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[CP Elections] MikeBane Analysis

Dia 1,900, 10:02 Publicado em Ireland Irlanda por MrConway

This is a response over the upcoming Presidential Elections. These are my opinions and mine alone and do not represent the views or opinions of my party. Each day I will release an article of my opinions on Presidential Candidates.

[Introducing MikeBane]
We all know who Mike Bane is. He has run for Irish President a few times. Never succeeded. He has however twice managed to leave Ireland to both Norway and the Netherlands. Both times he emigrated he ran for President of his new home, both times he failed, both times he returned home after his unsuccessful presidential campaign. Many players who are a while in this game know about MikeBane and his desire to get a Presidential medal, his self obsession with his own political ideology “Baneism” and his erratic behaviour. It’s undeniable that Mike can be a nice guy, but he hasn't contributed for the greater good of Irish society, he has only contributed for himself and to boost his own image. He has little experience in both military and foreign Affairs departments and these are key weaknesses. Commanding the Labour’s People Army does not count as military experience. Sorry.

[Ignoring the Truth]
Something that really does irritate me is people’s double standards. The ILP claims to be against PTO’s but yet their own Party President has engaged with foreign PTO’ers and lead one himself.

MikeBane is known to have collaborated with the British PTO threat that we faced in Ireland. Again older players will remember how Mike Bane began to collaborate with them in an effort to gain the Presidential seat. Here is a copy of the logs.

MikeBane also took part in a PTO of Eire Aonair. Where the whole party was revamped to suit him.

These activities can’t be ignored, people refuse to allow the past be forgotten of myself and friends but it is clear that people chose to forget the past of their friends.

[What Is His Democracy]
Now that we’ve seen the real picture of MikeBane, lets explore his manifesto so far.

MikeBane has claimed he is bringing democracy to the Presidential office. Yet to become President, you go through a democratic process. Let’s ignore the democratic election and imagine he has been elected and is now our President. He will have his council, the council that makes Ireland democratic, the Great Democratic Process brought to you by the Irish Labour Party. Is this not quite similar to Brian Boru’s Senate? The only difference is, this Executive Committee is less democratic as it ignore the opinions of two of Ireland’s largest parties: Saoirse and The Patriots. Don’t be fooled by the famous buzzwords that have been thrown at you.

[Is He Legit?]

Now let’s go a little bit back in time, Mike Bane from becoming ILP PP insisted he wanted an ILP President Candidate, I am lead to believe he origianlly wanted Brian Boru to be their candidate, he declined, then came Damhnaic who has since left the country and now we have MikeBane. I somehow feel this is more a political party trying to grasp power and be able to say it holds the Presidential Office. You really can’t deny that looking at the evidence.

Tiocfaidh Ar Lá,



MrConway Dia 1,900, 10:22

This article is not about my past, or my friends. Focus is on MikeBane. Please don't ignore this topic.

Lord Scego
Lord Scego Dia 1,900, 10:28

The ILP is legit thats for sure and Mike has changed I think.

also sad to see lots of articles based around Mike only seems unfair for him and for ILP.

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Dia 1,900, 10:31

Few things wrong here. One, I did not run for CP in eNL seriously. I may have put myself up for CP to advertise my political party, but in the end I always supported Van. So you cannot say I ran to eNL to run for CP.

I think you all have a skewed idea of me. Perhaps when I was a young ambitious player I wanted a CP medal, as of right now I could give not a damn. Seriously, I would throw the medal back. This is not over some petty gold-plated pixel trophy.

I haven't contributed to the greater good of eIreland? ILP. Say more? Okay. I've held several Minister positions, helped young players, facilitate immigration into eIreland, and expanded eIrish influence in other countries. I have donated openly to many players in need.

That EA thing: You know and everyone in EA knows besides like two people (who continue to bring it up), it was a joke. I even sent out a message saying it was a joke. It lasted 32 hours.

Saoirse and Patriots are opposition, of course they weren't a natural fit for a Committee that is supposed to be Left-leaning but we have invaluable and well respected members like Ian and Nogin.

I knew I'd be on the Committee and we tried to find an Executive Committee Member who qualifies and would be able to commit.

MrConway Dia 1,900, 10:37

What minister positions have you held?
Young players you have facilitated into Ireland are your supporters.
Expanded Irish influence? How.
Openly donated to players in need, so you advertise your goodwill to promote your image.
A 32 hour joke, well I can say all of my "rogue proposals" were jokes and hitting a button only lasted a second, your friends will still bring it up.
So your accepting your Committee is not as democratic as you wanted. Why don't you keep up the Senate and facilitate all parties.
You knew you'd be on the committee? Why would you be on it? Who is we? Why do you qualify?

Digits, I will be giving my opinion on Marinko Margarin tomorrow don't worry!

MrConway Dia 1,900, 10:38

Sorry not Digits, Lord Scego

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Dia 1,900, 10:44

Immigration, Community, Propaganda, and State. Deputy of FA, Imm, and C.

You assume all, but not all. Yes, I'd say about half support Leftism, but that's because I make friends abroad and they want to come to eIreland.

Maybe openly was a bad choice of words, I should say "liberally" instead. You certainly don't see me writing articles about it.

I messaged people before hand, saying I was gonna play a joke, and no one gave any concern until after when two individuals make a fuss about it claiming to be ignorant of the joke.

Your last questions are irrelevant and completely subjective and I will not walk into a squabbling debate with you over it.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dia 1,900, 10:46

Mike didn't PTO EA...he changed the name and logo and then changed back and then he resigned from PP position.
If he wanted to PTO EA he would not resign.
Also he run for CP outside Ireland only in Norway.

That being said....

Fact that as member of dutch Libertad he sided with Libertad scum that betrayed all Libertad ideals and ideas. That shows he did not changed, that he care more about popularity and support of cliques then to stand by his belifs.
And he change his belifs every two seconds.

ILP must decide do they want to win or just to run coz Mike has no strenght to stand by the honor and justice...he is only strong in words..never in actions...

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dia 1,900, 10:49

That irc proof is can be falsified with one finger and one eye.

And it was Padraig who helped brits to PTO EA...even by giving cz to one of british PTOer...

Make fact right Conway.

And it was you who tried to PTO IFP months help Malbekh (now Death&Taxes) to elect moo....

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Dia 1,900, 10:57

can't wait for my article \o/

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Dia 1,900, 10:58

and btw its all bad propaganda against Mike... maybe he did wanted to win elections just to get medal, but I hope so thats not the reason... Good Luck to all candidates \o

Bhane Dia 1,900, 11:04

Mike, I do not question your earnestness in wishing to help eIreland.

I think people are just worried about you being the person who has their finger "on the button" so to speak. At this point I don't see the ILP really contesting Marinko or someone else, while you are the person at the helm of this committee. If you guys want to increase the odds of winning, then pick Ian or someone like that.

If the ILP doesn't really want the helm this month, that is fine too. Endorse another candidate's run, so you don't water down the voting results by draining enough votes that could change the election. I can't tell you how much I hate seeing an election result of 85-80-22. What would have the results been if those 22 votes had not been burned on a third candidate who knew they had no chance? Maybe the CP would be different.

If the ILP really has some sort of plan for this CP term, maybe get Gawain and Boru to drop and support the ILP in order to narrow down the field down.

MrConway Dia 1,900, 11:24

Why dont you support Brian Boru?

moomoohead Dia 1,900, 15:38

Nith used to do hammer articles were he nailed all the canadites for CP. All it did was lead to the loosers leaving the country every month bitter, instead of helping. I know it is good to question things in the press and Conway was fair in his article but in a small comunity like ours the result are not good.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Dia 1,901, 03:31

Im interested in ILP's committee idea, I would strongly prefer to see Nogin, Ian or Liam run for the Executive Position. If they did that they would swing my vote.

My personal belief on Mike is that he values an ideology and himself being in power over the country.

Instead of going for CP Id prefer to see Mike invest his time in complex Ministry roles such as the MoFA. I would judge future Presidential campaigns on those.

As far as Im concerned the Committee idea is just an attempt for Mike & the ILP to pull the Presidency.

MUFC992 Dia 1,901, 11:37

In my opinion Mike is weak candidate, not so weak as any candidate from kunts, but I'm sure ILP could find better candidate. Mike may be good guy and have good ideas and all that, but he has to focus and work on same thing for at least few months, do something significant so he can become CP. CP is crown of all successes, not just a medal.

Still better then Conway/Padraig/Chewie/Marcus idea...

Also, knowing Conway, this article is a bit hypocrite..

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