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[Dental Corps] Don't you want me baby...

Dia 1,914, 01:35 Publicado em United Kingdom Reino Unido por WayneKerr

On 1744, a crack Dentist unit was sent to sort out the dental hygenie problems of the eUK and their allies. They promptly set about filling fillings, crowning crowns and rooting canals, all in an effort to give the eUK that added bite and winning smile. Today, dressed in there finest dentist tunics, gripping there little mirrors on a stick and periodontal probes, they survive by scouring the eWorld pulling teeth and kicking arse!

Another satisfied customer...

If you have a dental problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Dental Corps.

‘Ex Dentibus Ensis’ ‘From the teeth a sword’

Our boys hard at work making your dentures


I suppose this is the part where we are supposed to brag about our excellent supplies and fantastic community in a vain attempt to get you to join us. Well, you wont find any of that here... Why? I hear you say, surely MU's only release articles to do such things. Well yes, but here at DC HQ, we don't want anymore Dentists. Only the good looking and most intelligent can call themselves a Dentist, and quite frankly, the eUK is lacking in both of these traits. So choose another MU, we don't care which, just make sure it isn't ours...

The Royal Army Dental Corps are looking for only the most dedicated soliders (dental training will be provided) to join this prestigious rank of fighting Dentists. Only the most active are selected, IRC activity is preferred but not essential, a team work ethic, and most importantly a sense of humour, after all we are dentists, we gotta smile!

Job Vacanies

All our training spots are already filled, so look elsewhere, there's nothing here for the likes of you. Obviously you weren't cool enough to begin with. So why decided you wanna be a Dentist this late into the day? y'all had the chance to start with...

We are able to offer new members work in the best dental clinics around. Pay will be 1GBP per day + 10Q7's. We understand that working in dentistry can be a very hard and grueling learning curve, thus we feel it's important to reward those that manage to stay the course.

No point booking your appointment

DON'T Join the Fighting Dentists:
Royal Army Dental Corps
NO Job Vacancies:
RADC Job Center Inquire here for vacancies.
PRETTY DEAD Dentist Corps Chatroom
The Waiting Room

Just leave to wallow in our foreveraloneness...


Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Dia 1,914, 01:40


jamesw Dia 1,914, 01:45

I am not sure if Don will be emulating this particular article....

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dia 1,914, 01:49

Voted as i can totally relate to this article as I have teeth \o/

alexg737 Dia 1,914, 02:12

o7 CP with the best dental hygiene in living history

Rfeist Dia 1,914, 02:35

Voted hard like molers o7

Joku Gones
Joku Gones Dia 1,914, 04:46

Dentists rule the country, and everything else for that matter

ricardolopes174 Dia 1,914, 05:47


Strength and Honour

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Dia 1,914, 08:05


Niko Jones
Niko Jones Dia 1,914, 08:38

Once a dentist always a dentist..Proud to be a founding member. o7

lancer450 Dia 1,914, 10:40

Voted! Dentists rule the country, and everything else for that matter x2

Dentists FTW!

ShockWavve Dia 1,915, 02:52


P.S. - a RL dentist here too

WayneKerr Dia 1,915, 02:58

Then DC would be your natural home 😛

WayneKerr Dia 1,915, 02:57

Comentário apagado

FragUK Dia 1,915, 07:13

Fu, ill join if i want to 🙂😛

WayneKerr Dia 1,915, 08:52

You don't need to join, you are a Dentist already...

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