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[HRM98] Baby Boom project

Dia 1,880, 16:25 Publicado em India Espanha por NueveOcho

Rejoice my loyal subjects and Serbian PTOers and gygpsies, as the King speaks to the eIndian people once again. Long live the King NueveOcho! Jai Hind!

eIndia is a underpopulated eCountry, that's not a secret, so I guess it has come the timeto change that. We can try many different things, and we can all participate, now I will give some tips and ideas to promote the Baby Boom.

1- Invite friends, familiars or any other person you know. eIndia has an active population of 140 players, we every player invites another player it will be 280, a much decent number.

2- Spam the comment section of online newspapers, youtube (try to do so in popular videos in India), etc. try to use catch phrases, like "Croatian and enemy forces attacking Kashmir. Help our brave Indian Army beat them back - Jai Hind! [link to game]".

3- We have many tools you could use, like this video. Try to post them in any website to bring new players to the game.

4- Once these new players join the game try to make them feel comfortable so they will keep playing, do not harass or insult them, and try to be always kind and polite with them, and if they have any doubts or questions try to help them.

That's pretty much all I can say. Jai Hind.

Remember to vote, give me all your golds, shout and subscribe, enjoy the coolpic :3


Cronos85 Dia 1,880, 16:27

Botao y polex

giladahgua Dia 1,880, 16:30

Hail eIndia o/
Hail eIndonesia o/

NueveOcho Dia 1,880, 16:31

giladahgua o7

giladahgua Dia 1,880, 16:32

Nueveocho o7

Isibu Dia 1,880, 18:15

Greetings and luck.

Ind1anMartyr Dia 1,880, 20:20

well said mate... THIS is our only aim, this is our target


ayush121212 Dia 1,881, 23:38

well said mate


Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Dia 1,881, 02:39 < this is reffrl link

plz edit in artical also thank u jai hind

xDefactorx Dia 1,881, 03:18


Milan Milankovic
Milan Milankovic Dia 1,881, 17:05


BrknSword Dia 1,881, 19:58


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