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[CW] Foxfire Platform for President of eCanada – Part 1

Dia 1,810, 17:09 Publicado em Canada Canadá por Foxfire

First I want to thank the Clan Wolf party for allowing me to represent you in this month's Presidential race.

There is a lot I have been wanting to say for some time. Some of it may shock people, Some will definitely laugh at it. I am hoping some will listen. All I can ask is that you read it and take from it what you may.

Domestic policy

1.) Don't forget to have some fun

I want to start with a fact that seems to have escaped many players. eRepublik is a game. Let that sink in for a moment because some people have forgotten this. It's a game and it's meant to be fun. If you aren't having fun you're doing it wrong.

There are some way too seriously miserable people in this game.

I log on, I chat with friends, I blow some stuff up, I try to make enough money (rarely happens), I help some people and if I'm lucky enough I have enough time to read or write an article. It is a great break for at work or home.

There are some people that I'd swear think this game is real. As in they actually think they work in government and are actually burnt out from their pretend job. That's a little nutty.

Please everyone once in a while. Step back. Remind yourself. That this is a game.

Clan Wolf is one of the few parties I've seen that keeps it fun and is pretty easy going. I attempt to bring this approach to other players in game, regardless of party allegiances.

There are however others who choose a different way to amuse themselves and do so at the expense of others.

2.) Trolling

There is an apathy for trolling as if it is simply part of the game and nothing we can do about it.

It's really not. And for most of us, we really are much better than that.

If you sincerely need to create distress and suffering in others as some sort of amusement for yourself and yourself alone, then you have issues and you should seek a professional.

Anytime someone trolls, there is a multiplier effect to the number of people that have been put off by it and it really degrades the point of the game (see point 1) for other players. None of us have to like each other, but all of us can have a basic respect for other people and acknowledge that others have a right to be free of hateful speech.

When a player does troll they lose more than they gain. They have identified themselves as a person with some sort of void in their lives that you have chosen to fulfill in a destructive manner and their reputation is deminished accordingly. Yes, players may acknowledge trolling but that player's credibility and reputation are inevitably ruined. Even among those the count as allies. Parties have been damaged for trolling in the same manner. Shockingly, people don't enjoy being tormented, nor seeing others tormented and will reciprocate accordingly with their support, votes and party membership.

At the end of the day trolling is bullying and honestly as a majority, most of us are better than that.

So that being said, in this campaign I will be criticizing decisions and policies. I will not be attacking people. If those people feel attacked, I apologize in advance. I have taken care to attempt to be as constructive as possible.

3.) Brothers & Sisters-in-arms

The value of diplomacy is highly recognized in foreign affairs. Who eCanada should work with, what other counties are doing, and potentially negotiations are always being discussed. Yet the relations between eCanada's very own political parties are more strained and divided than that of our relations with hostile countries.

We all continue to fight under a the banner of eCanada, yet where is the sense of team?

We are not one of the largest countries and as such we do have it harder. It does not need to be made additionally more difficult by dividing our country up into even smaller sections. We can have different ideas and opinions and still be united as a country. A country with the same goals of love of the game, and prosperity for our country is something I think we can all agree on even if we have different ideas on how to achieve this.

Military Dictatorship Party/Canadian Armed Forces – Embodies the fight of eCanada. The drive and fun of the game. If we are at war you want the MDP/CAF with you. These are our Generals and soldiers. Dedicated, organized and ruthless.

They get a lot of grief, some deserved and some not deserved. Please don’t mistake the trolling behaviour of a few to reflect the majority of MDP. The Boomer's Academy is the idea of a member of the MDP and it is one of our best programs.

Canadian Progressive Front – Understands the importance of bureaucracy. The necessity to have a continuum of government. They uphold order against the chaos of anarchy. This party has a legacy. An example of the sustainability of our country.

Clan Wolf – The enduring spirit of eCanada. We are the PTO survivors. Those forged stronger from the flaming of trolls. We endure and thrive not because it is easy, but because we are eCanadians and eCanadians don’t quit, don’t stop and never give up.

United Party of Canada – New to the political scene these players gathered together in a spirit of innovation. The enthusiasm to want to accomplish something in our country should be supported. Each of our parties started with the same ambitions. To create something and succeed at a goal. We can't lose that.

Each of these parties has value and should be valued. The mentality that Canadian parties need to stop other Canadian parties will not help our country. A new approach needs to be undertaken. There is some seriously old hatchets in eCanada that are long overdue to be buried. Issues that need to be let go and moved past.

Disconnected we don't progress. We spin around, bouncing from one policy to another, from one party's direction to another. The internal turmoil of our country in-turn segregates us from successful enterprises that require a consistency of vision as a country. Both our allies and our enemies see this. It handicaps us in foreign diplomacy and partnerships.

I want to take this opportunity to announce that my administration will work with any party that is willing to work for the advancement and success of eCanada.

United we are a better eCanada, we are a stronger eCanada.

On November 5 I'd like to work with you to unite or country.

Clan Wolf Candidate for President of eCanada


Rolo Tahmasee
Rolo Tahmasee Dia 1,810, 17:27

"Clan Wolf – The enduring spirit of eCanada. We are the PTO survivors"

Who Tried to PTO you exactly? - Tyrael sort of did when you slurped up his drivel in order to give himself a following of Blind supporters - Is that the PTO you're referring to?

"United Party of Canada – New to the political scene these players gathered together in a spirit of innovation"

UPC is a collection of losers who would have a hard time getting laid in a "bawdy" house...

Zianni Vaatez
Zianni Vaatez Dia 1,810, 17:40

Bad Rolo! Bad!

crisfire Dia 1,810, 17:42

This is the best news Rylde could get

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Dia 1,810, 18:12

Rolo you so funny

Lord Beorn
Lord Beorn Dia 1,810, 18:18

Rolo you keep saying the same thing about UPC. What have I lost at?

Rolo Tahmasee
Rolo Tahmasee Dia 1,810, 18:51

Not so much you Lord Beorn, but the mouthpieces of your Party...

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Dia 1,810, 20:05

CAF Party isn't our soldiers, its our Rolo.

Oinyo Dia 1,810, 20:58

Great article Foxfire! 😃 Good luck! I have absolute faith in your ability to lead Canada into a greater future!

foltof Dia 1,811, 00:52


Emperor Rick
Emperor Rick Dia 1,811, 11:23


Gaius Julius Caeser
Gaius Julius Caeser Dia 1,811, 11:39

v20, good article Foxfire.

Isaac Rose
Isaac Rose Dia 1,839, 07:53

Alright, I'm changing political parties.

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