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[CW] Foxfire Platform for President of eCanada – Part 3

Dia 1,811, 20:09 Publicado em Canada Canadá por Foxfire
Foreign policy

For my foreign policy I differ greatly from my opponents. I will state it clearly: I support a solid and unwavering alliance with EDEN.

EDEN is tested, tried and true. They have proven success and sustainability.

There is a double standard among detractors of supporting EDEN. They say it's boring and yet they say it faces adversity on too many fronts to be a good strategic move. How is facing adversity boring?

If being a part of EDEN will be a challenge, then as eCanadians we choose to undertake those kinds of challenges every day. Those players that want it easy have chosen to live in Poland. eCanadians seek greater glories. Our battles are harder, our challenges greater and our victories that much more rewarding for it.

So I propose a new challenge. A commitment to our allies. An unwavering unflinching commitment. It's not easy, but the rewards are much greater. We can be a symbol to the rest of eRepulik. A symbol of dedication, loyalty and honour. Make it clear. When we are called upon. When we are needed. We will be there shoulder to shoulder fulfilling our commitment and dedication as allies.

Poland and USA should not be deciding our Foreign policy

We can not continue to change the vector of our foreign policy every time the eUSA farts or the shadow of Poland shifts. It is reactionary and short term thinking that undermines our credibility when negotiating with other nations.

Canada must set it's own course and stick to that course.


The current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jacobi, outlined relations with Poland perfectly.

Both of the last two attacks by Poland on Canada were initiated directly and then indirectly by the Canadian President at the time.

Wally Clever made a deal with Poland to conduct a training war on foreign soil in the first round of attacks.

ElPatoDiablo initiated an attack on Spain, an ally of Poland for the second round of attacks.

Poland is not an aggressive enemy seeking to permanently occupy Canada and our policies need to stop pandering to that mentality.


USA is in a transitionary state and is currently unstable. Mimicking their direction in-turn makes us unstable. Their current association with CTRL is not concrete with a large amount of Americans still remaining pro-EDEN. Also, given the large number of ex-patriot eCanadians residing in eUSA and our bro-alliance history, relations with eUSA can be independently maintained and nurtured while we pursue our own policies.

EDEN awaits

The opportunity for membership into EDEN is less than a month away. Now is the time to prove ourselves to our allies with with a steeled conviction.

Constantly trying to find the 'best deal' when conducting foreign policy portrays Canada as completely insincere, unreliable and uncommitted. This is not the behaviour of a fearless nation and it is not the the way of Canada

If EDEN is facing challenges now is precisely the time to show our worth. Good allies don't wait until everything is perfect so we can enjoy the fruit of other country's labours. No, we should be joining EDEN exactly when they are in need. What would you respect more? A friend that only sticks around when things are good? Or a friend that comes to you when you need them?

Finally and most importantly, Canada has already spoken on this matter. In a survey conducted by the current CP the people of Canada voiced in majority that they want an EDEN alliance. I see the primary responsibility of the President to be the representative of the people. To ignore them and follow your own ambitions is the path of a dictatorship.

The people want an EDEN alliance and they should get an EDEN alliance.

Why not CoT?

The current CP ElPatoDiablo and fellow candidate in this election wishes to now pursue an alliance with CoT. Why should we not ally with CoT?

“None of the nations are really anywhere close to us.”
“They don’t have much geopolitical value to us.”
“The fact that they are allied with the likes of Serbia and other ONE nations, doesn’t really bode very well for our current allies and relations with the USA.”
“They have sided with ex-ONE nations to take down our EDEN friends.”

These points were provided a week ago by ElPatoDiablo. The same man pursuing an alliance with CoT. What has changed in that week? Absolutely nothing that would warrant such a radical shift in policy.

ElPatoDiablo initiated a war with Spain and by default it's ally Poland to show our support of our allies. An expensive war that cost us $400,000+ in MU funding that players won't receive for the remaining month, a weakened industry with lack of bonuses and prevented congress elections setting the stage for a CP with unlimited governing power.

A war that was poorly planned without working with allied supports. A war that resulted in a complete and embarrassing wipe of the whole country, the effects of which still last today. This expensive cost to Canada was all incurred for what?


Now that a CoT is being pursued instead of EDEN there was no purpose at all. This is the senseless kind of sacrifice is what results from unfocused leadership.

Canada deserves a leader of steeled conviction. A leader of honour. One that will follow through on his word.

Now is the time for commitments. Commitment to leadership. Commitment to our allies. It's time to be the unwavering ally that all other countries will look at in envy.

Have the world take note that Canada stands tall, stands proud, stands firm and unwavering.

I ask that on November 5 you vote for leadership. Vote for commitment. Vote for an alliance with EDEN.

Clan Wolf Candidate for President of eCanada


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,811, 20:22


Plugson Dia 1,811, 20:40

You ran a great series of platform articles, Foxfire. Your points here are well chosen.

All the best in the election.

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Dia 1,811, 20:46

^What Plugson said.^

Alpha Eagle
Alpha Eagle Dia 1,811, 21:35

Very well written. You seem to be very dedicated. I truly wish you the best of luck!

Kedarva Dia 1,812, 23:03

Very well written platform good luck in the election

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