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[CPF] Week One Update and Congress!

Dia 1,891, 16:51 Publicado em Canada Canadá por Auk Rest
Toronto, Ontario

Greetings eCanada and Canadian Progressive Front! It has been one week since I was elected PP, and now is the time for me to sum up what happened last week, and inform you of what is to come next week. First off, let's get down to the elections in two days!

Congress Elections

The CPF still stands firm as ever to our tenets and if entrusted with your vote will continue to represent Canada honorably and stand up for accountability and responsibility in government. All CPF congressmen will be organized into a congressional caucus to better organize ourselves and foster communication while respecting the supremacy of the game mechanics.

To all voters, while other parties have switched and waved around, the CPF's message has stayed clear, we will fight for every eCanadian to an honest government. A vote for the CPF will be a vote to keep the True North strong and free!

And as a reminder to all Congressional aspirants, ensure your citizen is not in a region when Spain conquers it, or your congressional candidature will be removed and you will have to sign up again. And remember today is the last day you can still sign up for Congress!

Since I am not the greatest writer to have graced this country, I would like to show you an article written by my Vice Party President, as I think he has done a great job in it highlighting the CPF. Link

To all future Congress hopefuls, your citizen age and accomplishments in the game up to the point at which you want to run for Congress do not matter, all that matters is that you demonstrate you can faithfully uphold our tenets and will be active in discussions in Congress on the eCanada forum.

Congress Roster

1) Michael 23
2) Auk Rest
3) Wilhelm Gunter
4) milestailsprower
5) stpolar
6) Dozzer_x
7) Jaffle
8 ) klop123
9) Exalted Druid
10) Gunny165
11) Little Tony
12) kokalo03
13) Genyng Kislev

Disclaimer: Many candidates were dropped by residing in Ontario, which Spain took yesterday, and were therefore immeadiately dropped by the game through no action of my own.

Week One Recap

-An end to the mudslinging politics of a week ago

-Moose Calls sent out, to be refreshed shortly after the Congress elections

-A formal recruitment drive has begun again

-The cabinet is busy discussing issues within the party and country

-A new slogan was chosen! (Keeping the True North strong and free, it won with 58.3% of the runoff vote)

-Congress business taken care of


Like I said earlier, the CPF Moose Calls will all be refreshed in the week after Congress elections. The composition of them will change to put a better mixture of players of different levels together for communication and cooperation purposes. CP election season also begins after the Congress elections and it will be interesting to see if someone from the CPF decide to run.

I will also be reinstating some communication threads with Clan Wolf shortly after the elections, so look forward to that!

Keeping the True North strong and free,

Auk Rest
Party President

The CPF is a party that welcomes all who care about a responsible, accountable and positive government to our halls. There are many opportunities available for newer players, so please, consider joining us!

IRC is #nCPF
Get involved! Contact our VPP
New player? Ask questions! Send me a PM!

Join us!

The Tenets:
1. Uphold the equality of all active Military Units
2. Make the accounting of government funding more open and important
3. Ensure Canada is a reliable and selfless ally
4. To respect, recognize and uphold the supremacy of the mechanics of the game
5. Develop a positive political sphere
6. Bring in Canadians to eRepublik
7. To encourage growth and stability to the eCanadian economy

Cabinet Members:
Vice Party President: Michael 23
Media Leader: Funky Hum24n
2nd VPP: stpolar
Councillors: Randall Flagg 1999, klop123, Wilhelm Gunter, Bryan Alexander, Yano Chichelin


Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Dia 1,891, 16:58

Got Moose?

Genyng Kislev
Genyng Kislev Dia 1,891, 16:59

^ that, right there

klop123 Dia 1,891, 17:03


To a great next month!

Michael 23
Michael 23 Dia 1,891, 17:07

o7 Long live the blue moose.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Dia 1,891, 19:06


stpolar Dia 1,891, 21:36

May the power of the Moose compel you :3

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Dia 1,891, 21:56


Wilhelm Gunter
Wilhelm Gunter Dia 1,891, 22:54

Got Moose?

Rolo Tahmasee
Rolo Tahmasee Dia 1,892, 07:07

Good to see someone is keeping Clan Wolf walked and fed....

Sit, Stay, Good Dog.....

Karabinatos Dia 1,892, 09:09


Oinyo Dia 1,892, 15:42

o7 Go moose!

Oinyo Dia 1,892, 16:06

and Rolo... You have the order wrong.. Its fed THEN eat.. sheeesh

Think we would do anything without dinner first? lol

Prince A.Joseph
Prince A.Joseph Dia 1,892, 18:52


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