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☆ ★Interview with Lotus Black★☆

Dia 1,740, 09:11 Publicado em Switzerland EUA por Hale Kane

Hello ladies and gentlemen, i have another interview for you all. Lets all welcome Lotus Black to the stage.

Patar: Thanks for allowing me to do this interview with you Lotus.

Lotus: It's a pleasure, thank you for thinking of me.

Patar: Now tell us a bit about yourself. There are some people in eSwitzerland that know you, but would you like to tell the other people a bit about yourself and history in the game?

Lotus: I started the game in eSlovenia (that’s also where I'm from IRL). After a while, when eNew Zealand was created, I moved there and became a proud eKiwi. Those were some good times, I will treasure forever. After a year or so I took a sabbatical from erep, to see what RL looks like. Lets just say, its good to be back 😃 At the end of february I started playing again and I moved back to eSlovenia to join an international MU Angry Angels. They have been my team in good times and bad, they were even the ones who convinced me to start playing erep again. As luck would have it I got an invitation to check out eSwitzerland (that’s actually an interesting story some of you might know, others can ask me about it over a cup of coffee sometime) and so I did and I fell in love with this ecountry from the first moment I saw it. So here I am.

Patar: Rumour has it that you will be running for eSwitzerland Country President next month, is this true? Also, how did you become so popular in just several months and being allowed to run for Country President?

Lotus: Yes, the rumor is true. I’m planning on running for CP in september. Well, I wouldn’t say I’m popular, but I am happy that people really see me as I am. I try to be active and do my best at every job I get the chance to do. As far as being allowed to run, I would say everyone should have a chance to run and it shouldn’t be a point of being allowed to do that. That said, I think I proved myself with my work and dedication so I got asked to run for CP. Personally I see that as a great honor and a reward for my hard work.

Patar: A couple of “guys” have been asking about this and would like to hear the truth, are you single at all in this game? 😛

Lotus: Hehe. I'm afraid i'm not esingle, sorry.

Patar: A lot of the guys are not going to like this ^^ But then again, doesn’t stop some of them

Lotus: Yes, they keep trying 😃

Patar: Can you explain to us about your idea on the Macedonia situation and was it a good choice we agreed to give the region to Macedonia?

Lotus: There was a lot to think about with Macedonia and their proposed deal. Personally I was against making a deal. I felt that as an allied and friendly nation, Macedonia shouldn’t approach us the way they did. I felt betrayed, like I'm sure many of you did as well. From my point of view, if they would return our regions from the start and then asked us for renting one of our regions the story would be different. Especially I didn’t like the fact that they weren’t willing to pay rent. I understood that not making that deal would be really bad for us, but I felt we needed to make a stand and fight. There was a discussion about this for two days in the cabinet. I must say at moments it got really heated. But since I'm a strong believer in democracy and because I saw with my own eyes, that everyone listened to all the arguments from both sides, took a moment to think about it and then voted based on what they felt was right, I’m ok with it. Personally I still don’t like that deal, but I understand it was a better, safer choice at that time and given our situation. I just hope that Macedonia will respect that deal and return the region as they promised, when the deal passes.

Thank you once again Lotus for joining me in this interview. I wish you good luck to you in your race for Presidency and to your future.


Monsieur Guillontine
Monsieur Guillontine Dia 1,740, 09:28

nice article :- 3

Fight! eurggh i mean Peace!

Dedabrk0 Dia 1,740, 09:39


BeLpHeGoR-6-6-6 Dia 1,740, 09:50

vote 🙂
Lotus \o/

Koca7 Dia 1,740, 10:03

LB ftw \o/

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dia 1,740, 10:13


Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Dia 1,740, 10:20

Lotus Black for CP \o/

KrMa Dia 1,740, 10:52

Lotus Black for CP \o/

mungos032 Dia 1,740, 11:03

Lotus ❤

mungos032 Dia 1,740, 11:08

It should be heart behing "Lotus" : (

Djuro Drljaca
Djuro Drljaca Dia 1,740, 11:57

Lotus Black for CP \o/

Skyline35 Dia 1,740, 12:03

LB for CP!😃
If that will happen, i'll change my CS

Ariston Darth
Ariston Darth Dia 1,740, 12:12

\o/ LOTUS 4 CP ! \o/

bowen199 Dia 1,740, 12:13


Rican Dia 1,740, 12:16

Lotus Black for CP \o/

Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Dia 1,740, 13:24

Lotus Black for CP \o/

dha Dia 1,740, 13:37


Srnica Dia 1,740, 13:39

Lotus Black for CP \o/

Matjazp Dia 1,740, 13:51

Lotus Black for CP \o/

sgtchewy Dia 1,740, 15:15

Good job Lotus...the answers were extremely always.

David North
David North Dia 1,740, 15:32

lotus black for CP

Hunter4Life123 Dia 1,740, 15:57

Momma for CP \o/

Slirus II
Slirus II Dia 1,740, 15:57


Mancha HQ
Mancha HQ Dia 1,741, 04:52

Who is that lady in the pic? 🙂

banane fr
banane fr Dia 1,741, 05:03

Lotus Black for CP \o/

sandi111 Dia 1,741, 05:28

Lotus Black for iron lady \o/

Lotus Black
Lotus Black Dia 1,741, 07:07

Thank you all 😃

Pero: Ksenia Solo 😉

Eon Neo Neon
Eon Neo Neon Dia 1,741, 07:17


Mancha HQ
Mancha HQ Dia 1,741, 07:25

she's pretty :3

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