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[HRH98] Some Strategy

Dia 1,912, 03:59 Publicado em India Espanha por NueveOcho

Rejoice my loyal subjects and Serbian PTOers and gypsies, as the king speaks his words one more time. All Hail King NueveOcho! Jai eHind!

First of all: I’m aware I’m not the MoD nor the CP, but I think an article won’t hurt anybody.

eCroatia by now has 5 bonuses: Cattle, fish, salt pepper, iron and rubber. But they have two weak spots where a successful RW will lead them to lose 3 of those bonuses. Let me explain:

Maharashtra: losing this region will cut the communications to Karnataka and Kerala (rubber and fish), so they will lose both bonuses at the same time, so then eCroatia would only have 3 bonuses left (Cattle, salt pepper and iron).

Northern India: even though this region produces cattle is the only region that grants access to Jammu and Kashmir, the only iron region that eCroatia owes, losing this region will cause eCroatia to lose another bonus, which will leave eCroatia with only Cattle and salt pepper.

After the RW is very likely that eCraotia will NE us to gain those regions back, but we have some advantages:
1) We are fighting in our lands, so we can drain damage via RW.
2) EDEN is dying, they lost many members in the last weeks (eUkraine, eArgentina, eNorway, ePortugal...) and they are currently losing their wars vs the CoTWO countries.
3) eRussia and eUSA have recently joined CoT in their war vs EDEN, so now the damage scale is around 60:40, therefore eCroatia may lack the help needed to stop us.
4) We have wonderful allies like eBulgaria and eIndonesia that will help us beat eCroatia in D2-4.
5) we can win by ourselves eCroatia in the D1.

As a result of this war our many new players will be able to gain TP medals, and could also help a little bit the Baby Boom.

Jai Hind!

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Capitan Segundo Redondo
Capitan Segundo Redondo Dia 1,912, 04:00


NueveOcho Dia 1,912, 04:01

Ya vuelves a tu pole streak marditoz

Capitan Segundo Redondo
Capitan Segundo Redondo Dia 1,912, 04:02

creo que lo voy a tener que dejar...tantas alertas me matan 😒

NueveOcho Dia 1,912, 04:03


Viarizi Dia 1,912, 04:00


Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Dia 1,912, 04:01


lHonouR Dia 1,912, 04:01


Max Special
Max Special Dia 1,912, 04:03

Hey You! Im Max, Not This!

Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Dia 1,912, 04:10


NueveOcho Dia 1,912, 04:19


Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Dia 1,912, 04:21

I went to Corunha last summer, nice city.

Too bad for Depor. 🙁

NueveOcho Dia 1,912, 04:22

Comentário apagado

taidenn Dia 1,912, 04:30

Linda estrategia, con una buena planificación pueden llegar a realizar la perdida de bonus para Croacia.

Saludos desde eParaguay! o/

Mister Y
Mister Y Dia 1,912, 04:33


Simonymous Dia 1,912, 04:37

I came
I saw
I came

Octienne Dia 1,912, 04:40

lo mejor, los meños! botellado!

Juan Rico
Juan Rico Dia 1,912, 05:45

Moar boobz!!

Warmeno1994 Dia 1,912, 06:00

Explicit boobs please

crijor Dia 1,912, 06:03

ponte alguna tetica o algo nueveocho que sino queda esto muy soso

crijor Dia 1,912, 06:03

crijor was here

Alesis Bonte
Alesis Bonte Dia 1,912, 06:23


Alesis Bonte
Alesis Bonte Dia 1,912, 06:23


Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Dia 1,912, 07:45

What I see in this pic can help a baby, BOOM!

NueveOcho Dia 1,912, 07:55

And be nice to wildy bro

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Dia 1,912, 08:31

Just returning favors, brother!

NueveOcho Dia 1,912, 08:32


TheTrueIndian Dia 1,912, 17:09

Seems good

games.k67 Dia 1,912, 17:27

Need to fight hard.

Viarizi Dia 1,917, 05:25

Madre mia que tetons!

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