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[1866] The king is back [EN]

Dia 1,866, 01:48 Publicado em India Espanha por NueveOcho

Rejoice my loyal subjects and Serbian PTOers and gygpsies, as the King comes back from his exile. Long live the King! Long live eIndia!

Since the political situation is eIndia is a little messed up, and divided between the proEDEN and the proCOT defenders I decided to go back to eIndia to help fixing that political situation, as well as working as ambassor in different countries so eIndia can sign some MPPs with new friends.

And of course, I will join the proCOT section of the eIndian politics, as I think that EDEN has never help eIndia and has only used them in order to have some extra damage in close battles in order tohave an edge, after all, they are just a damagehood, am I wrong?

In fact, I could write more things about why we should not stay in EDEN and why whe should join either COT or ONE, but I think that I said it all in my old articles.

Remember to vote, give me all your golds, shout and subscribe, enjoy the coolpic :3


Ind1anMartyr Dia 1,866, 01:54

o7 welcome back... time to give Serbiland a few surprises : D

NueveOcho Dia 1,866, 01:54

lulz Sebiland :3
Lets smash some thais

Hunnter Yoel
Hunnter Yoel Dia 1,866, 01:55

Subpole 😉

Hunnter Yoel
Hunnter Yoel Dia 1,866, 01:56

Yo también soy Indio ahora.

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Dia 1,866, 01:59

wb 98...

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Dia 1,866, 02:03

98!!!!!! My favorite media person lol Welcome back!!!!!!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,866, 02:10


Lonqu Dia 1,866, 02:25

Wb 98! o7

Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Dia 1,866, 02:27

Welcome back o/

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Dia 1,866, 02:28

Welcome back 49 🙂

T e m i s t o c l e s
T e m i s t o c l e s Dia 1,866, 02:29


lordpedro Dia 1,866, 02:34

Pero ponlo en castellano coño!!!!!

Xiunion Dia 1,866, 03:07

Welcome back xx ;P

pablo picassso
pablo picassso Dia 1,866, 03:16

votado y suscrito

Capitan Segundo Redondo
Capitan Segundo Redondo Dia 1,866, 03:17

que biba la princesaaaaaaaaaa

NueveOcho Dia 1,866, 03:19

Hola CSR8

Norbengo Dia 1,866, 03:22

It's good to see you, have fun in gypsyland

NueveOcho Dia 1,866, 03:23

Gypsyland xD

Mister Y
Mister Y Dia 1,866, 06:09


ShockWavve Dia 1,866, 07:16

Spammer is back

KRAX72 Dia 1,866, 09:22

Welcome back
@Shockwavve lol

KRAX72 Dia 1,866, 09:23

Your name should be sesenta y nueve

Rafael888 Dia 1,866, 09:38


Duke09 Dia 1,866, 14:22

Pollos, pollos everywhere

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