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[CW] Foxfire Platform for President of eCanada – Part 2

Dia 1,811, 12:09 Publicado em Canada Canadá por Foxfire

Financial policy

Both the eCanada economy and eWorld economy follow the very same economy principles of the real world. This gives us a huge wealth of techniques that we can utilize to create and maintain a strong foundation for our country. Sadly these resources at our disposal are never used. Like a rudderless ship our economy bobs up and down on the waves of circumstance.

The eCanada Treasury is not a chequing account

Funds fly out of the eCanada Treasury as fast as they come in. This is irresponsible. Lack of savings leaves us unarmed to handle financial situations, such as recessions and times of war.

The current weekly accounting process of funding MUs should be diversified to include other programs. I would propose a flat 10% Savings Fund set aside after MPPs, but before MU funding. Even with just a $100,000-$150,000 income per week, that would be a modest $10,000-$15,000 per week/$50,000-$75,000 per month/$600,000 -$900,000 per year.

This would have a negligible effect on MUs, while providing us with the tools to lessen the effects of recessions and provide additional security at times of war.

The Military Unit Reserve fund

Continuous sustained funding of our military is critical to the security and prosperity of our country. I propose the creation of a Military Unit Reserve fund. This is not to be confused with the Mercenary fund, which in my opinion should only be unlocked when we are facing an adversary that clearly intends to permanently occupy us.

To start the fund would utilize the 10% saves set aside proposed above until the fund reaches $200,000, which would take approximately two and a half months. After that time the fund should draw only 5% of the total 10% allotted savings.

The Military Unit Reserved fund would serve two purposes:

1.) Standardized Military Unit funding.

A standardize amount should be allotted for MU funding not subjected to the fluctuating economy. That sustainable amount should be responsibly voted upon by government quarterly. Should the income received be lower than estimated, then the difference should be pulled from the Military Unit Reserve fund to fund the Military Units. Should the income received be higher than estimated, then the difference should be put into the Savings fund proposed above.

2.) Provide military funding during times of occupation.

When our country is driven to a point of where most or all of our provinces have been occupied is precisely the time when our Military should be funded. Weapons in the hands of our populous fortifies the defense of our country, maintaining our economy and tax base. Should we be wiped, fully funded MUs facilitate a faster return of provinces and thus a faster return of the economy and tax base. With continuous funding of MUs we lessens the effects of war upon the economy.

As governments change, the Savings fund and Military Unit Reserve fund could always be used for their unintended purposes. However, going forward, a government that fails to provide funding to it's military when these tools have been made available would easily be seen as a failed government that has irresponsible handled the countries finances and subjected to a lack of confidence to the voting public.

Government Weapons contracts

Currently Military Unit funding is doled out in funds to all Canadian MUs to spend as they see fit. There is no assurances that those funds will be spent on Canadian goods. The often overlooked Gross Domestic Product of our country is enhanced with encouraging growth in Canada. When funds leave the country, not only is GDP weakened, but another country’s GDPs is enhanced. This is the financial equivalent of fighting on the wrong side of a campaign against your own country.

I propose a test program of Government Weapons contracts. Canadian manufacturers would be free to make bids to the Canadian government for the sale of their weapons per an agreed upon amount.

For example, a manufacturer makes a bid to sell the Government 1,000 Q5 tanks for $5,500 over a period of 4 weeks. The government can accept if the bid is competitive. If the bid is accepted the manufacturer has just guaranteed income for the next 4 weeks that is not subjected to the supply and demand of the market.

And all funds stay within Canada. Our manufactures are supported, industry grows, the economy grows and Canada grows stronger.

Current MUs that do utilize their own factories are welcomed to use this program.

Initially I would propose that 25% of MU funding be used in the purchase of Government Weapons contacts and if uptake is good 50% of MU funding. Weapons created by Canadian Manufacturers, purchased and obtained by the Canadian government would then be allotted to the MUs in the same ratios as the the Military Unit funds.

This ensures that Canadian funds are being used to create a sustainable industry to support Canadian MUs.

Government Loans

Utilizing the remaining 5% of the 10% savings fund outlined above, the Canadian government can operate a Government Loans program. Loans in turn can be offered to both Canadian citizens.

Like any Banking system lines of credit would be establish upon credit history. If the government is unfamiliar with the individual, then a small loan with a high interest rate would be made available. As individuals develop a credit history the loans could become larger and the interest rate dropped.

This would accomplish two goals:

1.) Canadian citizens would be assisted in creating industry. Similar ideas have been circulated for some time as lump sum amounts simply given to MUs to create industry to become independent. Through a loan, the investment is made, the industry is grown and the funds returned to the Canadian government in payments to be sent back out into the economy to support another player. It is a self generating model of sustained industry growth.

2.) Taking the risk of loaning funds to citizens is fairly compensated with a return on the investment. The Government Loans program would offer the Canadian government a completely new additional source of revenue. One not entirely dependent upon the economy nor sovereignty.

More money, more fun

It is recognized that eRepublik is a war game, a political game and a diplomatic game. It is also an economic game. A strong economy makes us a strong country with greater success on the military front and more options in game.

On November 5 vote for a stronger economy.

Clan Wolf Candidate for President of eCanada


foltof Dia 1,811, 12:12

V2 +S48

Plugson Dia 1,811, 12:20

Spending cash directly on MUs and MPPs may not offer the complexity of developing social programs and contingency funds.

However, it does reduce the very probable risks of waste created by inefficient systems, unreliable money managers, and the potential for theft/embezzlement.

Good ideas Foxfire, but eRep is no longer about ideas. It's a pay'n'play platform that is best kept simple and efficient. Building up a cash & weapon reserve is a big gamble on people's abilities and honesty.

Emperor Rick
Emperor Rick Dia 1,811, 12:22

Definitely agree with the savings plan for the treasury

We should have a slush fund account when there are national emergencies... (like being invaded for example)

Plugson Dia 1,811, 12:26

But with that said, creating a 10% savings plan for the treasury is certainly doable and a good idea. It would be worth starting small and building from those initial and proven steps before launching into reserve funds and weapon contracts (which makes me wonder who stores those tanks).

If eCan can prove it has the ability to keep a 10% savings on its balance sheet, then perhaps there is more that can be done. I'd just hate to the Ministry of Industry be recreated~too many problems!

Alpha Eagle
Alpha Eagle Dia 1,811, 12:28

Much better than part 1. I really like the emphasis on economy, and I truly think that we can solve many of our problems by developing a long-term plan for a stronger economy. Unfortunately, this is something that other candidates didn't prioritize. Best of luck to you!

Corona Dia 1,811, 12:29

Voted. 🙂

As I'm generally unaware, what are the numbers as of today's eGov? As with any plans for change, it'd be good to state more specifically the things that will be changed (or is it generally taking away MU funding?). If eCanada can afford solid income, then it could go to good use alright. 🙂

Oinyo Dia 1,811, 12:34

Great ideas and I love the time and dedication you are putting into this Foxfire.

It shows how seriously you take this and great of a leader you will be. Not a lulz one that runs off for weeks but one that is extremely active and on top of everything.

Having a CP like you will move Canada into the future and closer to where we belong 🙂

Great article from a great man

TemujinBC Dia 1,811, 13:02

And MPP for Indonesia

crisfire Dia 1,811, 13:05

I think mg's ears perked up all the way from the US when you said "savings plan"

crisfire Dia 1,811, 13:07

or swac or whatever his name is these days

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Dia 1,811, 13:34

Props to Foxfire for the time and imagination put into this proposal. Do I think these ideas are applicable, erm, probably not, especially from one month to the next. This game is not grand economic idea friendly.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,811, 13:59


Gaius Julius Caeser
Gaius Julius Caeser Dia 1,811, 15:46

Great article Foxfire! Nice to see a significant effort towards helping our economy.

J_Retief Dia 1,811, 18:30

Good article. Voted up

MaxMaher Dia 1,811, 19:45

Good luck Foxfire. : )

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Dia 1,812, 08:25

@ Plugson: didn't congress pass a 'law' stating that there had to be a certain dollar figure left in the treasury at all times as a reserve? I could have sworn that I was in on that particular debate....

Plugson Dia 1,812, 16:12

You might be right, Leo. I'm sure it's in the forum, yet I'm not in there much any more to check out the facts.

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