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[EDIT] Discounts & New Mission

Dia 1,912, 02:55 Publicado em Serbia Nova Zelândia por Shone bate

[EDIT] Here is what you get for the new mission if you belong to D4:

I've needed around 600 health to defeat Cupid with Q7 weapons.

This are rewards for lower divisions:
D1: 2 x Bazooka Booster, 2 x BH Rocket, 2 x Energy Bar
D2: 4 x Bazooka Booster, 4 x BH Rocket, 4 x Energy Bar
D3: 6 x Bazooka Booster, 6 x BH Rocket, 6 x Energy Bar

"Make war not love!" offers and bonuses

Good bonus is a 50% greater DAMAGE, even with bazookas you have 15.000 hit. Also 5% more for training.

Plato have once again presented us a lot of discounts (guess that Martinozs' prediction of eRepublk Template for 2014 becomes reality).

WARNING! This Discounts lasts for another 4 days, which means that gold worth more. It is already 284cc and before this promotion it was 270cc.

For choosing the right contract check my article Which Training Contract you should sign?
I also recommend you to calculate your training using this very good designed Training Calculator.

Here is an example of training that you can have with Q4 training centers and how much gold you will earn or lose when you include SS medals:

As it is clear, with investing 93.5gold in the Q4 Weights Room you will need 7.15 months for returning your investment. After that period the daily income is 0.436 gold which will cover your daily need for Q7 weapons.

In the following two tables you can see the profit/losses for food and weapon companies. Current salary on the Serbian market is around 12.5cc and Serbia has 100% region bonus both for food and weapon.

Food companies balance

Weapon companies balance

CONCLUSION: In terms of profit, Q4 Weights Room is the best investment. The profit of Weapon companies almost doesn't exist any more. However, Food companies still have a similar profit since my last article Investment Tip #2 - Food and Weapon companies.

P.S. Just discovered a good tool called eRepublik Analizer

For shout:

[EDIT] Discounts & New Mission


Djeza Dia 1,912, 03:01


DaRkO 206
DaRkO 206 Dia 1,912, 03:12


Plitvicki Inspektor
Plitvicki Inspektor Dia 1,912, 03:13

odlican !!!!

Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Dia 1,912, 03:28


Shone bate
Shone bate Dia 1,912, 03:29

Hvala drugari \o/

SajIer Dia 1,912, 03:36


Gyurak Dia 1,912, 03:44

Not bad.. o/

Skenderovic S
Skenderovic S Dia 1,912, 03:53


Tittannos Dia 1,912, 04:13 offers great profit... if you can sell the food 😕

Shone bate
Shone bate Dia 1,912, 04:14

there is another trick... licenses 🙂

Tittannos Dia 1,912, 04:17

Doesn't help much... at least in my case 😃

Shone bate
Shone bate Dia 1,912, 04:18

believe me, 50 licenses helps a lot o/

MartinSkull Dia 1,912, 04:22

verujem da ako prodajes po licencama cak si u gubitku...

Tittannos Dia 1,912, 05:16

who the hell buys 50 licences? 😃
That is 1000 gold 🙂

Shone bate
Shone bate Dia 1,912, 07:13

@MartinSkull ako ti tako kazes verujem ti o/ I have 50licenses. They were much more less in eRep V1

Tittannos Dia 1,912, 07:25

I hate V1... I never saw it 😕

Bojan933 Dia 1,912, 05:14


Georgian woolf
Georgian woolf Dia 1,912, 06:32


eAnalyzer Lobe
eAnalyzer Lobe Dia 1,912, 07:26

Voted! Good job!

Denis SpirOooO
Denis SpirOooO Dia 1,912, 07:57

Bravo ! Vote!

kavala023 Dia 1,912, 08:35


OEBernd Dia 1,913, 01:38

Rlly good article
Voted and spread all around the eworld

Shone bate
Shone bate Dia 1,913, 01:47

thanks o/

OEBernd Dia 1,913, 01:48

not thanx... that article is really great and is the summary of all those articles I wanted to write today!

kavala023 Dia 1,913, 01:52

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A z t e c
A z t e c Dia 1,913, 03:50

Voted! o/

Pargali Ibrahim Pasha
Pargali Ibrahim Pasha Dia 1,914, 11:49


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