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Crazy map

16 Dita 1,876, 12:20 Polonia Ndërveprimet shoqërore dhe argëtuese Ndërveprimet shoqërore dhe argëtuese

Hi :)
I’m writing this article because today I saw too many people wondering how it’s possible that Hungary can attack Turkey. We trust only to our eyes watching the map but few of us are checking the actual bordering regions in the country society

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2 billion is not a myth

25 Dita 1,831, 00:48 Polonia Analizat e Luftimeve Analizat e Luftimeve

Till yesterday the top damage for a campaign hero was 614,683,460 done by Flausino (a.k.a dark3If) while Bulgaria was on a trip in South America. That was impressive, that was not normal, that was insane. But today that score was beaten several

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Bulgaria needs a push - Join for supply

87 Dita 1,826, 07:27 Polonia Analizat e Luftimeve Analizat e Luftimeve

Hi ePoland :)

I’m the Bulgarian ambassador in your country and I’m writing this article because my RL motherland needs a little push in the battle against Greece.

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[EN/BG] Interview with the CP of China

16 Dita 1,815, 00:38 Polonia Debate dhe Analiza Politike Debate dhe Analiza Politike

За българската версия погледнете надолу.

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Кой ще може да направи въздушен удар след ден 1734?

11 Dita 1,732, 23:59 Bullgaria Analizat e Luftimeve Analizat e Luftimeve

Здравейте :)

Както знаете най-новото въведение в играта са въздушните удари, които дават възможност да се нападат държа … lexo më shumë »