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Appreciate your Subscription and thank you for reaching 1000 Subscribers with the Media Mogul Achievement in 03 of May 2021 - Day 4,912.

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11 Ideas that could Improve the Game

118 Ден 4,936, 13:18 Публикувана в Greece Greece Първи стъпки в eRepublik Първи стъпки в eRepublik

We were thinking what kind of changes game needs to be improved and we set 11 different ideas. Write your opinion in the comments..

Idea 1
- Although the nation's mural has been implemented, I feel that internal communication between

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Media Mogul Achievement - Day 4,912

382 Ден 4,918, 09:54 Публикувана в Egypt Egypt Първи стъпки в eRepublik Първи стъпки в eRepublik

Hello Dear eRepublikans
This is a great day and time to announce you, my Media Mogul Achievement!

First of all, i want to thank everyone … прочети повече »

#SPRINGBREAK 2021 & Missions - Day 4,907

167 Ден 4,907, 02:41 Публикувана в Egypt Egypt Първи стъпки в eRepublik Първи стъпки в eRepublik

Hello & Good Morning eRepublikans!

First of all, i want to wish you Happy Easter for those who celebrate this Christian celebration. I know that Catholics has already … прочети повече »

What cheaters deserves? A BANANA!!

69 Ден 4,882, 11:01 Публикувана в Egypt Egypt Социални взаимодействия и развлечения Социални взаимодействия и развлечения

Greetings to eRepublikans

First of all, wish you good month and hope you are safe..

After all this bans from Asteria side for exploited the Deployment bug, (check the article: https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/all-temp-banned-прочети повече »

eRepublik We ♥ U

126 Ден 4,867, 12:32 Публикувана в Egypt Egypt Финансова дейност Финансова дейност

A game we love to play !

Dear owners of the game, admins and the fellow players..

We have journeyed together through some amazing years of playing this game that we love to play. Several
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