

Role of a Legion Captain

The following are Legion Command's plans for regimental captains, and an explanation of the role for those potentially interested in the job.

A Fellow Captain


You will regularly message your regiment's soldiers (around 30 members) with MU and national news, community games, orders and pretty much anything else relevant that might come up. (You may receive some urgent orders from command, and these would need to be relayed to your regiment quickly.)

To be the "First Point of Contact" for your regiment. Of course, any member of Legion is always willing to help a fellow, but shooting a quick PM to the Captain will be encouraged as the easiest and most appropriate course of action.


You will be responsible for fostering team spirit within his regiment, to include the helping out with setup and running of inter-regimental games. Additionally, you will be relied on to ensure his regiment's attendance at Legion strikes.
(Strike: a specific time where everyone available is given extra supplies to fight simultaneously in a single battle, to great effect. Usually coordinated on IRC, and a great way to get your warface with the rest of your unit.)

You will aim to maintain and increase IRC/Forum participation. We don't demand members join these, but it increases game enjoyment and they are both generally better for communication than in-game messaging. You'll get to meet a whole range of people who can introduce you to other aspects of the game through these mediums, also.

A "Roll Call" thread is a useful tool for measuring our activity, and also persuades people to register on the forum for some regiment banter, and you will be persuaded to regularly run these.


A major part of the job will be to recognise the next 'generation' of Legion officers. These will generally be newer players that seem involved and enthusiastic about the game, and want to do more within Legion, and you will be encouraged to appoint soldiers within your regiment to positions such as Lieutenant, where they can then be trained in the running of a regiment, to hopefully create worthy future regimental captains.

In your month's term as a captain (or longer, if you are rated highly by Legion Command and wish to continue the role), your aim will be to increase enjoyment of the game for your regiment, be a genuine helping hand for all those that require it and a mentor for those who aspire to achieve something more in the future.

If you've read this far, and you fancy the job, continue on and I shall explain the selection procedure.


Clearly, the job of a Captain isn't a walk in the park, and you will be required to dedicate some actual time and effort in on a regular basis; we want the best possible experience for our legionnaires so a hard working Captain is what we need.

Up until quite recently, there hasn't been much of an official need for captains, and thus the job has been quite a quiet one (with notable exceptions).

The new, more involved role means that we will be looking for those that we think will regularly put the effort in, and perform well for the benefit of themselves and the Legion.

We do not require much in the way of past experience, though it may help in your selection, but we do require an assurance that you genuinely wish to carry out the task.

A few things that help your chances.

-Be active

An inactive Captain wouldn't be very useful to his regiment or to his military at large, so someone who logs into the game regularly (realistically daily) would be required.

-Come say hello on IRC (#TheLegion on Rizon)

All of Legion Command regularly sit in the chat room, and if you're able to do the same or similar, it'll tell us something. That doesn't mean 24/7 chatter, but it does mean we can get to you quickly, and it will display to us that you are an active, involved member the Legion Community, and able to put the time in. The same standards are held in the use of the Legion forums.

-Stand out from the crowd

Captains are asked to pass on suggestions to command of anyone they feel is active and involved enough to warrant a promotion and more responsibilities in the military unit, so your current Captain's recommendation of you will go far. Impress him with your enthusiasm and dedication.

Now, you have an understanding of the role, and you have an idea of how to increase your chances of getting there.
To turn your aspirations into a promotion, you'll need to need to PM either Legion Command (Rodney Mckay) or your current Captain with a message saying you are looking for the job of a regimental commander.

It's really THAT easy.

By all means, along with your application message tell us why you think you deserve the position, any beneficial experience you may have, and what plans you have if you're appointed. It will only help your chances and the chances are, your fellow applicants will do the same.

As a final point.
ANYONE within Legion is able to apply, and EVERYONE will be given fair and equal chance.

Thank you all and good luck,
Rodney McKay
Legion Command



Rodney Mckay
Rodney Mckay Dia 1,902, 09:41


Carlini8 Dia 1,902, 09:43

O Captain my Captain

BigAnt Dia 1,902, 09:52


Draconius Nightwatch
Draconius Nightwatch Dia 1,902, 10:22

when you say active, in the RW I havea 9-5/10-6 GMT job would that meet the Erepublik activity scale?

Rodney Mckay
Rodney Mckay Dia 1,902, 10:36

A lot of people do the same as you, so that won't go against your application.

I am more interested in the effort you put in at the times you are active.

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Dia 1,902, 11:00

Next week we will be auditioning for someone to play the role of Tennille

GameChanger Dia 1,902, 17:13


I look forward to this new challenge!

Draconius Nightwatch
Draconius Nightwatch Dia 1,903, 06:45

Just doqnloaded andrioirc just so I can reach the room whilst at work

Muhammad Noman
Muhammad Noman Dia 1,903, 06:54

really nice.

alexg737 Dia 1,903, 11:33

good stuff o7

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