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[Asgard HQ] Canadian Repost: Greetings from Supreme Commander

Dia 1,931, 12:23 Publicado em Canada Turquia por Venerable

The following is a re-post of Zacharia Raven's first article as the leader of Asgard.

Greetings, members of Asgard and its friends.

Today the alliances were finally implemented. We have waited this for almost a month, and it has been bit difficult not to be able to speak about them in public. In this article I will reveal bit about Asgard HQ to the people, and briefly tell. what Supreme Commander means in Asgard. I will also go through my plans for my term as the first Supreme Commander of Asgard.

Latest events in Asgard HQ

Asgard HQ is formed by Country Presidents, Ministers of Defense and 3 people of Presidents choosing from each member and trial-member. Together the HQ decides Asgard's priorities and talks about the future of Asgard.

Sweden and impeach

Sweden had their president Intyala impeached by surprise, and Kamrat Ankan became the president. This caused upset in the HQ, too, since there were many differences between what Intyala wanted and what Kamrat wanted for Asgard and Sweden.

Kamrat basically wanted Asgard to become a defensive alliance. He also wanted to have negotiations with Poland, and was ready to buy Swedish regions, even though he knew that the Swedish community was against that.

Things escalated quickly in Sweden, and in just 2 days Kamrat was impeached within the community, and Kamrat stepped down officially.

Intyala will continue in HQ until the next elections as Sweden representative.

Supreme Commander

I was chosen the Supreme Commander by current presidents. There was a survey by admins, and they requested someone with longer experience from Asgard than few weeks. I was there as a founding CP, and since that I've been in Asgard HQ as MoFA and now twice as vCP of Finland.

Asgard treaty does not include Supreme Commander. That means that because of the in-game alliance system, we will have to modify it with the next presidents. However current HQ has been discussing about it, and so far main points are:

1. Supreme Commander acts as a spokesman of HQ to outside
2. Country Presidents have the real power
3. Supreme Commander will rotate every month between member nations. SC should change after CP elections, like 10th or 15th of every month
4. Supreme Commander should not be a country president, so he can focus solely in Asgard matters

Specifics will be discussed when new presidents are chosen.

My plans as Supreme Commander

We have heard that this is only the first phase of Alliances. I will gather ideas for developing the system, and will give them forward to admins. Besides that I have some ideas for my term

Co-operation and unity in Asgard

My top priority will be bringing Asgard together. We will set up an organization shortly in Sweden for PR purposes. With that organization me and Asgard PR team will start regularly publish Asgard news.

I will start contacting ministers of members, and also bring Asgard closer to the congresses of the members. As a Supreme Commander I will explore on the possibility to create an in-game message-group for congresses, so they can contact Asgard HQ, and vice-versa.

I will focus on the military organization of Asgard. We will need better structure to be able to fight against Poland. I will also test summits between HQ and MU's and armies of the members. In these summits we will try to improve our alliance.

Education and recruitment are also very important matters, and I will start Asgard-level project for both of them. I will work with Ministers of Education of the members, and hopefully we will come up with renewed education and recruitment plans for whole Asgard.

Asgard and other alliances

Now as we have Alliance leaders in the game, I believe we will have more interaction between alliances. I will open discussions with other leaders, and together we will think about development issues, and maybe even about the relationships between our alliances.

Closing comments

Thank you for reading. The next article will probably be published in Asgard's own organization in Sweden.

If you have questions about Asgard, you can contact me either via message or in IRC ZachariaRaven (quakenet and Rizon)


Zacharia Raven
Zacharia Raven Dia 1,931, 12:31

Greetings Canadians o7

Sisk Dia 1,931, 12:34


gbr_blue Dia 1,931, 13:04


Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Dia 1,931, 13:14


Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Dia 1,931, 13:23

Asgard will not stop their aggression until TWO unconditionally surrenders.

crisfire Dia 1,931, 13:27


weezo1 Dia 1,931, 13:30


Decode Masala
Decode Masala Dia 1,931, 14:07

Zakke pressaksi .. oh, wait XD

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Dia 1,931, 15:12


Plugson Dia 1,931, 15:22

Does anyone know where we can read about the new game mechanics of an Alliance?
How does it get created in-game?
How is a Supreme Commander chosen?
What 'buttons' does the Alliance/Supreme Commander have (if any)?

Plugson Dia 1,931, 15:55

well I'll be a monkey's uncle...
the admins actually explained something in detail for once.
ty KQ

Kronos Q
Kronos Q Dia 1,931, 16:16

I actually quite like the recent updates they've been giving. They just don't advertise that page well enough when it happens.

Chochi Dia 1,932, 07:28

You guys remember the eRep Insider newspaper they used to use to, you know, actually keep the players informed?

Chochi Dia 1,933, 01:50

Speaking of which, anyone get a donation today?

Plugson Dia 1,933, 04:50

Donation? No.

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Dia 1,931, 16:04


Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Dia 1,931, 16:25

o7 great work venerable! Better than eCan-CP!

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Dia 1,931, 17:43


klop123 Dia 1,931, 17:57


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,931, 18:42


Tokerr Dia 1,931, 19:44


Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Dia 1,932, 06:28

I hear a lot of talk about Poland.. what of Spain and its occupation of eCanada?

Also, is the rotation of the SC mandatory? or is it an ASGARD policy? If mandatory, would certainly be interesting to see if Spain and Poland are willing to hand the reigns over to any of their minions

Venerable Dia 1,932, 10:04

It is not mandatory. You can click Kronos' link above to read more details.

Last I heard, Kekos, cp of Spain, was nominated to be the SC of Two.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Dia 1,932, 13:07

Why isn't eCan listed as a member nation of Asgard?

Plugson Dia 1,932, 14:54

The Admins have not added a 'Trial Member' option to the new Alliance 'module'

Venerable Dia 1,932, 19:41


Oinyo Dia 1,933, 08:00

o7 Great article Ven 🙂

SamLeVil Dia 1,933, 10:31


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