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[Dart-Comics] - Update on future comics, ENN & More

Dia 1,912, 02:49 Publicado em Canada Austrália por Dartreal
Greetings my children!

It's be a very relaxed and chilled two weeks away from work for me so far and I've got one week left. Sadly, I ordered many games for my PS3 and have been catching up on a lot of TV shows (just started watching Sons of Anarchy... which I now regret always putting off).

Thought I might give you a few updates on some things that have been happening and will be happening from this point onward.

The Fredrok Four comics
The comics have taken off with a bang! I didn't expect it to do as well as it has done at the moment so thank you to every single one of you who has shown their support and positive feedback. I'm having fun making the comics again and mixing up the styles I use.

The reason why I'm making the comics longer is to give you a good read in-between when the comics are posted

With work coming back up and other things in my life distracting me from eRepublik/Comic making, (like my book writing which is still going swimmingly), I don't know if I will be able to post an episode of the series a week. At the most they could be up every two weeks. Should that be the case, I'm going to be whipping together quick comics (a few frames long) just to give you guys a quick comic fix. They won't be related to the storylines, they'll be just some random things I'll throw together here and there involving the Heroes & Villains of the Fredrok Four.

Dart-Comics joined ENN!
I'm happy to announce that Dart-Comics will be joining ENN - Empire News Network - which is a media project belonging to Hadrian X. Hadrian promotes other people's articles (eUS Citizens I believe) and encourages people to vote which article was the best for the week/month/year. It's a really cool idea to promote the works of others and to encourage people to write more in the media.

I'd highly encourage everyone to check out the website by clicking on the above link (or here if you're too lazy to move your cursor back up). Hadrian also interviews various people throughout eRepublik and they are very high quality. Check them out!

Media Mogul Medal x2 ... and x3!
Thanks to someone who signed me up for some MM project/paid for a shitload of subs I've managed to get not one but two Media Mogul medals! I got my first MM medal years ago and was on my way to getting my second - until Admin decided to destroy the media module and took away all my subs. Crawling back up to 1200 from 400 was a struggle so thanks to everyone for subscribing.

Now for some sad news. A player called Chewytaz has suffered a great deal of tragedy in real life. While people don't like to mix in real life with this game, ultimately it is hard to steer away from it. I know that people have become close friends with one another through eRepublik and if something happened to a good friend of mine in eRepublik, I would want to know about it.

I don't know Chewytaz and I could not begin to imagine the pain she is going through. All I know is that I hope things get a lot better for her and that she would be grateful for all the support and messages you've been passing on to her.

That's all from me for now. Thank you to everyone for all of your support. Remember vote up, shout out and enjoy the comics when they come out. Please look after yourselves and take it easy.

Lots of love,

(P.S: I trust in Roboa, do you?)


scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Dia 1,912, 02:58


Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Dia 1,912, 03:18

^ What he said

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dia 1,912, 05:38


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,912, 08:10


hearts & hugs to Chewy

kuckuck Dia 1,912, 09:19


Hadrian X
Hadrian X Dia 1,912, 09:23

Love me some Dart Comics! And I do NOT wear a dress!

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Dia 1,912, 09:35


Hyuuz Dia 1,912, 12:59


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dia 1,912, 16:02

Just like in RL...I turn to the comics first....

mzCielly Dia 1,912, 18:12

voted! 😁

hearts & hugs to Chewy x2

Shoi12 Dia 1,912, 18:14

Emy < 3

redbirdusa Dia 1,912, 18:35


JaxTaylor Dia 1,912, 19:01


lancer450 Dia 1,912, 19:23

Voted! : )

And... ~Roboa~

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